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Litchi Vue for DJI drones

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Litchi Vue for DJI drones

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User Reviews for Litchi Vue for DJI drones

Easy to Use

I used this with my DJI Mavic 2 Pro after connecting two iPads to a personal Wi-Fi hotspot on my phone. One iPad is connected to the controller for the drone. This one runs Litchi for flight and camera control. The other one, used as the display, runs Litchi Vue. There is a bit of lag in the video on the iPad used for display, but other than that, Litchi Vue is great and simple to use!

~Meadowhawk~, Oct 04, 2022
App not yet matured though great attempt

I tested app with my iPhone 6plus having iOS 10 and iPad mini 2. Getting not so clean and smooth stream. I think app needs to improve a lot. Very good attempt, I'm all praise for it.

Alok Bhargava, Oct 09, 2016
Very disappointing, laggy and unusable.

Purchased this app in hopes to share my VR experience with members of the family. Immediately after launching the connection I realized it was a mistake. The feed is unusable completely Waggy you get one still image after that complete failure to connect properly. I'm on an extremely high-end Wi-Fi network with a $400 new router. Needless to say I got a refund from Apple and will no longer be using Litchi products.

Borktaco, May 08, 2017
Connection established, but no video feed

Tested with a Mavic 2 Pro, iPad Pro and iPhone 6S Plus. Was able to established a connection from the iPad Pro (running Litching controller app) to the iPhone 6S Plus (running Litchi Vue) through home wifi network and using the iPhone as a wifi hotspot connection. The connection was confirmed in the controller app by a green radio signal icon were the share icon is located. The Vue app showed basic telemetry, but never any video feed with either the home wifi connection or the hotspot wifi connection.

JPSabo, Jun 05, 2019

It simply doesn’t work. It hasn’t been updated in 4 years and seems to be no longer supported. Bummer, great concept, horrible implementation.

Kaosthirteen, Nov 07, 2020
Successfully setup and works but...

We tested this over the weekend and Successfully setup and works but...it was very glitchy/laggy. It causes the flight controller view to lag as well.We setup a hotspot with my phone and connected the other phone and an iPad mini to the wifi.We then launched the litchi app on the controller and then the Vue app on the iPad mini. Both seems very slow and laggy....about 3-4 second lag from input to video update. Way too slow to use.Possible to use if you just want folks to see something specific, but. It for watching live video feed.

KenYablonsky, Nov 15, 2016
Can’t connect to DJI Magic Air 2

I love this app and Litchi and has worked really great on my DJI drones except for the Mavic Air 2. Maybe it hasn’t been updated to work on the Mavic Air 2 if not I hope it would be available soon.

Mason Keyser, Oct 16, 2020
App dose not work

I’ve followed the instructions to connect to my dji mavic air 2 and it still can’t find my drone.

Maximlolguy21, Apr 21, 2021

Litchi does it again! An awesome app addition to Litchi

Pulsar747n, Oct 06, 2016
This app does not work

I followed the instructions on connecting and all I got was a black screen with a gear setting icon on the bottom, I have the litchi app and I was trying to connect my sons iPhone to my personal hotspot that worked, but when I opened up the app litch vue on his cell phone and tried to connect his phone had a black screen it did had to VR icon on the top right and some numbers on the bottom for the height and distance for my drone but no video please fix my son is very interested on watching me fly my drone through his cell phone

ricmisano, Oct 07, 2016


Stream the video from a DJI drone to a second mobile device with Litchi Vue Watch the how-to video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1hBmT14FNhw Litchi Vue allows you to stream the video from a nearby device running the "Litchi for DJI Drones" app. Both devices must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network (personal hotspot or external Wi-Fi router) Supports full screen video view with telemetry as well as VR mode Learn more at https://flylitchi.com/help#fpv-p3

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