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Litchi Magic Leash

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User Reviews for Litchi Magic Leash

Still does not work in IOS

I notice that others also complained about Magic Leach not working on IOS. Bought the app and tried it on my two IPhone X. There is no option to pair in Letchi app under track? Why put an paid app on app store that does not work?

AndreEksteen, Jul 07, 2018
Couldn't get it to work

I could not get this to work with my 6s plus/iPad Air 2. I don't know if I was doing something wrong or if the app just doesn't work. If I'm doing something wrong, then the app is not intuitive enough for a fairly tech savvy dude.

Binnytheball, Oct 07, 2016
Does NOT Work In iOS!!!!

This app does not work in iOs as far as I can tell. And on their website they have a video explaining how to make it work using the "Follow" feature, which the Litchi app on iOs does NOT have. Which is one of the main reasons I bought the Litchi app in the first place!!!! Super Lame! Very Bummed that I cannot use this with ywo iPhones. (I used two iPhone 6 Mobile Devices). Please fix this ASAP Litchi!

BummerDude!!!, Sep 23, 2016
Won’t work on 2 iOS devices

They should tell you it doesn’t work with 2 iOS devices which is all I own I can’t use this apps follow mode

cazsims, Nov 01, 2018
Not accurate at all

Litchi app for iOS, great app. This one by VR is a total miss. There is no "Follow" mode in the main Litchi app. No Magic Leash button in "Track" mode either. How could Magic Leash be inaccurate when it's written by the same company?? Maybe outdated? Sloppy.

Dsh47, Jan 04, 2017
Doesn’t work and little help

Why have an app in the App Store that doesn’t work at all on iOS

Elliott Inspace, Apr 14, 2018

What is pin?

myapp6769, May 04, 2018
This should not exist

This hasn’t worked for 4 years and has not been up dated. The company should remove this app. Zero functionality between a smart controller and IOS devices. Not even a hint that it would possibly work.

NotCranium, Aug 23, 2020

Why is this even available in the App Store if it doesn't work with iOS?

Sell my stuff, Jul 06, 2017
Missing or not working function with iOS

Magic Lease with Follow mode on iOS does not work. Vue also do not work

westladog, Oct 12, 2016


Pair your iOS device with another mobile device running Litchi, and your DJI Phantom 3-4 or Inspire 1 will be able to follow you without having to carry the remote controller around! Litchi Magic Leash requires another mobile device running Litchi. How to use Litchi Magic Leash: Requirements: - one DJI Phantom 3-4 or Inspire 1 aircraft - one mobile device with internet access and Litchi installed - one mobile device with internet access and Litchi Magic Leash installed 1.

Start Litchi on the mobile device connected to the DJI remote controller 2. Switch to Follow mode 3. Tap the Magic Leash Button (top left) to connect, and remember the PIN code that pops up 4. Start Litchi Magic Leash on the second mobile device 5. Tap the Magic Leash icon to connect and then enter the PIN code from step 3 6. Your two mobile devices are now paired. 7. Start Follow me in Litchi 8. Your DJI Phantom 3-4/Inspire 1 will now follow the second mobile device which is free of the remote controller

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