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LingoDeer - Learn Languages

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User Reviews for LingoDeer - Learn Languages

Didn’t expect results so soon! Helped me with Korean!

First of all, let it be known I never write reviews for anything, nor do I ever buy subscriptions that are more than what I would pay for Netflix. This app.... is SO WORTH IT. Only $50 for a year and you learn any amount of languages you want?? Literally a Starbucks drink a month. That’s a steal. I’m studying Korean since I’ll be studying abroad in 8 months and I thought I’d have to hurry to learn the language. Let me tell you.... three days in at only about an hour a day (if that) AND NOW I CAN READ AND WRITE THE WHOLE KOREAN ALPHABET. It all depends on you and how dedicated/serious you are, but LingoDeer provides you with all the tools you need so you have literally no excuse. And they don’t have a penalty system like Duol*ngo where if you get it wrong, you’re just screwed. This app helps you learn and gives you charts, no “lives” or “hearts” system, plus it helps you learn sentence structure.... just wow. I could not be happier, and I regret not finding this app sooner. I definitely recommend listening to a binaural beat for Memorization while you study, I feel like that helped me retain the information better. And take your own notes!! It’ll help, I promise!!! Thank you devs for this great app!!!

ameliesme, Jun 05, 2020
it’s okay.

i’m currently learning german for my religion to keep going on as my oma is the only one in my family who knows german—but you don’t need to know my life story. well, let’s start from the top. the first thing i see is it requesting me to translate a word i hadn't even learned yet. i think it would be helpful if it taught me the translation first, showed me how to pronounce it, spell it, and then test me if i knew the word or sentence afterwards. but no. i was anxious, i didn’t want to get it wrong. yet i did, and that really frustrated me if i’m being honest. i went on with the app because i wanted to understand it and give it another chance as i just started using the app. which i did—and still am. although i got angry because i got it wrong, i learned the word, and the pronunciation because of the correction. it DOES continue to make me translate words without them showing it to me first which kind of frustrates me but it’s fine. i may seem overdramatic but i learn in a certain way. you ACTUALLY have to teach it to me. i guess the corrections help in ways, but it makes me so frustrated to the point where i can’t be comfortable learning german because of how anxious i get of getting the word or sentence wrong. i do have to say, this app has great qualities and features, it just needs a little upgrade , you know? thanks for reading my review.

Avery🥺💖, Jul 07, 2021
There’s potential but the paywall is way too early

I understand the need for paywalls, particularly in sophisticated apps where there’s a lot of hard work put in by the developers. But there’s also a need to balance that with giving the customer enough to tell whether the product is worth their hard earned dollars. The two free lessons are the alphabet and nationality-most people who’ve tried to pick up the language for an hour or two on any other system have covered this and there’s so little vocab at this point that the answers are obvious. And the alphabet is a poor indicator of what the rest of the system will look like regardless. So the system looks like it might be good but who’s to say since I can’t test it against material I’m not already familiar with? Even expanding this to an additional lesson or two (the determiner/possessive) would greatly increase the ability to get a sense for the flow of lessons in this app—the very next lesson seems to have a different section “learning tips” that I didn’t try in the previous one. Will every lesson be in a completely different format from the previous one? At this point I can’t tell. Given there seem to be some sixty or seventy lessons in the first level of the language, I highly doubt giving free users the next lesson or two will cut into profits and it certainly would help people like me who are on the fence determine if it’s the right system for them.

DefineNormal, Jun 23, 2019
Better than my tutor

I tried this app a couple years back for Korean but wasn’t able to get into it—it just felt overwhelming at the time for whatever reason though I’m sure it was probably just me personally blocking myself. This year I decided to give it another try after testing out several other leaning apps and I’m so happy I gave it a second chance! This time around I am much more open minded and able to appreciate the app. To put it into perspective, I had a private tutor and I was able to learn a lot more by studying with this app in one hour than I did with my tutor over the course of half a year!!! Granted it probably has to do with my personal preference in learning as I’m an impatient learner so I really appreciated LingoDeer’s approach of learning by doing. Additionally, the lessons’ structure is really what I needed, as it really builds upon prior lessons so I’m able to connect the dots much easier. My two negatives is that the sound tends to lag sometimes so it’ll either not play unless I press on volume icon or it’ll cut off. Another is that the reading exercises, while great, sometimes introduce new vocabulary that wasn’t learned so it discouraged me very quickly. Neither are super big cons to me, and I still absolutely love this app and it’s effectiveness so I definitely recommend!!!

Hfsthnk, May 08, 2023
Amazing! Also, something I’d like to be fixed.

This is hands down the best app I’ve used for learning a different language, Japanese specifically. I could go on and on, it’s just incredible. I tried learning Japanese last summer and failed miserably, nothing I used helped work for me. This summer I tried going back to it, and I used Duolingo at first. It was good, but I wish I had used this app sooner! Someone recommended it to me and I fell in love instantly! It makes it so much fun, and maybe it’s since I’m just passionate about learning the language, but still! It has all these fun lessons and games, and makes everything very interesting. I’ve only used it for Japanese, but from the rest of the reviews, I can see it’s an amazing app all in all, no matter what you want to learn! I highly, HIGHLY recommend this app for anyone wanting to learn a new Asian language! And I want to give a big thanks to the developers! You guys have done an amazing job! On another note, I’d like to say that there’s something I’ve run into recently that’s kind of bugging me. During the Pop Quizzes, sometimes if I write the answer wrong and try to erase it, the letters will disappear and I can’t finish the answer. Like, if I write “わした” instead of “わたし” and I go to erase “し“ and “た”, one of the two wont go back to my keyboard, so I can’t write it down correctly. I hope you guys look into it because it’s becoming a bit annoying! Thank you! ^_^

I hate flappy bird!😠😡, Jul 31, 2018

^^ That says I love this app! I’ll admit I had to look up how to write ‘app’ in Chinese but hey, the rest I was able to do after only the first 3-4 lessons of Chinese. I took Japanese in college for 2 years and picked it up fairly quick but this app helped keep me going and practicing after graduating. I decided to use it for learning Russian too, and it’s been very useful with clear pronunciation that you can listen to at actual full speed or a little slower if you need. Finally, I decided to give Chinese a go because I’ve wanted to learn it forEVER and I thought how hard could this be I already took Japanese for 2 years. Well, I’ll tell you, it’s VERY difficult to just ‘start’ learning Chinese because anywhere I looked didn’t explain pinyin OR tone! Crazy that I’d never been able to find good explanations for those BASIC parts of learning Chinese. THAT IS, until this app came along. LingoDeer is worth every penny and more, it is an essential tool in the shed for anyone learning any of their offered languages, in or out of a classroom. I can’t give it a more glowing review. If you’re doubtful, please just do it! You will love it. Read the other reviews, they aren’t lying!!! Thank you developers!!

kurotsukikage, May 30, 2019
Still needs decent SRS

I’ve been using this for years and it’s very good, with one glaring exception, which is the flash cards. They really need to put in actual SRS options for those - memorization is crucial for longer term retention and as it is I have to manually copy the cards into Anki to get results, which is a pain and takes forever since I can’t even copy the actual text from the app. They say it’s SRS but it isn’t, which is aggravating - they’re just dumb flash cards, no dynamic timing, no separation of listening/reading/speaking skills, etc. Good sentences, once they’re in Anki, but useless before then. The grammar is very nice, puts it way before duolingo and Rosetta, but the pacing also gets a little weird in the second “chapter” - you’re learning some weird advanced words like “burnable garbage” and the grammar specifics of doing favors for people before you’ve even gotten to if-then conditionals. Wouldn’t be that big a deal though if didn’t have to copy all this stuff into another app just to remember it properly. They added some “ongoing content” in their fluent section which is awesome, but I wish they didn’t focus so hard on themed “stories” and had more options for just brute-force sentence variation practice. Just a bunch of different sentences by grammar type is fine, I don’t gotta have a whole cute story to go with it.

Luciasar, Sep 25, 2020

Honestly, I’ve been learning Korean for a few months through websites and videos, but because the videos and websites didn’t go together, I wasn’t really getting things. I didn’t have a system or structure to learn things in since I didn’t know where to look and practically watched/read anything I could find. I was starting to get unmotivated about studying until I asked a friend of mine what she used to study Korean and she recommended me this app. I remember hearing about LingoDeer before through my fav polyglot YouTuber, iKenna, so I thought “why not check it out?”. BEST DECISION EVER. I tried the first few lessons for free and although it was pretty easy, I wanted more. I skimmed over the lesson topics and checked the membership prices to debate if I should buy it. Eventually I caved in because 1)year long membership was on sale 2) if my favorite polyglot YouTuber used it and recommends it, I trust him. And 3) My friend can hold an intermediate level convo in Korean now. I can tell you for sure that after I got the membership and unlocked all the lessons, I have been glued to this app. I never feel unmotivated to log in each day and learn, I actually get excited and I love how there’s stories at the end of each lesson! I can spend as little as 5/10 minutes on this app to a whole hour! So if you’re wondering if it’s worth it... it is!! Go buy yourself a membership!! Now!!!

Purrrple Art03, Jul 06, 2019
Love It But...

I love this app with all my heart. It is so good at teaching me Japanese and this is the only app that has the right teaching style for me. It’s the perfect blend of fun and structured learning, and let alone it is all completely free besides a few in app purchases. This has been helping me study Japanese way better than any book can, however recently this app has been really laggy and hasn’t been responding up to par. My progress bar isn’t loading and progressing at the same speed as I am learning and it just stays empty, my achievements are screwed up (I have been at level 10 for a couple days and still haven’t gotten my achievement for reaching level 10 yet) and usually when achievements do come they are always a day late, I get random achievements every so often like “congrats on reaching 5 hours of study time” even though at the point I was already at 8 hours, and recently my review section has only been including 5 lessons instead of the 10+ I have completed and need to review for. Like I said, this app is the best thing that has come into my life, but I can’t rate it the 5 stars it deserves unless these bugs are fixed. I will still thank all the developers for putting their time and money to make this app for all those who want to learn its selection of languages.

RainyCain, Jun 02, 2018
One of the best out there!!

This app is really amazing! This app has multiple teachers that help with learning a language. As of right now I am learning Japanese and Korean and I couldn’t ask for a better app. There are several different features I enjoy, such as the knowledge cards which help break down the grammar learned in different lessons to the vocabulary quizzes so I can quiz myself on the vocabulary that I don’t know or need to re-study.A feature I enjoyed that is specifically for the Japanese language is that there is a section where you can just practice and study the kanji independently from the sentences and grammar which is one of my favorite parts. Another feature is that I can change how i can change the difficulty. For example when I have a question on how to read or pronounce I can switch from native Japanese (the characters and kanji together as they would be in a newspaper) to furugana (kanji with hiragana above it), hiragana completely (no kanji) or romaji (Latin letters only of Japanese sounds).Overall I have been with LingoDeer for over a year and I have a come to realize how much I enjoyed this app! And with every update comes a new excitement over with what LingoDeer has waiting for me to try out next!!

The Slicer's game, Dec 22, 2018


#1 app for learning Asian languages and more! Over 20 million people choose to learn with LingoDeer. Why?

Our structured lessons created by language teachers make learning easy and effective. From the alphabet, LingoDeer will get you to a conversational level in 12 languages: Korean, Japanese, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Chinese, Thai, Arabic, Russian, Vietnamese, and English. Whether you want to study abroad, travel and make friends around the world, get better grades in language classes, or increase your career opportunities, LingoDeer will help your reach you goals faster. DOWNLOAD LINGODEER TODAY AND TRY A FREE LESSON ⎓⎓⎓⎓⎓⎓⎓⎓⎓⎓⎓⎓⎓⎓⎓⎓⎓⎓⎓⎓ What will you get on LingoDeer? ※ Short, interactive lessons Easy 5-min lessons that fit into your daily plan ※ Clear learning path Each course is tailored to your target language ※ Customized for Asian languages Read & write in a unique alphabet system like Korean or Japanese ※ Better understanding of the grammar Tips & notes within lessons to help you build sentences confidently ※ Listen, imitate, and speak Studio-recorded audio from native speakers ※ Reinforce what you learn Flashcards, quizzes, target training, and more ※ Offline learning Take lessons everywhere you go Powerful features you'll love: • Fluent: real-life conversations! Practice reading, writing, listening, speaking, and get cultural tips as you learn. • Travel Phrasebook: audio phrasebook! Get ready for your trip to your dream country. • Character Drill: writing practices for Japanese kanji and Chinese characters. • Story: mini stories with captions! Expand what you learned in lessons. • Knowledge Cards: printable grammar flashcards! Keep essential grammar concepts at your desk. *Fluent is only available for Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Spanish, and French courses at the moment. ⎓⎓⎓⎓⎓⎓⎓⎓⎓⎓⎓⎓⎓⎓⎓⎓⎓⎓⎓⎓ Find tips, guides, and resources on language learning: ※ LingoDeer Blog: https://blog.lingodeer.com ※ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/lingodeer Come chat with us on social media! Follow us for language learning advice, support, and memes: ※ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lingodeerapp ※ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LingoDeer ※ Twitter: https://twitter.com/lingodeer ⎓⎓⎓⎓⎓⎓⎓⎓⎓⎓⎓⎓⎓⎓⎓⎓⎓⎓⎓⎓ You will need a subscription in order to get full access to all courses and features. The subscription price starts at $14.99/month. Prices are in US dollars, may vary by country, can be converted to local currency depending on the country of residence, and are subject to change without notice. Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Your iTunes account will be automatically charged at the same price for renewal within the 24-hour period prior to the end of the current payment period unless you change your subscription preferences in your iTunes Account Settings. When a subscription is canceled, access to the app's courses and features will expire at the end of the current payment period. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when you purchase a LingoDeer subscription, where applicable. - Terms of Use: https://www.lingodeer.com/terms-conditions-html - Privacy Policy: https://www.lingodeer.com/privacypolicy-html CONTACT US: Got ideas you want to share or feedback for the app? Email us at [email protected] ⎓⎓⎓⎓⎓⎓⎓⎓⎓⎓⎓⎓⎓⎓⎓⎓⎓⎓⎓⎓ Real reviews from the LingoDeer community: "This has been helping me study Japanese way better than any book can!" "LingoDeer is worth every penny and more, it is an essential tool in the shed for anyone learning any of their offered languages, in or out of a classroom." YOUR JOURNEY TO FLUENCY STARTS HERE: • Learn Korean • Learn Japanese • Learn Chinese • Learn Thai • Learn Vietnamese • Learn Spanish (Latin America or Spain) • Learn French • Learn Italian • Learn German • Learn Portuguese • Learn Arabic • Learn Russian • Learn English

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