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Lightleap by Lightricks

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User Reviews for Lightleap by Lightricks

There’s just one problem.

I do a little photography and this is an AMAZING app for editing my photos. I mean it’s really cool. But even if you aren’t a pro member you can’t even stick with the limited edits they allow you to use. It’s still trying to milk money even if you aren’t using it’s unlimited edits, because you can’t even save the photos you practice on just to experiment with the app. I used a couple of my photos to see just how much I’d really like it, and I really like it..but then as I attempted to save, it was telling me I had to go pro..like really? Just to save the edits that the app allowed me to use WITHOUT going pro, I can’t even save them? So in order for me to be able to save the photos I edit I have to pay. I just don’t think it’s worth going through that. I’d be okay even having advertisements pop up and them saying I have to pay for the ads to be removed. Versus saying I have to go pro just to save the photos I edit even though it’s limiting you enough.

B33333zzz, Aug 18, 2018
I gave 5 stars for one reason.

I was reading through the reviews and it was the first one that caught my eye and they were talking about how in order to save whatever picture I edited I had to buy the pro package. Well I decided to try it out for myself because I needed to take someone out of my picture, and to my dismay it was in fact true that you had to go pro to save. I have a point I promise, but anyways I tried to do something which I know that works every single time. I have been outsmarted this time. Anyways just so anyone else thinks the same way I do, don’t screenshot it, it will not work. But hey can y’all like change that? We shouldn’t have to pay to save pictures that you guys say we can save without having to pay? That would be great:)

Daniella hendri, Aug 22, 2020
Lost interest due to constant $ demanding

I really don’t know how well this works vs other editing software because I lost confidence in the app before I finished my first evaluating session. This app demands money so often I concluded that there is something wrong. It’s like the company calling my cell and emailing me constantly telling me I need to buy a warranty for my car. Maybe they have a great warranty with super customer service. But I doubt it. Maybe the time I listened to a pitch on a timeshare I missed out on a great deal. But I doubt it. Maybe the people constantly trying to get me to buy trinkets and stuff in Mexico were offering me an amazing deal on a quality product. But I doubt it. See the trend here? I got the same feeling the one and only time I tried this software. If this is really so amazing I see no reason for the developers to emulate the sales tactics I used for examples in the previous paragraph. As such, I’m moving on to other editing software for my needs. Maybe I’m missing a deal but, because of this reason, I doubt it.

DargoBruno, Jan 01, 2021

The free version is a decent photo editing app, with a handful of unique filters and some solid editing tools. But the available tools are pretty similar to the adjustments you can make in other free apps. I think it's worth having the free version for an extra handful of editing options, but unfortunately all of the features that really set the app apart require a monthly subscription.Personally, I didn't see much that made me want to commit to that. If I'm going to edit a photo professionally, I will go ahead and use photoshop on my desktop. I'm already paying an arm and a leg for that subscription, so I wasn't really interested in adding this one. If you could make a one time purchase for the app (that did not cost $60) or if you could pay by individual feature/filter, I would be more impressed. To me it wasn't worth the price, but maybe to others it's a good investment. Note: They do have their subscription fee on sale right now!

Froggie<333, Feb 04, 2018
Great app, but needs integration!

My only complaint about any of these apps is the fact that they’re all separate. I started out using Photofox (now Photoleap) and thought that by upgrading to the bundle I’d have access to all the features from within a single app, but since they’re all individual, it’s a bit of a hassle for me to jump between them to complete a single project. It’s not a dealbreaker, and they all offer wonderful features, but as someone who relies on this editing suite to create a lot of content it’s pretty frustrating. Artleap and Lightleap don’t really offer enough features to justify separate apps in my opinion, and I still prefer Photoleap to all the rest put together. Again, great app but wish it came as an upgrade option to Photoleap instead of a whole separate app. You decide!

Jeshanah, May 10, 2021
Really great photo editor

I love this photo editor, it is truly an “all-in-one” one stop shop for all your mobile photo editing needs. The only thing I would like to see added (and if it’s already in it, then forgive me - I hope the creators would tell me how and where to find it), is a way to fade blemishes? For example, I have Face Tune on my phone and Photoshop on my computer to get rid of pimples and help perfect complexions on portraits. If I had that feature here, I wouldn’t need the FaceTune app. Adding a “brush” feature” where one could essentially “wipe away” unwanted blemishes, would make this beyond #1 editor in my book. I know there are other ways you can kind of do this, with lowering the contrast and detail a bit, brightening the image if possible or softening it, but again, if you really want to focus on the face and not touch the rest of the image, this feature would be amazing. Another idea, something as seen in OnOne Camera RAW (which is a desktop photo editor), but to be able to brush detail and light/color enhancement onto the human eye. To “zoom in”, on a portrait, and lighten/brighten the eye, even perhaps give a bit more detail? This feature in that software is called very simply, “magic eye fixer.” Anyway, that’s my two cents. Otherwise - I have the pro version and I love it. Thanks for making a great app!

jordansayso, Jun 24, 2018
So disappointed… i’ve used this for years and now I plan to cancel

They have changed everything about this app over the last year and it is no longer worth the cost. This used to be my go to app every time I needed to edit something the filters were perfect the way they were they changed that and all of the other editing features that were functional and easier to use were either removed or changed as well. This app is the perfect example of some thing that was already perfect and should not have been messed with whoever is working on this app needs to go back to the way that it was. I’m going through the reviews right now and it looks like you are going to lose plenty of customers who have been regular users for years over the same exact reason that I plan to cancel my subscription. Listen to your users. Stop changing the app, bring back the old filters and features that made this app great, and stop messing up something that used to be great. This used to be the best photo editing app but I refuse to spend my money on it anymore.

KenzieRoseLang, Sep 13, 2021
Used to love it - UPDATE

After emailing back and forth with someone from the app, I stumbled upon a way to access the photos again. If you tap the camera on the top, take a picture, it will then bring up the window asking permission to access photos and all your photos will become visible again. I’ve had a paid subscription to this app for two years now and have loved the beautiful photos I’m able to create. But with the last couple of updates, I am unable to access my photos. When I open the app, it tells me it needs access to my photos and has a button that says “Let’s do it”. When I tap the button, it takes me to my settings, but doesn’t have an option to allow access to my photos. So I am cancelling my subscription and going to try to find another app that works consistently. Which is disappointing because I really like Quickshot. I tried emailing the company and didn’t get a response.

Khemmer, Mar 15, 2020

This was my all time favorite app! I literally showed all my friends and even shared it with individuals on Instagram ~ I have around 2k followers. It already had limited features as I’ve had this app for at least a year. I go to edit a picture for my place of work and now everything is limited. The only features available really is the basic editing features such as brightness, contrast, detail, and their so called “magic button” which isn’t really magical at all. They have even locked my “saved looks” from me and I can’t access unless I PAY! I spent a good amount of time on those....I will give them till the end of the month of November to release back some of the features that makes them UNIQUE or I will just delete the app and advise my friends to do so because there’s other apps. What made this one different was being able to access a limited amount of features for free and the really cool ones you would still have to pay for (which makes sense).

Stormy_20!, Nov 14, 2020
How is this app getting such high reviews?

I don’t understand the five star reviews, and I noticed that some of those are actually giving a negative review in the body.First of all—the “heal” tool that they advertise as being so amazing is really terrible. It gives you some tips to make it work (like making sure to overlap so it can gather the colors to replace the object), but when I was watching the samples, I was trying to figure out how they made the rest of the mountain appear flawlessly and the like. So I thought I’d give it a go… as suspected, it just leaves a blurry mess of color. So I had a picture I needed to blur some stuff on really quick and thought it might be a good one to try. It worked ok for that, but when I went to save the picture it wanted me to go pro. Really? You want me to try this out with the basic features and you won’t even give me some sample saves? I even tried to screenshot it and an owl meme came up with “REALLY? Want your real shot? DON’T SCREENSHOT, SIGN UP FOR LIGHTLEAP PRO!” 🙄Don’t waste your time or money on this one.

Thrice the momster, Sep 03, 2021


Finally, you can take the photo you actually meant to take! Lightleap (formerly Quickshot) is a photo editor that proves you no longer need to be a professional photographer to take amazing photos. Let’s face it - your photos don't always come out the way you expected.

You pull out your phone to capture something awesome, but the photo you take just doesn't do the scene justice. The background is too blurry, the lighting is just all wrong, or maybe the scenery needs a retouch – something only an experienced editor can do, right? The Lightleap app is here to change that! With this editor app, you can capture the beauty and magic you see with your own eyes – or enhance it. You become the editor with filters, effects, and retouch tools at your fingertips. There’s no need to spend hours pulling your hair out as you learn how to use professional editor software. The Lightleap image editor app takes moments to retouch your photos into eye-catching images with professional vibes, using stunning pre-set filters and effects. With unique, easy-to-use features like background Sky, Heal, Effects, Filters and Looks, every photo you take from now on will be picture perfect. If you’ve dreamed of taking Instagram-worthy images to inspire the world, this is your chance. Brought to you by Lightricks, the award-winning app developer, Lightleap photo editor app is part of the Enlight Creativity Suite, including Pixaloop, Videoleap and Photofox. We help you harness your creativity in every photo. App user favourite features from Lightleap include: Sky Replace the background in your photos with a brand-new sky! - With one tap, you can change the background with a new sky. - Select from 60+ high-quality sky backgrounds. - Choose from sunny, dusk, sunset, storm, and even fantasy skies! Heal Remove unwanted people, background smudges, and easily retouch your image with the heal function, like a true editor. - Select and erase items in the forefront and background of your image. - Smooth over bumps and quickly correct photo mistakes. - Undo retouches with a single tap to restore your image! Filters No photo is complete without one of Lightleap's gorgeous filters - one of our top features. - Find filters by theme, whether you’re looking for warm, black and white, urban, fade and many other filters. - Easily adjust the intensity of your filters over your image. - Achieve the effects you desire in moments! Looks Change the vibe of your photo like a true editor in one tap. - Choose a predefined look as filters for your image. - Create a signature style for your Instagram feed with our designer editor looks. - Give your images a golden hour glow, or set the mood with dusk, black and white, shadows and fantasy looks. Effects Add tons of special effects to retouch dull areas and bring your background to life. - Overlay shadow effects, sparkles, lens flares and more to enhance your photo. - Change the weather effects and add seasonal themes. - Access our extremely popular mood elements and adjust the magic level of your photo effects! Adjust The full collection of essential editor tools is at your fingertips. - Every minor retouch adjustment can be made, including light and contrast to temperature, tint and hue editors. - Crop your photo, retouch, and edit all within the app. - Sharpen, adjust the depth, structure, and grain as a professional photography editor! With Lightleap, you become a photo editor in moments. Fix and retouch your photos with filters and effects to truly capture the magic of the moment you experienced. Download the app to discover how you can become a pro photo editor! - Terms of use: https://static.lightricks.com/legal/terms-of-use.pdf - Privacy policy: https://static.lightricks.com/legal/privacy-policy.pdf

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