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User Reviews for LETTRO Challenges

Don't recommend

(MUST READ) This could be super fun but it cheats like no other!!! Lettro makes up words that take half the tiles and when I use real words they get declined. I tried LENT on three levels and it said no, Lettro uses it once and gets points like I'm not going to remember I tried that word!!! It occasionally freezes but it's so bad it take 5-10minutes for my phone to restart!!! Worst of all I realized something. Pay attention to the timers, yours goes out fast but Lettro's starts and then STOPS until it starts the word!!! Seriously, what is the purpose??? I referred this game to friends but I recant my statements!!! Do not recommend unless you want to be so frustrated that you feel like throwing your phone on a busy highway!!!

Amor_Smiles, Jul 26, 2014
Almost broke my phone!

Just started a new game when the Computer rushes to take it’s turn using ALL the letters in the grid, spelling ‘TTHJLLADHIOW”. The screen goes to black telling me ‘TTHJLLADHIOW’ is not a word (really? you don’t say?) and from that point on it was just that notification box coming down the black screen over and over with the letter selection dinging carrying on in the background. Pressing any and all buttons made no difference for almost 10 minutes, but I finally got it to shut down. And when I started it up again I immediately uninstalled this app FOR GOOD! I shouldn’t have to fear an app just broke my phone!

ctr_l_f, Jul 11, 2014
Exists mainly to show ads

This game literally pops an ad up between every game. If not careful you'll find yourself kicked out of the game into the App Store without a quick jump back. The game would have potential if the developer weren't using such a miserable user hostile funding system. After your free lives are up you can buy more at ridiculously high prices considering that the AI makes words of dubious provenance while rejecting real words from the human. I have no intention of checking to see if buying lives stops the ads. I'll find another game and avoid this developer like the plague.

davidwb, Jan 22, 2016
Fun, but...

I thought I was the only one to experience the issue where the computer opponent makes up weird words, but I guess not. I thought it was just me whose screen periodically fades to black while the computer selects every tile as a word (after having submitted my word and simultaneously running out of time), but again, it appears to be commonplace. And when you exit the game and return to finish the match, you've lost (regardless of progress).Lastly, you're a loser when you tie on this game. This rule is extremely frustrating and discouraging.Suggestions: add a "dictionary" feature to allow the user to look-up the last word submitted during gameplay. This would help ease the frustration if those "special" words are in fact real words. The same dictionary engine would be available in the home screen (outside of gameplay) for the user to try and look up words (I think the "Scrabble" app had this feature) to build a smarter, more capable player.Next, work on the bug that makes the A/I "flip out" if you submit your word right at the end of your time. It literally looks like you're playing with an angry child when it does that. Finally, change the rule for ties. You could have the user keep their life or have a sudden-death thing where the board is used for one more word (longest word wins the round). In this scenario, words already played would not be allowed, and the rule of having to use a new tile will not apply. Just a few thoughts here...

Jfranco3, Jul 27, 2014

This game allows the computer to make up words that are not in the dictionary.

JUDYEVELYN, Oct 28, 2015
Great app

Loads of fun!

Kmac4432, Apr 27, 2016
Fun game, but the frequency of the ads makes it not worth playing

Ads pop up at the beginning and end of every round. They seem timed to pop up so you accidentally tap them. It's so frustrating because the length of a round is very short. The time to finish a round is just as long as the time it takes to get back into the game after you've accidentally tapped an ad.The AI is also not very believable.

nitrogenx, Jul 12, 2014
Miserable Gameplay consists mostly of waiting

This game simply should never have been featured by Apple. It is the half-baked, wait-for-twenty-minutes between losses mockware designed to frustrate you enough to purchase the full version. Buy it falls short of that as well. I installed it on both my iPhones and my iPads and the graphics look childish, the gameplay confusing and the 20 minute pause between losses is enough to lose your interest in about two games. In my opinion, Apple needs to get rid of this programming model for apps. Either charge for it or give it away. Don't sucker us in with your Apple Recommendation just to find that the games is really just a watered down version of the real game that costs $10 and requires that it be allowed to speak for you or better yet to impersonate you on every social media app from now until enternity...

SiNoSiSiNo, May 18, 2014

I've been playing this game for about a week now and this been entertaining. No complaints here.

Stephan da Great, Apr 08, 2017
It's okay

It's an okay game.. There should be an option to play against other people because playing against the comp is very challenging & gets frustrating when it comes up with completely ridiculous words, it makes it seem like it's impossible to beat & it gets redundant when you play round after round using the same words.. It's a very good concept & the interplay is great.. I would just suggest the option to play against other people and the computer

x.Dee, May 20, 2015


2 colors, 1 winner. Hundreds of challenges to unlock ! Swipe your finger in any direction to turn words into your color, steal letters and find the best words to win challenges.

A course of hundreds of levels. A brand new fun and addictive word game. Ready to challenge your brain ? ***USER GUIDE*** At every new challenge, steal letters to LETTRO to impose your color and win the game. You only need to dominate more than 50% of the board and victory is yours! Tip: Use booster and find the word which steals the most letters to Lettro at any time during the game (5 free boosters)! Collect victories and replay challenges to improve your domination on the grid! Hundreds of levels increasingly hard to unlock. ***COMPARE YOURSELF TO YOUR FACEBOOK FRIENDS*** With LETTRO Challenges, compare your scores with friends and replay challenges to be the best!

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