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Lensa AI: photo editor, video

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Lensa AI: photo editor, video

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User Reviews for Lensa AI: photo editor, video

Eh… not all that great

I will give it to this app that the images themselves are gorgeous. But does it look like me? Ha! Not really. In 55 photos maybe 4-5? I have glasses. They kept taking my glasses off!!! In every photo I uploaded I’m wearing my glasses. Some photos are an obvious “we put your head on someone else’s body” which was weird. Some of the cosmic and fantasy or anime filters just are making up pretty photos cause let me tell you it’s not even close to what I look like. Especially when it removes my glasses. It helped when on my second time I just took 10 photos of me right in this moment from different angles. I got more that looked like me but man do they hate my glasses. Forget uploading selfies from over time cause that makes it worse for getting any that look like you. And some that did look like me were this really weird simple layer added to my original photo, that I could do in any social media app, so not really worth it. Kinda regret spending the money on this. Only giving it 2 stars because the images themselves are usually pretty cool. Just not accurate by any means.

Aeversa, Dec 15, 2022
Best of its kind but not cheap

I use an old freebie app called wondercam that honestly beat most of the cheesy selfie paid apps available. Unfortunately it stopped working on newer iphones. After downloading tons of cheesy selfie touchup apps I ran across Lensa. Holy cow this app has superior quality effects! Best selfie app I’ve tried!It’s easy to adjust and turn down some of the effects. It’s not overly complicated to use. I don’t like it when all effects are so souped up it looks obvious and fake. Also most selfie apps have bad quality effects. Lensa magicmode and effects are excellent. Lensa lets me adjust perfectly. Even with the effects souped up it looks professional. No cheesy blurring or smears. I also love that I can go in settings and make this open in camera mode! Now I can use Lensa as my camera too! It would be cool in future versions to have an option to apply magic correction after you take a photo or a default setting of effects. Then after the picture is taken it apply’s the effects automatically. Adjust from there or even reset if you want.Lastly as a guy thank you for making a gender neutral app icon lol. No cheesy flowery pink camera icon etcThe only downside to this app is cost. It requires a subscription, but for me, the app is good enough it’s worth the price. Granted it’s expensive for many people. An app of this calibre requires good programming. These developers need to eat too.

BinoWasHere, Feb 23, 2020
Want to love this app, but disappointed

First off, it only allows you to select a minimum of 10 photos! Why is there a photo minimum? Never encountered a photo editing app like that. Makes no sense!Second off, the photo limits are ridiculous! It says it doesn’t allow photo shoot photos, but also says no less than 10 photos, must be same person, variety backgrounds encouraged, variety of head angles encouraged, variety of face expressions encouraged, and no other people in the photos. Then that’s basically a single photo shoot setting. Make it make sense!Each time I have selected 10 photos of me, different settings, no other people, variety of poses, different background environments, etc. and I would still get that “some of my photos didn’t qualify for the limits. Please select another 10” Seriously! I see many people post their digital art photos edited on here on FB and IG and they looked so cool. I was looking forward to making one of my own photos, but it looks like instead I’ll have to cancel the subscription and delete the app right on the first day I downloaded it. So disappointed! Seriously, get rid of those unnecessary and useless photo limits AND THEN things will be better for everyone!

Chanelly664, Dec 04, 2022
Slightly satisfied mostly disappointed

I downloaded the app after seeing a lot of friends posting awesome AI creations and wanting to give it a try for myself. For me I paid for 100 photos, which gave me 10 variations in 10 different styles. Followed all the instructions I was given, and understood the AI program isn’t perfect that there might be some artifacts or wonky looking images… Out of 100 photos 5 of them are decent, I have fingers that look grotesque, eyes that are colored incorrectly, or one eye is larger than the other or drooping, faces that are deformed or dismembered, my head either cut off or completely missing in photos. I mean some of these creations could have and would have been awesome if these issues didn’t occur. Just sad to see other people having success and I’m left with so many useless photos, it would be nice if your paying that money if you can have a revision done, where you can have a certain select photos corrected or redone. Like out of 100 photos at least offer to correct 10 of them for free. Otherwise I don’t think you should be charged for something at the stage it’s currently at. I’d attempt to fix them myself but most of these are just far to gone to do anything with. If you do try this app just be prepared for 85% of your photos to be unusable.

Dannyslim6669, Dec 03, 2022

I love this app and have had it for over a year. The only problem is that I’ve had to uninstall and install the app several times throughout my use so it’ll work since it won’t open up. I then lose all my files each and every time I do that since it’s the only way it’ll open up again. The new video editor I’ve tried to use as well. The app shuts off and I lose my edits during the video and have to restart the app. Very annoying!!!!! Need to fix the glitches and random shut off. Other than that, it’s great!*update responseThe update don’t work as I did that throughout the year. The only way is to uninstall the app and reinstall which causes me to lose all my data and edited pictures in the app.

dannythereviewer, Jun 25, 2022
Wow….just… WOW

I am a Professional Photographer and I am always feeling like I just want more from other apps. They just can’t get the editing to pop and for it to be a quick process. This app is AWESOME! I love the auto feature, how everything is easy to see the adjustments and keep them or change them. It has a enough features to feel that I can control the whole photo but not so many that I am overwhelmed and it makes me not want to use it. And the background section is really dead on with removing the current background cleanly. I am blown away! I actually may pay for the unlimited editing of this app!

FinnMedina, May 21, 2022
False advertising

Don’t say you have a “wide range of tools” when you only have the most basic editing tools that most apps already have. Frankly, I don’t understand why you don’t have the vibrance tool with saturation when vibrance is more skin tone focused, considering this is a selfie editing app. Saturation tends to be overkill and makes photos look cheap since it changes all the colors. Also, don’t claim to “delete all other editing apps” in your Instagram ad when you don’t even have the curves tool or split-toning, both of which make the difference in a more professional look. I understand your point is to make this “quick and on-the-go”, but those tools are easy to use as well. What you really meant is “intended for bimbos who have no knowledge of photography.” Thanks, and have a great day 😁.

jalupto, Mar 13, 2021
Ai avatars

I downloaded the app to try out the ai avatar thing going around. It didn’t let me use the app for the free version so I had to pay the full annual cost of the app which I wasn’t intending to do, I did two rounds of the 100 avatars and honestly you guys have a lot of work to fix on this app before you are charging anyone. Pretty much every single picture curated is completely ridiculous and looks deformed.. to the extent where I have three arms and one coming out of my armpit, my face is swiveled and twisted.. it’s just disappointing when you are paying for something and there is nothing to tweak or adjust to fix the errors (which are seemingly very big errors.) I wouldn’t waste my money on this yet until they have managed to fix the tweaks and support with the app. Love the idea of this truly as it will inspire a lot in the real world I feel, however launch a test and see what you need to fix before asking customers to pay and also don’t constantly change the costs day to day. Hopefully you guys can fix this so it’s more pleasurable to use and not a just a bunch of deformed avatars

Jamielynnphotos_, Dec 05, 2022
Do not waste your money on this!

Definitely had FOMO after seeing all of my friends posting their super cool AI portraits, so I purchased the top tier version and went to upload my photos; however, the app clearly had issues uploading as no progress had been made past the recommendation uploading time. I tried restarting the app, reinstalling the app, etc. but then the app wouldn’t allow me to even choose photos to upload - saying I had reached my limit. How can I reach a limit when none of my photos were uploaded? I tried a few times with this issue and decided to just go through the channels of requesting a refund through Apple. I didn’t want to be bothered by their support team when their app clearly has glitches and issues. They have no problem accepting your $16 payment, but the rest of the app is trash. And I can’t believe I was dumb enough to pay for $16 worth of AI avatar photos that I’m not even sure would have come out nice. Apple refunded. Deleting this app.Update for developers: thanks for reach out, but your app is glitchy. I was uploading each time with magic avatars. And maybe if this seems to be a serious inquiry with many people, you might want to make your app more user friendlier.

Jay Rah, Jan 03, 2023
I do not see why people are impressed with this.

I use Facetune 2 Andrew pay for that app. I read the gleaming reviews on this particular app and I have to say I am not in the least impressed. I do work with professional photos and I thought this would be a great app based off of the reviews for editing. All I can do with the photo was hit auto adjust and there were options to slide coloring around and things like that but I need an option that allows me to airbrush. This does not offer that. I do not do heavy airbrushing but I need some control and I need to be able to pop color a little bit and this did not do it when I use the auto adjustment setting there were parts of the photos that just looked over saturated. Again I am not impressed I am going to have to figure out how to remove this before they charge me $30 for a year. By the way it mentions that it is $7.99 per month but it doesn’t give you the option to select the month it only gives you the option of a year. So now I’ve got to find how to remove this. There was a background button and a face button but both were in dark gray and I could not press the buttons to see what they did. I have never removed an app this quickly from my phone I literally downloaded it messed around with it for about 15 minutes and could not get it to do what I needed it to do.

MandyBuz, Oct 22, 2019


Lensa – your all-in-one creative companion. Make your selfies look perfect, add artistic flair to your photos with styles and special effects, or create music videos and trailers of your adventures (and much more!). Whether your digital art is intended for a wide audience or a close circle of friends — unlock your creative vision with the combination of Lensa AI and a vast library of art styles, special effects, filters, music, presets, backgrounds, frames and other design elements.

Super easy to use, create professional-looking content in a few taps! Magic Avatars Discover the most sought-after trend on the internet. Magic Avatars transform you into your alter egos. Discover a world where you can take on a different style in seconds. Upload your pics—10 minimum—and see the magic happen. Get up to 200 unique avatars to use for your profile pic and so much more. Photo editing From practical enhancements to cool, trendy effects, Lensa has what you need to make your photos look spectacular. Simple, effective, and all yours. Discover: - Skin retouching that looks natural, not blurry and artificial - Increase eye size and make other subtle facial feature adjustments - Recover poor quality photos and photos made with poor lightning - Blur or replace the background with a different location or an artsy canvas - Make the sky look amazingly beautiful or even epic - Add golden sunshine, neon glow or a TV look with the special effects library - Correct selfies for lensing effects to get professional-looking portraits Video editing Turn short clips into movies. All with just a few taps. Select soundtracks from a huge collection to create music videos. Get simple and easy-to-use video-making tools that allow you focus on creativity and forget the rest. - Simply select any number of videos from your phone, and AI will do the rest - Automatically selects the best, colourful and action packed cuts from each video - The soundtrack beat is automatically synced with the action and camera transitions - Easily adjust video fragments and customize highlights to get the movie you want Art & design Did someone say Picasso? Unleash your inner artists with the freshest art styles and filters in the world. Turn any photo into a masterpiece in seconds and show the world your true colors. - One tap art filters. Turn your photos into works of art in the style of famous artists - Transform photos with popular art styles - anime, cartoons, sketches, watercolors… - Add frames, backgrounds and other design elements to create beautiful illustrations Privacy Policy http://lensa-ai.com/privacy.html Terms of Use http://lensa-ai.com/terms.html

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