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User Reviews for Last Fish

Marvelous little mover

To me, this is a gem of a tilting game. It has a dark, calm atmosphere and simple, engaging gameplay. I agree with others that games like this depend totally on the responsiveness of the controls. At least on the iPad 2 and air, the controls are smooth and exact, making the game a pleasure to play. A nice surprise.

1000 Splinters, Sep 30, 2014
A calm danger!

You play the last fish but are you? This game is simple at it's core, tilt to navigate through oil blobs eating food to survive. Levels also combine obstacles which do provide plenty of challenge the further you advance. That along with trying to 3 star each level adding an addictive gameplay element! They also included an arcade mode for added entertainment.Last Fish is pretty artistic and reminds me of the PSN game Flow. The games black and white theme is awesome but I personally wish there was a hint of color in the game. That would help indicate the toxic water stages better. I was well into the game before I realized certain levels ate my health without hitting the blobs.This is the type of game made for the platform that works well!

diggy1381, May 06, 2011
Re-discovered this game

Thank you for keeping this game on the App Store. I just discovered this game again after not playing it for probably five years. I was surprised that it's still on the App Store and is still being updated. I liked this game because of its simplicity, chilling and somber music, and haunting premise. These qualities make for a memorable and timeless iOS experience.

Icant'findagoodnickname, Feb 09, 2017
A truly unique find

I, too, don't understand how this game went completely unnoticed. Beautiful subtle graphics, smooth control, it's a visual feast for the eyes even if you don't consider yourself a game player. This is a $1 no brainer.

jtr778, Jan 05, 2011

I got this app and then forgot about it. I picked it up today and found that I really like it. It reminds me a little of the old Flash game called Fishy. It's not quite the same premise, but they've definitely captured the fun of that game

Me Grimlock, Dec 30, 2011

I rarely review games or rate them, but after playing this one I couldn't just not thank the developers! It's simple, clean and the graphics amazingly executed. Reminded me of an anime named {Mushishi} the episode (one eyed fish) in particular. This game gives me the same feeling of excitement and anticipation the anime did. If anything I'd recommend the developers to recreate the games app icon, it could look way better. It doesn't do the games graphics any Justice.

Salehsmac, Sep 02, 2014
Not Free

Downloaded when it was free. Then they tried to charge after only two levels! Deleting.

snnelk, Jun 18, 2019
Love This Game!!!!

I would have bought this game had I known about it. It has a beautiful art style and the music that accompanies it is great, it controls well and the levels are challenging but not cheap. A definitely must buy for anyone who like or loved Osmos, similar but also different enough.

SuperChief717, Jan 29, 2011

Creepy and depressing, good gameplay though and arcade mode provides replay. It's a sad little game though, surreal even.Probably one of the few games that's ever spoken to me on an emotional level, I can barely stand the arcade modes because I know the fish will inevitably consumed by the tenebrous environment.

Toxic Box, May 09, 2011
How do I cancel the free trial

When I agreed to the free trial it said I could cancel it in settings at any time. I’ve looked and looked through the app settings and all the phone settings and can’t find anywhere to do that. I’ve also tried to find a contact function rather than doing this in a review, but can’t get to one either. Please let me know where I can cancel the free trial. Thanks! Obviously, a response and good experience and I will change the review rating.

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzgr, Jun 09, 2019


Last Fish is a stylish black and white action game about the survival of a tiny fish in toxic water filled with goo. Eat food, avoid goo, escape the shadowfish. Survive.

FEATURES * Intuitive controls - tilt the device or use a controller! * Stylish monochromatic Retina Display graphics * Atmospheric soundtrack * Simple and addictive game mechanics * 45 levels and 5 arcade stages * 3 star performance score on each level PRESS QUOTES "Last Fish felt poetic in some ways." - DIYGamer "Last Fish is a satisfying swim through a world of light and shadows." - Kotaku "Within 15 minutes of downloading the game I was hooked." - AppAdvice "Last Fish is proof that games can be artistic, and more importantly that artistic games can be fun." - TouchMyApps GAME MECHANICS Control the fish by tilting the phone/tablet. Eat food to gain health. Avoid touching goo as it decreses health. Complete the objectives but beware of the shadowfish. LEVELS In each level you have to complete one of four objectives: survive for a specified amount of time; quickly follow a trail of rings; clear checkpoints; eat food with caution to reach a specific amount of health. Every level is different, be it food quantity, goo quantity, speed, size, movement patterns, health lost rate, number and speed of shadowfish. All these combined make each level unique. ARCADE Survive as long as possible. Arcade starts with lots of food and some goo, but over time the food gets more rare and more goo appears. The fish also loses more health as time passes. Then appears the shadowfish. Survive, until the inevitable end...

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