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Motonari Hibi
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User Reviews for LadderTouch


Great, make a more advanced more expensive version. I’ll pay whatever to strengthen my PLC knowledge on my phone.

134759305, Feb 14, 2020
Great app, especially for my classes

I love using this app and playing around with it to learn more tricks with PLCs. I only wish that there was at least one more push button to allow for more possibilities.

Acetiger44, Oct 30, 2019
Great app! Wish had more inputs

Great app overall! Awesome for testing and brainstorming on my phone. I just wish there were more than 5 inputs since that’s super limiting. But otherwise is great and would recommend

Apostate_Mage, Nov 07, 2020
Awesome for prototyping!

I usually program AB Micro820s at work, but wanted something I could use to prototype small automation projects with while on flights, watching TV, etc. this app works great on my iPad and iPhone for that very purpose. I do wish it had 3 enhancements however. (1) Let me rename the notebooks, (2) Let me give the logical component addresses alias names, (3) I wish I could have some inputs that were momentary while others were held instead of all one way or the other. Thanks for creating his app!!!

Bmicallef, Oct 07, 2017
Great for my wants and needs

I am not a PCL programmer. However I have done a fair number of projects where I used ladder logic as in motorcycle and car lighting up to plant control design of an industrial facility. I have wanted a computer based tool to allow me to design and test my logic. I found it!. This app allows design and tutoring in ladder logic. I am loving it - using it on my tablet and phone.

Czuque, Sep 24, 2019
Worth the money but needs improvements

This app is good for beginners but needs resets, retentive timers, down counters, as well as off delay timers. Hope these are added soon

Duckyinink, Jun 05, 2012
Great for learning Ladder Logic

I just started programming PLC's and learning Ladder Logic. I'm not a fan of the software I use to program but when I saw this app, I quickly found it fun and easy to use. I've spent hours making little ladder programs on my iPhone and now I'm a better ladder logic programmer overall. I look forward to seeing updates or more apps like this because I very much enjoyed it.

I_am_the_dude, Jul 02, 2013
Very nice and useful app

This really great, it is good to be able to run a ladder diagram before building the circuit. I hope you keep on adding components in the future

jagarcell, Dec 16, 2013

This is really cool , but 1 thing I do not like is that there are no RES so you are unable to reset counters unless you start over and with there being so little of them it seems that you should be able to reset them without having to start over every time. I'm am a PLC programmer myself and this is ah really nice app for basic understanding so I give it four stars for that and the fifth can be earned if you all ever decide to make some RES circles to reset the counters. Over all it's on the boarder of not being worth the price you have to pay maybe a dollar less but if the problem with the counters is fixed then it would be a five star app and worth a dollar more. Just my thoughts on the matter. So go ahead and buy it's nice.

No Eye Candy Here, Dec 07, 2010
Partly good, partly not so good

As it is, it's good for learning ladder logic. The design tool is great. The problems:•The free version had challenges that good training if you are learning ladder logic or just like the challenge. These challenges are not in the purchased version. Btw a couple of the challenges in the free version are possible to compete. There's issue with their logic• squares are fine but to tech someone ladder logic, it be much more easier to translate the knowledge with by using the industry standard symbols and language.• improvements to the App would I would like to see more yellow inputs and red outputs then just 5 (Marybeth just for the iPads bigger screen) I would like to see the yellow input buttons be numberedIt's good but lots of room for improvement. With exception of the editor on the paid version. The free version is much better to play with

sparkyinak, Dec 21, 2014


LadderTouch is an app to learn the basics of ladder logic, which is a graphical programming language. This app has three functions. You can learn about that mechanism by executing some of the prepared samples.

You can check your understanding with questions. In addition, you can create and execute your own ladder. Ladder functions of the timer, counter, and logical inverse are provided. The user interface is designed to be easy to operate. The lines are written by tracing the screen. You can set an element by tapping a cell at which you want to add it. ---------------ELEMENTS--------------- Input(yellow) Up to 5 elements. You can control the input signal by tapping the buttons at the bottom of the display. Virtual output(red) Up to 5 elements. Internal memory(gray) Up to 20 elements. Virtual output(red) and internal memory(gray) are the same for logical behavior. But the difference is in usage. The virtual output is the last element in the ladder logic chain. The Internal memory is for the processing element of the ladder logic chain. These are an imitation of the actual ladder logic with the output devices. Timer(blue) Up to 5 elements. The timer can be set from 0.1 seconds to 10.0 seconds. The setting unit is 0.1 second. The timer works only 'on delay'. This app does not include 'off delay'. On Delay. ---++++++++++ source -------++++++ destination Off Delay. +++---------- source ++++++++----- destination + ON - OFF Time flows from left to right Counter(green) Up to 5 elements. You can set from 1 to 50. There is no counter reset element in this app. Many other ladder logic software has it. The way to reset the counter is to stop running the ladder. All elements can be inverse in the source area. However, timers and counters cannot do it in the destination area. It is difficult to understand the inverse logic of a timer and counter in the destination area. ---------------EDIT--------------- You can edit ladders only with the paid version. How to write elements or lines Select the pencil icon. To add an element: Tap where you want to set the element and select the element. To draw a line: Draw where you want to write a line. How to delete elements or lines Select the eraser icon. Tap where you want to delete the element. How to scroll Select the scroll icon, then you can scroll. How to remove useless spaces Select the order icon. Tap order icon to remove useless spaces. Line color Green with complete ladder logic. Red with something wrong. --------------Other-------------- There is no function that connects to outer devices.

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