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User Reviews for Kissin Kuzzins

Loving this trivia game!

This game is a fun way to pass the time while lounging on the beach! A well designed and good looking game!

Beached In FL, Nov 07, 2017
Non-competitive Strike a Match

I have definitely missed Strike A Match, so this app is nice. It’s not quite as fun because the sense of urgency in responding quickly just isn’t there without competition against other players. Also an annoying bug—if I’m listening to music on my AirPods, opening this app causes the sound to switch from AirPods to the phone’s speaker.

Djdhsnsn, Jan 10, 2018
Starts over every time I open.

Every time I open the game, I'm back on level 1. This game is almost pointless being single player. It was a lot better when you competed against others.

Feuds wife's, Oct 25, 2016
kissin kuzzins

i enjoyed this game and i miss strike a match so much, but it’s ridiculously expensive. you get ten rounds for free but have to pay $3 for every ten rounds after. unfortunately uninstalling.

innocentwhenyoudrean, Oct 27, 2021
Great game but way overpriced

Loved strike a match and love this game. I would buy game packs but $2.99 for only 10 games?! Please change this!

Jaxbeach85, Apr 02, 2017
Finally, Strike A Match is back! (Kind of)

I'm so glad to have found this game. I do miss being able to compete against other players, but at least I have some form of Strike A Match back. At first I felt like the in app purchases were a little expensive, but I'd much rather spend $3 on some smart family fun than fast food or other entertainment. Only problem is I've played them all - we need more rounds!

lennalie, Feb 19, 2017
I’ve been waiting for this!

This game reminds me of a game I used to play online called, “ Strike a Match.” Kissin’ Kuzzins reminds of that game and has instantly become one of my favorites. I have never posted a review before and I might not again but the time was worth it. Great game! 🙃

Mrjabberwocky, Jul 11, 2018
Strike a Match

This is close to Strike a Match, the beloved Boxerjam game. I enjoyed playing it but surprise! You have to pay for it if you want to play after ten initial games they give you. A true rip off. Not like Boxerjams SAM at all!

PippaBird, Mar 05, 2020
Fun but i refuse to pay

I miss strike a match and this was a fun alternative except it’s not multiplayer and you can only play ten games and then have to buy more!!!

tinkerqbell, Aug 26, 2018
Great Game

Difficult but having a fun game to play as well as teach you is a blessing!

Vance356, Jul 16, 2019


Kissin’ Kuzzins is a unique game of witty wordplay. Match words or phrases in four fun rounds, each one more challenging than the next! Put your brain to the test - make the word associations and beat the clock!

We start you out with a FREE pre-loaded Gamepack of ten games. Play your favorite word puzzle game from the team you know and love, the J-A-M in Boxerjam. See how you measure up with the competition in the all-new Jam and Candy Connection! Accumulate Marbles for Achievements as you play through the Gamepacks. Access your game across any platform - mobile, Facebook and the web! Play offline! ----GAME PLAY---- Round 1 has a game board with six different words. Only two go together. Match the two words in 30 seconds or less to score points and move on to the next group. Halfway through, a helper hint will appear, but fewer points are given for a correct answer. Round 2 has three sets of two. The words are revealed briefly and randomly. To win this round, correctly match all the words before time runs out. Round 3 has a game board with nine words. Three of them go together. Match the three words in 30 seconds or less to score points and move on to the next group. Halfway through, a helper hint will appear, but fewer points are given for a correct answer. Round 4 can be tricky so don't be fooled! Nine items are revealed. To score in this round, match all three sets of three. ----REVIEWS---- "I like the idea of the word association game because the questions are up-to-date (for example, Rihanna songs or modern movie actors). Round 4 is the best one as it's pretty tricky." "Finally, Strike A Match is back!"

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