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Juno Connect: Jupyter Client

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Juno Connect: Jupyter Client

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User Reviews for Juno Connect: Jupyter Client


Incredibly, this app doesn't allow one to edit python files. Moreover the overall experience of this app--at $9.99--is not as good as simply running a Jupyter lab for free using Safari. And, under Safari, you can edit python files, even with vim bindings. Carnets is a free, open source app that has the same capabilities as the Juno's more expensive app. I'm not sure what value Juno offers over these free alternatives. Needless to say, I wish I hadn't given them my money.

Andrew Anonymous, Oct 13, 2019
Useful for Students

The ability to access Jupyter notebooks on azure has assisted in my write ups for physics classes, facilitated my production of scripts for automating aspects of my research, and allowed me to create small computational programs for students that I TA all from my iPad. No bugs I’ve noticed. Very fast loading. Excellent editing options. Thanks for that tab key haha! Look forward to continuing to use this app. (I’m actually doing a Prelab rn on Juno lelll)

Andron1424, Nov 04, 2018
Near perfect except missing port forwarding

I suspect most people’s setup is to use ssh tunneling. Currently, I use the workaround of using Blink Shell’s port forwarding feature. However, that solution is not perfect because iOS does not allow a background app to maintain a connection for more than 10 minutes. So, currently, I have to either (1) switch back to Blink Shell every 10 minutes or (2) run Blink Shell side-by-side with Juno, which takes up much precise screen space on the iPad.Had Juno supported port forwarding, then as a foreground app it wouldn’t have the 10-minutes connectivity issue.Would love to bump up to 5 stars when that feature is finally implemented!

angry violinist, Jan 05, 2019
Best iOS Jupyter Client, Fixes Issues with Safari, Smart Keyboard

This is the best Jupyter client available. It fixes several issues and annoyances using Safari or Chrome as Jupyter clients, especially with a Smart Keyboard attached. No Ctrl-Return run command on Safari, for example.It’s worth the in-app purchase to be able to access your own server.But Juno is still missing key basic features for this capability: there is no ssh tunnel or ssh keys built into the Juno app, so unless you run your own VPN, you have to expose port 8888. It should be straightforward too add ssh tunnel capability to the Juno app, and I expect (hope) to see this in a future upgrade.Another issue with Juno is bad lags for mildly sophisticated notebooks.In spite of these issues, Juno is well-designed and the go-to client for Jupyter on iOS.

exp(pi*sqrt(163)), Apr 29, 2018
A 5+ App ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Everything is perfect except that you can not copy part of the code/text in a cell. You can copy the whole cell but not part of it. Hope developers consider adding more advanced editing tools.Update: Thanks for taking back text selection. 5++ app. If you support google colab too, I will do all my coding using juno. As far as I know you don't have access to Google Colab api.

iBayern1, Oct 22, 2019
Very good for what it is, would love more Lab integration

As a simple Jupyter notebook client, this works extremely well, and re-connects well to my notebook server after having a period of no activity, which has been an unexpected constant hurdle to doing real work on my new iPad Pro.I hope that the developer continues to do work on this and push towards more full Jupyter Lab integration, because I’m now starting to lean towards running Lab in a browser to get some of the more advanced features (including its very good Python text editor and git integration). I would love to see Juno work well as a more robust and native front end to that, even though I understand that Lab is still pretty new and complex.

MTB in Durham, Nov 09, 2020
Almost perfect but needs text editor

I use this app almost daily and find it extremely useful for accessing notebooks on remote server. However, not being able to view and edit text based files (txt, CSV, py) is a serious limitation since this is fairly common practice in jupyter notebook and lab running in a browser.UPDATE: Thanks for the response. I still believe this should be high on the list of updates. It would indeed be a game changer for an already solid app.

Nacho de Leon, Apr 19, 2021
Fantastic app, very easy setup

I’m a data science grad student and this app has been super useful and fun to use when I am bored of using my laptop. The developer’s setup instructions are very straightforward and I was able to set up and connect to a remote VM with a Jupyter instance running using a Digital Ocean droplet in a matter of minutes. I also was able to setup a connection to my own laptop, but dislike having to launch/shutdown the server and prefer the constant access of the remote server. It’s great to have those options. The app has been very reliable for me so far. Thanks and keep up the great work!!

Remmy909, Oct 28, 2020
Jupyter on the iPad, Finally!

I’ve been wanting something like this app for years, now, as I’ve built up a large collection of Jupyter (formerly Ipython) notebooks. I can’t praise the fine folks who have built this app enough. I have a few notebooks on Microsoft Azure Notebook and they execute flawlessly when interacting with them through the Juno app. Editing is easy and intuitive. Try out the demo notebooks and pay for the full version. It’s an absolute joy to use.

Ryan J, Jun 23, 2018
Works reliably

*Original review:*Hard to find any good documentation. What is within the app as well as on the faqs and docs pages online is not helpful. I found my way through by creating new connections until I felt like I understood how things work. But deleting and editing current connections appears to be impossible, so I had to reinstall the app to clean up the interface. But once you get it working it will be quite reliable.*Edit:*After about two weeks, I was contacted by a developer. There is a way to delete and edit existing servers: either swipe the servers list or view connection details. Finding documentation of this is still difficult. Because I was directly contacted and notified that my issue was a matter of ignorance, I changed the review from 3 stars to 4 stars. I would move the to 5 stars if I could easily find the Juno documentation describing precisely how to edit or delete servers. The documentation is the worst part of this app. I wish that it was just one big, comprehensive pdf so that ctrl-f could solve my problems instantly. I have had no other issues with this app. Once set up, the app is a pleasure to use. Browser-based notebooks are a thing of the past on this iPad.

usernamewastaken1123, Oct 19, 2020


Juno Connect is a client app for Jupyter, a cloud-based computational environment. Juno Connect lets you leverage the computing power of a remote Jupyter server right from your iPhone or iPad. With Juno Connect you can: • Connect to cloud-computing services, such as CoCalc, Binder, SageMaker, Gradient or NAAS • Add and configure your own remote Jupyter servers • Leverage SSH tunneling with local port forwarding for secure connections • Take full advantage of your keyboard and trackpad in our full-featured code editor • Utilise full multitasking capabilities on iPad When you run code in Juno Connect, the actual computing is happening on a remote Jupyter server, giving you access to virtually unlimited computational resources from your iPhone or iPad.

You can either connect to your own Jupyter server — directly via HTTP/HTTPS, or by establishing an SSH tunnel with local port forwarding — or use cloud computing services, such as CoCalc, Binder, SageMaker, Gradient or NAAS. And if you would rather execute code on device instead, check out our other app Juno, it lets you work with Jupyter notebooks autonomously on your iPhone or iPad. Juno Connect offers a full-featured notebook and code editor, providing a complete development environment on your iPad or iPhone. it supports Dark Mode and Dynamic Type, offers extended on-screen keyboard and works beautifully with all hardware keyboards and trackpads. Juno Connect lets you reach your Jupyter server easily and securely with SSH tunnel using local port forwarding. You can launch Juno Connect in Split-screen mode alongside other apps on iPad — run notebooks with documentation, terminal, or other code editor in front of you. WHAT IS JUPYTER? Jupyter is an interactive cloud-based computational environment, where you can combine code execution, rich text, mathematics, plots and rich media. It works with Jupyter notebooks, a computational document format that allows storing live code, markdown text, plots, images and equations in LaTeX — all wrapped into a single notebook file. Notebook documents keep record of all inputs and outputs of the interactive programming session, and the rich output generated by running R, Python or Julia scripts (including HTML, images, video, and plots) is embedded into the Jupyter notebook document. They are especially convenient if you are coding in Python for data analysis, machine learning, or computational science in general. A notebook consists of a sequence of cells, each representing either a narrative text in a form of markdown text or HTML, or a coding script with a text or media output. This makes notebooks both human-readable documents with the analysis description and the results (figures, tables, etc), as well as executable scripts for data analysis or plain programming. You can use Jupyter notebook as a document with optional executable code in it, or simply as a programming playground for data manipulation and experiments. Jupyter supports countless programming languages, including Python, R, Julia, and Scala. Jupyter lets you leverage big data tools, such as Apache Spark, from Python, R, and Scala — or explore that same data with pandas, scikit-learn, ggplot2, PyTorch and TensorFlow. And, of course, Juno Connect lets you use whichever language kernels and libraries are installed on your Jupyter server right on your iPhone or iPad.

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