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Jumpmaster PRO Study Guide

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Jumpmaster PRO Study Guide

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User Reviews for Jumpmaster PRO Study Guide

Great App

Good way to test nomenclature and JMPI knowledge on the go. Must have app.

Ayinde (Off Track) Waverly, Mar 24, 2019

This app helped out tremendously. Nomenclature on the MC-6 is up to date. A must have for anyone attending SLJMC.

ceesgrim, Sep 20, 2019
Good prep source

Good but be careful, some parts are outdated and some nomenclature missing, but was a good source to prep. Use as a general guide, not as a final source.

crrkknenn, May 14, 2021
PreJump Audio

PreJump Audio is NOT up to date with current JM course. Current JM Study Guide is updated from April 2021. This does nothing for the students preparing for this challenging course. This is a major minus…..DO BETTER AND GET IT UPDATED.

Dntwrryboutname, Feb 04, 2022

Really helped me study before attending Jumpmaster school. Worth the money in my opinion.

FleaRHCP36, Nov 12, 2018

Despite going to Jumpmaster school at Bragg and there being slight differences between what’s taught in the app vs. what’s being taught at the school house, this app is what passed me threw jumpmaster school as a first time go. Study this app and you will not be disappointed. They are constantly keeping information up to date IAW the CAASOP and they haven’t failed me yet. I highly recommend getting the bonus audio and video too, it seriously helps when you get to spittin prejump and the video really helps when you are shadow boxing and you want to make sure you don’t mess up you sequence.

Longrodvonhugendong2850132, Dec 17, 2019
Useful study guide

Very useful. If only the zooming in button works better for the phone version. It would be nothing less than a superb program. It is a must have.

Rablung, Aug 19, 2019

Great App with loads of content to help you study anywhere and everywhere. Use your study guide from school and this app as well to get you your first time go

ReupOrDie, Apr 12, 2023
Only 3/5 for failure to update

Developer needs to update minor errors in the T-11 line by line section of prejump. Does not match with the entire text section of T-11 prejump OR the T-11 prejump audio. T-11 deficiency’s also do not match current JM study guide (minor verbiage deviations to current course curriculum).

Swimguy47, Jul 07, 2019
A must have for Jump Master school

This app is an absolute must have. The flash card tests are some of the most useful tools in getting ready for the school

The_Captain_America, Oct 10, 2018


JUMPMASTER SCHOOL IS HARD! GIVE YOURSELF AN EDGE. This app has over 1500 Questions and Nomenclature Flashcards.

Includes TC 3-21.220 W/C1. BONUS FEATURE: You can now add your own study docs and reference materials to the app. The Jumpmaster PRO app contains a simple document viewer that can open and view many popular document, audio, and video files. The app covers: 1. Nomenclature and characteristics of parachute components 2. The duties and responsibilities of the jump master 3 The safety procedures for rigging individual equipment 4. Procedures for rigging containers and door bundles 5. Duties of a drop zone safety officer 6. Presentation of jumpmaster briefings and pre-jump training 7. The Jumpmaster Personnel Inspection 8. Execution of jumpmaster duties from a USAF aircraft in flight during a day slick jump. This app will track both your study and test progress for all subjects. It will also allow to to switch to TC 3-21.220 with a single tap of your finger. The Jumpmaster Study Guide app is built using ForceReadiness.com's M-Training System - the most advanced training system available for mobile devices. NOTE: This is NOT the official US Army Jumpmaster School app. Please download the official app too. It contains some basic administrative information not found in this app. This app is specifically designed as a study aid for Jumpmaster School. It's a tough school. Every study aid will help.

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