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Simply Hired, Inc.
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User Reviews for Job Search - SimplyHired

Quick and easy job posting website!

I often prefer to use it rather than Indeed or LinkedIn.

BZFLYIN, Sep 29, 2021
Best Job Search App

This is the best job search app I have ever used. Everything is just so smooth and simple. The design just looks so great! There are tons of jobs you can apply for and the best thing is that you can use many filters to narrow down the results! It is better than other job search apps like LinkedIn and zip recruiter! Totally a five star app!

CleanCode, Jan 08, 2020
Bad experience all around

I initially signed up for Simply Hired on the desktop where it gives you an option to create an account via Facebook or Google. I chose Facebook because the Google button did not work. The apply button also did not work on desktop. I transitioned to the app and the only sign in options are by Apple or Google. No Facebook option so all of the work I put in to creating my account is essentially useless if I want to use the app. I decided to search for jobs without signing in and nothing will load. I’ve tried using different wifi, 5G, and downloaded on a friend’s phone and it just doesn’t work.

hallowbe, Sep 17, 2021
What happened

This app use to work extremely well, now since the last two updates it’s been a work when it wants type of thing

J23a45m9, Feb 13, 2020
Overall good app. One down side that’s very annoying!

In general the app is great, but the most annoying thing about this app is when I have scroll to view jobs and have to stop for a minute, phone screen turns off and it the app resets to home! Same thing if I switch to a different app for something else and come back to this app which I have to scroll through everything again. Your better of using a PC. 2 stars because that is VERY Annoying!

kennybamboo, Oct 24, 2022
Great app, but

I would like if, after looking at a job, it wouldn’t scroll you all the way back up to the beginning of the search results. It’s inconvenient. Other than that, I love the smooth and simple design of this app.

Rachel8254, Mar 07, 2021
IPhone XR black background

I’m using xr and can’t see much when I open a job offer. Black on black just don’t work. Giving you 5 stars and hope you can do something about this.

Rasta🎯🎲🀄, Jun 20, 2021
Spam spam and invasive to privacy

This app wants to have access to your google contacts, cloud, tracking and the last time I logged in it wanted access to my google account. My secondary email has now been flooded with fishing emails and spam after spam because all of my contacts from google have been “subscribed” to marketing agencies which try to tell me everything from having money owed to me from lawsuit settlements, to being in default with companies I’ve never done business with and countless messages that I have free offers of dewalt tools awarded to me just by doing surveys. This all happened in the span of 3 days. I immediately deleted this app when it wanted access to my account. Warning emails from google were sent to my 2nd email and I have since changed all my passwords. There is no reason for this much invasiveness of privacy. If you use it, be aware and all your email contacts and info you have on them is free for the taking. Big disappointment for someone who is just trying to better themselves in the job market.

RedWingChuck, Aug 04, 2022
Internet browser>>>app

I prefer going to the simply hired website instead. When I click on a job then decide it isn’t for me, I press back to go back to browsing so I can continue my job searching. But… the whole browser refreshes and takes you back to the top of your search(where the filter button is). So then I have to scroll all the way back down to the spot I was in originally in just to continue my search.The SimplyHired app doesn’t organize their job postings as pages, like the Indeed app. It’s just one long scrolling list. I also want to mention that a lot of the job postings are also blank on the app. However, when you go to the website on your safari/google app, you see the whole job posting. So I’m guessing that’s also just a problem with app itself. It’s very discouraging to search for jobs because it’s so complicated to search on the app. I honestly just really hope the SimplyHired team takes these problems into consideration. Because I don’t even use the app anymore…

to SimplyHired team:, Jun 16, 2021
Decent app but a little annoying.

The search filters are great, applying for jobs is quick and easy. The only 2 things I have against the app is 1. after you click on a job position to read about the it, very often the app loves to refresh and start you all the way back at the top of the page so you have to scroll all the way back down to where you were so you can continue from where you picked up.2. While you’re scrolling through job options, the app loads and populates the job listings and when it does that, it scrolls you down the list skipping a bunch of job listings so you have to scroll back up to see what it skipped.Like I said, it’s a very useful and plentiful app. These things are just really annoying and interrupt your job search.

Tony the real estate beast, Jan 20, 2022


Find your dream job on SimplyHired's job search and career search app. Search millions of jobs in one convenient and easy-to-navigate place. Simply install the app and you're ready to find your dream job!

No ads, just high-quality jobs in a fast, easy-to-use job search app. Our job search app is accessible and built to work seamlessly on both iPads and iPhones. We make it easy to browse jobs with our innovative technology. Getting hired has never been easier. To better help you find your next job, the app offers the following key features: - Access to the most comprehensive list of full-time, part-time and hourly jobs in North America - Options to search by job title, location, or both - Options to search for remote jobs - Ability to filter your results by date posted, distance from your location, full-time or part-time, and minimum salary - Recent searches saved to your home screen for easy access - Easily apply to jobs from your phone Save time by using SimplyHired app to find your next career move. Our job board has positions for Nursing, Office Administration, Sales, HR, Customer Service, Marketing, Technology, and many other types of jobs, both full-time and part-time. Download the SimplyHired Job Search app today and find out what possibilities lie ahead in your career!

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