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Cast Web Videos to TV - iWebTV

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User Reviews for Cast Web Videos to TV - iWebTV

I’m so glad this exists.

I’ve been searching too long for an app/tool that would project videos from my tablet to my TV. Just when I thought all hope was lost, I discovered this. I noticed it’s high rating, so I thought it deserved a try. And it did. The videos play perfectly on the tv screen. There’s no lagging, and the videos take as much of the screen as they are supposed to. And there is nothing wrong with the audio either. I recommend this app. My only complaint is the app’s tiny orange banner that pops up at the bottom of the screen sometimes. But at least it only comes up sometimes. And when it does, it’s brief. So it’s not that big of a deal. It can be removed, but not for free.

BunRave, Mar 15, 2019
dope app

I tried other apps for connecting safari to my phone but they didn’t work. Either the audio wouldn’t connect to the tv, or it lagged real bad. But this app I won’t lie, at first I was worried it would do the same but omg I loved it so much. The audio came from the tv and didn’t lag at all. The only problem is that there is a banner but that’s nothing to worry about. It’s small and not really a distraction. I am extremely glad I found this app and can watch movies and shows on websites. Literally been binge watching my favorite shows that they don’t have on Netflix. Guys omgg you are missing out seriously if you don’t know about this app it’s great. Like bruh I am watching so much spongebob and I cannot stop. Help! jk no I love it. Fr this app is so good 🥺🤝

Chafa game, May 23, 2020
Legitimate free streaming app

I've had it for 3+ years now, I've never had to pay a dime for the services. It blocks every single pop-up ad for any and all websites the internet has to offer, its never given me a pop-up ad for its premium services, and it's always been free to use-I'm not over exaggerating either. You can stream and cast any video/movie from any website on the internet using any type of video player with absolutely 0 funny business. Except for the banner. But I've gotten used to it a long time ago so it doesn't bother me. Plus, the banner itself is transparent. The banner will sometimes disappear and reappear throughout whatever you're watching.It will never advertise its premium services to you more than once; It shows you one ad which is presented when you first open up the app. Love that. If it were possible, I'd rate it 5 stars across the board for every single year that's passed with it still downloaded to my apps on my phone. I'm thankful that the app creators have kept it completely free for us to use and has also kept the app completely ad-free throughout the years even after its popularity and success. This app should be an Editor's Choice App. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

dddhjngssf, Feb 15, 2023

I tried the basic app, which included continuous annoying upgrade banners. to cast streaming masses from my iPad to my TV. After many uses I had no problems. Therefore I made the decision to get rid of the banners by upgrading. I went for the all inclusive PRO level. Since then I have had nothing but problems trying to stream masses. I had occasional interruptions which were annoying but tolerable. Then the app completely crashed with no casting at all. Trying to get the cast back was not simple and I lost major parts of the mass. I have cast other masses through Facebook with no problems. Very puzzling. I also cast several movies and had no problems at all. There were no interruptions or crashing at all. Now that is really puzzling considering the major problems I am experiencing with casting the masses.

Dziadza, Sep 23, 2020
Used to be great

Update: I think my below issue may have been due to either a weak wifi connection or an out-of-date Roku box. I recently moved and have a new Roku and faster wifi, and so far I'm not having any issues. I still have a few gripes about this app, but as of right now it's a 4-star rating from me.I used to love using this app, and I have the FULL paid version of it, but trying to connect it to my Roku anymore is like pulling teeth. It can take a half hour sometimes. I have to restart my phone multiple times, disconnect the Roku box, turn off wifi, and even delete the app entirely to reinstall it, and it only ever comes down to pure luck. I've gotten a lot of enjoyment from this app over the years, but at this point I think I need to find an alternative. It just doesn't connect anymore. And NOTHING has changed on my end. Very frustrating.

lemonboard, Aug 25, 2023

I downloaded this app some time ago & I really liked it, despite the fumbling around one must do to get to anything. I thought it was a good alternative to all of my expensive subs, so I even shelled out for the “paid version”. Since being reeled in, the app has basically fallen apart. You can’t watch anything in succession. You literally have to close the entire season out & do a new search for the show you were just watching to start the next episode, other wise it will just continue playing the episode you just watched, no matter how many times you switch it. It has to be completely closed out. Now, it simply does NOT connect to ANY device or television in my home, whatsoever. Nothing has changed at my residence. The only thing that has changed is that the developers “updated to fix bugs” last week, & now I can’t use what I’ve paid for at all.This became a very big letdown, & I’m very upset that I cancelled all of my subscriptions with my grandfathered options to trust this failure. Now, when I sign back up for everything again, I’ll be treated as a new subscription & not have any of my previous options.

LoLo040608, Aug 29, 2023

This is the best app I’ve ever come across since apps were made! You can watch any channel, any movie, anything you could possibly think of at anytime! With or without the paid version! The paid version is great because it gets rid of the banner! But even with the banner you can still watch whatever you want. You just have the little “distraction”. I just upgraded to the paid version. $7.72 one time fee that’s good for life! I’ll never pay $150/mth for cable again! You save so much money, time and effort with this app! It’s absolutely amazing and deserves 5 stars hands down! My first time doing a review but it was definitely necessary to give the creators their credit for this amazing app! I love it and have never been more satisfied with anything! Thank you to the creators!!!!!!

LouisianaBaby29, Jun 23, 2019
Enjoyed the free version so much I bought premium

This app is amazing for anyone with an iPhone and a Roku TV. I use this app for so much, live sports, anime, and movies. All for free! If you have a website where you can watch something just paste the link and you’re good to go. If the video player doesn’t want to work with the app try switching through the sources on the website and switching to desktop mode in the app (premium users only). I haven’t found a website yet I couldn’t get this app to work with. Great casting app with fast load times and and ultra 4K HD support. I wasn’t paid for this review or anything this app is just a godsend and all these people with negative reviews just don’t know how to use the app.

Master of the force, Oct 27, 2019
Recent Issues

I’ve had this app for maybe over a year now and it’s been great! The one thing I hate is that with some videos, you must have the app open or else it will uncast or buffer a ton, which I don’t understand as some other videos work completely fine with the app playing in the background. Even some videos will work sometimes with the app being closed, and other times it will say I have to keep the app open for it to work. But I’ve just kinda dealt with that. The real reason I’m writing this review is because of an issue that only begun to happen recently, for some reason no matter how good my connection is, all videos in all websites will continually buffer over and over, I don’t know why it’s begun to do this as this hasn’t been a problem before, but it’s a real shame as this is one of the only ways I can have entertainment while at home :/ and this app was so incredible when I first began to use it

Morgan F. L., Jan 19, 2022
Works Well With My IPad

I purchase and download a lot of educational web videos, and needed a way to project them to our TV using my existing ROKU devices, so my wife could view them with me. I started out with the free version on my iPad, but recently went ahead and purchased the full features.The only issue I have is, I have to toggle my WIFI or Airplane Mode, on my iPad, OFF and ON in order for the app to pick up my ROKU devices. It’s probably due to my wireless network setup. It’s no big deal, as I’ve gotten into the habit of doing this anytime I prepare to watch videos, and everything then works flawlessly. It’s an awesome app with excellent capability. It saved me from having to purchase additional streaming equipment compatible with my iPad-furnished proprietary app, as I don’t need an additional streaming device.

rhans70, Apr 14, 2019


Best Casting App! Cast any online video to your TV. iWebTV™ works with any TV equipped with Chromecast® + Roku® + Fire TV® + Apple TV® (4th Gen) + Samsung TVs (2018 and later models). *** Feature Highlights *** • HD resolution supported (1080p and up to 4K depending on the device) • Unlike mirroring apps, iWebTV sends the actual video stream to your TV (Much better image quality & overall experience). • Advanced browser, supports multiple browser tabs, blocks or hides spammy popups, search from the URL bar, ad blocker, browsing history etc... • Subtitle auto-detect + Movie/TV Subtitle library • Live streams support • Video preview to instantly locate your favorite scenes. • Binge-ready: queue up several videos, and enjoy. • Set your own home page, bookmark web page or videos. • Full playback controls, even after exiting the app (from the lock screen). • Privacy modes Some of the features above require in-app purchase iWebTV actually plays the video on your media player which results in a much higher quality picture than apps that mirror your screen. **** Notes **** (1) Some premium features require in-app purchases. (2) Excluding video formats incompatible with iOS (flash). (3) While most video websites work well, email us from the app menu if you experience any issues: > “Get Help” > “Frequent Questions” > “Need more help? (Other Issues)”> “Contact Support” (opens email).

Smart TV from most TV manufacturers will work with this app without any preliminary setup. Just start the app, choose a video & hit the cast button! This includes TVs from Samsung, TCL, Vizio, Sony, Hisense, Insigna, Sharp, Philips and others. **** Legal **** iWebTV™ is a trademark of Swishly Inc. "Chromecast" is a trademark of Google LLC. "Fire TV" is a trademark of Amazon Technologies, Inc. "Roku" is a trademark of Roku Inc. "Apple TV" is a trademark of Apple Inc. Terms: • Privacy Policy: http://www.swishly.com/webtv/privacy-policy.html • Terms of Use: http://www.swishly.com/webtv/terms-of-use.html iWebTV offers a variety of upgrades, one of which is subscription-based ("Premium Services" $0.99/month or $9.99/year). With this subscription you will get the benefit of all premium features in addition to 2 premium services (Cloud Proxy Streaming + Unlimited subtitle downloads)

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