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iWatermark+ Lite Add Watermark

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User Reviews for iWatermark+ Lite Add Watermark


BEWARE The app LIES to you and says it needs access to ALL of your photos in order to work which immediately raises red flags. It only needs access to the photos you are editing but for some reason the developer breaks the app if you try and just give access to select photos.UPDATE: The developer has responded and obfuscated the truth. There is ZERO reason the app should break when choose to only give access to see the photos versus all photos. There are plenty of batch apps that do not FORCE you to give them access to all your photos or deny you the ability to use the app. More lies from an untrustworthy developer who decides to talk down to a customer who points out a real issue, boldfaced lying about permissions being the reason, so I will stay away from this app and find an honest developer who doesn’t demand access to all your photos.

Anony00_, Sep 08, 2021
Simple and easy to use

I just started looking for a watermark app to use on the phone and this app is working out well. It’s simple to use and there are a lot of font options. Thank you for creating this for on the go and the need to post on Instagram!

Artistwinne, Mar 07, 2022
Retain credit for your content

Are you an original content creator? iWatermark+ enables you to keep ownership of your art. This includes photos and videos. It gives users an impressive array of options: different platforms, visible or invisible, control of rotation, font, color, transparency, et al. The app is easy to learn and easy to use.

El Gato 1947, Dec 31, 2021
Easy to use!

I LOVE that you can select multiple photos, and that it adds it to each picture. So much easier than choosing one photo, then having to go back and upload another. I love that it gives the option to just quickly watermark each one for you, or to manually adjust where it goes on each picture. Best watermark app out there

Emilia James, Nov 01, 2019
Intuitive Interface!

Finally a simple and fast way to label, sign and copyright images I want to share online! This app has many options for fonts and graphics with numerous ways to display them appropriately for any given image.

Geegoob, Jan 01, 2022
This is the best watermarking I’ve ever used

It has a very business oriented approach to its aesthetic and it’s actually working till the apps favor you can change almost everything about the watermark you can save multiple of them the export and import is extremely easy the only thing I’d have to say that I don’t like about it is that you can’t do multiple videos at a time and leave the video separate but I love this app I will never stop using it it’s amazing

hairyroxs, Oct 11, 2021
I love it 🥰

I absolutely love using this app. It took me a couple days to really figure it out but once I did it was smooth sailing. The only thing is the app also applies it watermark on the pictures or videos as well but I’m using the free version so I don’t know if that’s why. Other than that I love it!

Kerrybsu, Nov 11, 2020
Does the job!

I use this app just to put a watermark across my artwork for posting on social media. I haven’t taken the time to totally explore everything it can do but it works well for my purposes! You can customize what you want to say and the color. You can also change the size.

Peabodymom, May 12, 2022
Saves So Much Time 💜

I just started using this app, literally a few hours ago. Already I feel like I’ve been using it forever!! It’s so easy to navigate and use, it’s hard to believe I had been doing photos without it!! It has already saved me so much time!! Even using the free version, I’ve found it does exactly what I need to safeguard my photos from being stolen by others. My type of photos are stolen often to scam others, so THANK YOU iWatermark+ for an amazing app!!Much love, Fleeko’s Gliders & Glam

SugarGliderGal, Aug 23, 2021

Keep your photography legit has never been easier! Never worry about your art being ripped again without getting credit…Interesting reading the negative reviews, Anony00 seems to be rather upset about something… Pay him no mind dev, we who know how hard it is to get an app out to the world appreciate your efforts🙏🏼!

z-myster, Jan 01, 2022


Watermark photos & video for photojournalists, professional photographers & beginners. The #1 app to protect photos & video. #2 App for Instagram & Facebook users. Easy, popular, powerful & professional watermarking for social media.

iOS 14.1 & 15 Compatible Includes 3 free gifts. iWatermark+ Lite has ALL features & to allow 'try before you buy' adds a small 'Created by iWatermark’ on watermarked photos for un-purchased items. Use in-app purchases to get all features or get just the items you need. All proceeds go to support the continuing evolution of iWatermark+. The Lite version is also very popular without any purchase. Now, in iWatermark+ Lite for the first time, watermark directly in Apple Photos app. "The ultimate Instagram tool" - H.R. Secure & protect your photos by signing them with iWatermark+'s unique 9 visible watermarks & 3 invisible watermarks. These 12 watermark types can each be customized by you in millions of ways then saved to be reused or re-edited easily. For photographers by photographers The reviews they say it all “iWatermark+ is by far the best watermarking App I’ve seen to date on iOS. Nicely integrated as an iOS photo editing extension.” & “Number 5 of the Top 100 Apps of the year.” – Terry White, Principal Worldwide Design & Photography Evangelist for Adobe Systems, Inc Problem: Your unique photo/video can suddenly go viral & loses all connection to you as owner/creator. Solution: Use iWatermark+ to watermark your photos & videos. A watermark subtly displays, no matter where on the internet, Facebook, Instagram, etc that your photo or video goes, that it's your property, created & owned by you. iWatermark is unique & the only tool featuring: * 12 watermark types; text, text on an arc, bitmap/logo, border, vector, signature, QR, metadata, steganographic, resize & filter & export options * A database of your custom (template) watermarks for instant reuse * Can use 1 or many watermarks simultaneously on a photo * Batch processing! Queue an unlimited number of photos * Watermark videos * Tile a watermark over a photo/video * Library of 5000+ vector & bitmap watermarks * A massive 293 beautiful fonts * Engrave & emboss text with transparent option * Watermark directly in Apple Photos app * Draw, import or scan your signature as watermark * Preview & adjusts effects like scale, opacity, font, color, size, position & angle in realtime * Can embed an invisible steganographic watermark in photos * Touch gestures to drag, pinch/zoom/rotate a watermark * Can display GPS, IPTC & EXIF metadata as visible watermarks * Is on all 4 platforms * Export/Import watermarks to backup &/or share with friends or in a company as official watermark(s) Manual & videos http://is.gd/5rjnkz Why Watermark? Digitally sign your photos & videos to secure your intellectual property & reputation. - Photos go viral then they fly off globally. Watermark with name, email or url so your photo has a visible & legal connection to you - Promote your company, brand & website by having a distinctive watermark on all photos - Helps protect your copyright & trademarks - Avoid the surprise of seeing your photos &/or artwork on the web, magazine or in an ad - Avoid the conflicts, costly litigation & headaches from plagiarists claiming they didn't know that you created it - Avoid intellectual property (IP) squabbles Q:Works with photos from Canon, Sony, Nikon, Fuji, Olympus SLR cameras? A:Yes --- A+ iWatermark+ For iOS - #1 Watermark Photos & Video by Tiffani I. – Jun 13, 2018 I am a travel agent that visits tons of resorts & takes photos. This is a great app to watermark my photos before posting on social media. I highly recommend it! --- The proof is in the tasting, DOWNLOAD now to test out FREE

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