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User Reviews for iTV Shows

Now Functional!

The new app redesign is now functional and not plagued by glitches! It looks good to boot! The downside? They’ve removed some features, like the ability to collapse subheadings and look at what was recently on that you missed. The latter of which was probably the most useful feature in the entire app... I only really used this app to see what had just played and what would play soon.UPDATE: they readded functionality for the collapsible headings and shows you’ve missed, so I upped my rating one star. I still preferred the old separate tab to further distinguish the two sections and how it used to show you more than the last eight days. But the updates are moving in the right direction, so I’m hopeful they’ll go back to the functions of the old app with this much improved, glitch-free design.

Baroque25, Nov 05, 2019
What happens to my favorite app?

I just did updates on my iPad and iTV app updated. What happened? I can’t find the calendar screen that lets me know what’s on tonight. The calendar screen showed this week yesterday etc. it was simple with circles of shows on that day and times and channels. Where did it go? The app is useless to me without it. Been using your app for years and loving it. Now I’m lost unless you can show me how to get the calendar TV watching is so hard without it. Please bring this calendar screen back. Looking for another app that might have that feature. Help!Bev

BevCa, Oct 31, 2019
Expandable Lists

First off let me say that this app is amazing. I’ve been using this one since it came out and the previous versions before that. With the latest update, the expandable lists (today, next week, to be announced, etc.) have been taken away. Is there any way you can add that feature back? It was nice to collapse a lost when looking for a certain tv show.Thank you for the awesome app!

Cory G!, Oct 28, 2019
New update is good but took so many features

I liked the way where before, minus the bugs. The way it was was perfect but liking the cleanness more and more but not liking the lack of options/features. I want separate tabs like before, not where everything is now nestled into one tab. For example, I want a tab where I can see all the episode that where shown before and keep them organized by the day they did and also go back as gar as 3 months and also have that little description about it.I want a tab/option where the show that ended can be shown in the order by the day they ended, not Alphabetical. This doesnt do anything for me cause sometimes they cancel shows without me knowing and I don’t want to have to look at the whole list every month to find out which one gor the boot.Upcoming or next week episodes in is on little tab, not nested with others. Have all the tabs organized like you had it last time where there where two Columns at the top, with a left and right options, rather than one long tab with nested tabs and infinite information that you have to scroll into oblivion... things are starting to look look CVS receipts. Will be on the look out for the new updates and will change my rating. Keep it up guys.

Duarte aka dudearte, Jan 27, 2020
Glad to finally see the update BUT....

I was very pleased to see the recent update for iPhone. However, will the iPad version also be updated to match the iPhone version 5.1.1? Right now, the iPad version isn’t working and is useless. Giving only 3 stars because of this.Also, on the iPad, the To Be Announced section is worthless. The font is SO large it doesn’t display the show name. All I see is the two letters of the show, followed by ... then the Words TO BE ANNOUNCED. It doesn’t matter the show, it only displays first two letters. Example: Masterchef is displayed MA... TO BE ANNOUNCED. If the show has a white background or a light background image, you can barely see the check mark indicating all caught up. I preferred the previous indicator in red in the corner. It stood out more. I still love the app and have been using this app for at least 8 or 9 years. Just wish iPad version could match the new iPhone version. Or perhaps give us the ability to adjust the font and size or choose the categories we want displayed.

Firefly822, Nov 09, 2019
Great App

Love this app, however, there are a couple of issues. The time zone doesn’t report times correctly, at least in the Central time zone. Also, when trying to add a new show, I finally figured out you have to add a blank space at the end of the show name for it to be found — probably the reason people are reporting new shows aren’t available. Thanks for fixing these issues.New issue — I don’t want the new category of “Recently Aired” shows. Please remove this feature or offer a way to turn it off. Thanks!

Karen2122, Jan 14, 2020
Completely useless for me now

I used this app constantly for years now, but as of the most recent update you’ve made it so the app is now totally useless to me. By getting rid of the calendar view in the app, and not having any other way to show what previously aired on past days, I can no longer tell what show had new episodes air, unless I check the app widget daily to see what will air, or play a guessing game in the "to watch" section of, "did the number on this title go up?". For someone like me who has very limited time during the week to watch shows, and tends to binge on her weekends, or wait for entire seasons to come out, getting rid of that feature killed the app for me. I will unfortunately have to go elsewhere. I will admit though, the new visuals are lovely.

Ladyilonwick, Oct 27, 2019
Am I Relying on an App That’s Been Abandoned?

I have been on this app almost since the very first day it was launched. It has been a wonderful app and I rely on it to keep track of years of television watching. Lately though I’ve noticed that some new show’s episodes are not being added. For example: Ghosts and CSI: Vegas. Also, the app support button on the page in the app store is no longer functioning. I’m beginning to think that perhaps the developer has quit? If so, I would like to know so I know that I need to move to a new app.

lmmvirago, Nov 27, 2021
Simply the best

I honestly don’t know how I’d keep track of the dozens of shows I have in my library that are still airing without this app. The new UI is beautiful and the rewrite does seem to be fixing a lot of the issues the older versions had. I’m happy to see that it’s still being worked on and that there seems to be plans for the future. There are still some small issues that I experience that haven’t been fixed in the 6 years I’ve been using the app, like selecting all episodes as watched but it still showing the show as unwatched, randomly things that have been 100% watched will become unmarked and when investigating there will be some random episode in the series that will be unmarked. The pull down to refresh is pretty much unreliable, takes forever and half the time doesn’t seem to be doing anything (This could be an Internet issue but since I experience over WiFi and cellular I assume it’s not)

MyLastSong, May 12, 2020
The best in tracking episodes and viewing

I have tried several other apps and found them too limiting or not meeting my need. This app is one I have used since the first version a several years ago.Keep in mind that this app doesn’t always sync with the older versions on iOS devices running iOS 12 or earlier.The only issue I have is some of shows don‘t show any episode list or information after adding them to my viewing list. I have tried to refreshen the list and relaunch the app. Nothing works. It used to be just one or two serials, but now, it has gotten too numerous.A feedback: the search engine needs to be less exact when entering the names. If I didn’t add certain words such as “the”, it would show no result. Really frustrating.Thanks! Keep up with great work!

OliverTwist78, Feb 13, 2021


iTV Shows is the best series tracker you’ve ever seen. This powerful app helps you follow your favorite shows and discover new ones in just minutes. Seamless experience • No sign-in to get you started • No ads whatsoever • No data sold to a third party.

Privacy matters. Access everything • With the use of multiple databases, your series information has never been so accurate • Have a sneak peek of the day with our built-in widget Keep track • Mark your watched episodes • Easily see next episode to watch • Receive notifications when a new episode begins Synchronization • With iCloud built in, your series and watched episodes are kept up to date across all your devices • Open your trakt.tv account to keep all of your data from trakt.tv in sync Recommendations • Discover new shows based on those you have already viewed • Access the most watched series of the moment • Never miss a series premiere Statistics • See your global progression • Look at how much time you spend watching TV • Share with your friends Follow us on Twitter — @iTVShowsApp Designed exclusively for iOS.

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