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iScan - PDF & Document Scanner

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iScan - PDF & Document Scanner

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User Reviews for iScan - PDF & Document Scanner


I’m not even sure if the app works with my iPhone or does what I got the app for. The app immediately asks for money. A free 3 day trial with your card number of course.... at least let people into the app to see if it serves the customers purpose. Limit access on the app and if the customer likes the app they will pay for features. I am not paying weekly for an app I’m unfamiliar with or has not been proven to at least do what I need it to do.

Blufox89, Mar 20, 2021
Tried it…

I tried to scan 11 receipts from various companies but had no control over the scan. The auto function never settled on the entire receipt. It had all these various shapes and none were rectangular. Tried manual and a similar result. I wanted to move one document into a different folder but no luck there either. I bought a $90 yearly subscription but had to cancel. I’ll keep looking.

crowleyvt, Nov 26, 2021

This app claims to be “free” but has been charging me several times a month for varying amounts and they give no phone number, email address, or any kind of contact information to resolve the issue. I had to go to my bank and have the charges reversed. This was a huge headache that I definitely didn’t need. I never even gave them my card information or permission to charge me- it just immediately started charging my apple account. Absolutely predatory.

heishfusi, Sep 13, 2020
Worked Until It Didn’t

Seemed to be going well until it continually crashed once the pdf was 50 pages in. And it didn’t even put them in the order I had deliberately scanned them to be. Oh well. I’ll be using a different app from now on.

Kev69420, Mar 31, 2021

My initial experience was great. The app works well. However, I wanted to export to a document as a PDF and when I went to clicked the button to do so, it said you need the pro version. Underneath, it presented a button that says “try for free”. I clicked the button and it took me to a screen to choose a subscription. Like most free trials, I figured the subscription was for after the trial period. However, I was IMMEDIATELY charged $13. Shady app, don’t download it unless you like being scammed. The developers replies to other people with similar problems claim they can’t give refunds either. Slimy, shady people.

Piggies, Jul 23, 2020
The scan quality Ugh! Do Better & fix it!

It is easy to scan documents! 2 stars for scanning. No stars for transfer of scanned documents. When I transfer as a jpeg it is blurry. Then, the recipient requests to send again. This messes up the flow of business and reliability to get things done efficiently! When I try to transfer document as a pdf file, leaves a check mark exported, but it is not exported, or if it is where did my documents export to? I spent so much time transferring scanned documents as pdf to an email and it does not or it is going to a iCloud that I am not able to access. Frustrated & disappointed! Ugh Do better & fix it!

Really Surprised!, Apr 18, 2021
Tech is okay, but language is in Cyrillic script!

I like the program in principle. It makes great scans. But when I need to respond to written choices onscreen, they appear to be in Russian or some other language written in Cyrillic characters, which I can’t read. And there does not appear to be a control to modify the language. I will need to cancel my subscription.

RJack66, Aug 20, 2021

I got this up because I needed something really quick to turn a picture into a PDF document firstThey advertised a free Three day trial so I got the free trial and it charged me almost $30 for a free trial then when I tried to export the PDF file the people that I sent the PDF file to told me that there was nothing attached and this was before I canceled my subscription I am currently awaiting the response of the Apple store and I have filed a dispute with my bank if I could rate zero stars I would

Stinkerbell1993, Mar 31, 2021
Purchased Pro - Wont send as PDF

Update : sent an email to support and it came back undeliverable - beware I purchased the pro version so I could specifically send legal documents as PDF and it doesn’t allow me to send as a PDF, message keeps popping up need the Pro version, click on ok and message comes up that I already have PRO Version, so fix it or refund my money - do you do any testing at all before putting stuff out to sell

Treasa O, Oct 06, 2020
Is this basic version of iScan FREE?

Is this version of iScan free or only free for 3 day trial? My current scanning needs are minimal, really rare (e.g. to track a pkg) so I do not require bells n whistles as I would if I had important docs on a more regular basis. Thx for your feedback!

Word Lovers Unite, Jul 20, 2020


Are you in hunt for a PDF Scanner app which will make your life easier? If yes, you have come to the right place! Prepare yourself to be amazed by the incredible functionality of IScan: Document & PDF Scanner.

This app is designed exclusively to let you scan important documents, share and save them on different platforms. Whether you have a bill, a ticket, an image, a document or a passport which needs scanning, you can perform it all with your portable mobile scanner. No need to go to a local store for getting your application scanned anymore as our mobile scanner is here to save the day for you! Amazing functionality, countless features! IScan is designed with an aim to address the major issues prevailing in every adult’s or teenager’s life. Whether you are a student who does not want to pay a hefty amount for a book or an adult looking for ways to store important receipts, documents and images with just a tap, the iScan app will offer the PDF scanner functionality you have always been searching for. Simply position the document in the scanner frame, wait for a few seconds and you are all set to convert, share and save important files for future needs. Save documents into Cloud or phone storage! This mobile scanner app features dual saving options. Once you have scanned and converted your documents, you can save them in your image gallery or upload them on your Cloud Storage. IScan is compatible with iCloud, Google Drive and DropBox to offer you an unbeatable level of compatibility for file saving. And that’s not all about it! The app features an advanced OCR Text Recognition which lets easier copying and sharing from PDF documents. Laden with advanced Image processing and Language recognition technology! Are you tired of blurred scans? Would you like to preserve the outlook of any file even after scanning? If yes, iScan is the answer to your troubles. This app features a much advanced image processing technology which avoids blurring and blemishes from the scan. No more glares, no more blurs. Get crystal clear scans with this app. The best part is that it works equally well for color scans as well. Save and edit unlimited PDFs! Got an application to be filled and submitted urgently? How about applying for your long awaited job post? Do it all on-the-go with the best mobile scanner out there. You can not only convert the PDFs but also edit them before or after saving the final files. Scan without Wi-Fi connectivity! If you do not have an internet connection, you can still scan your documents and save them in your device. However, this is not applicable for sharing and uploading files on third party sites. Features of iScan – Document & PDF Scanner: - Hassle-free, simplistic UI for minimal clutter - Laden with advanced text and language detection - Supports text in more than 40 languages - Useful for scanning photos, receipts, documents, stamps or business cards - Share files in email or any other social media platform - Save files in your gallery - Scanner lock to prevent unauthorized app access Unlimited document scanning and sharing convenience is just around the corner. Make your life simpler and easier by downloading iScan – PDF & Document Scanner today! The following subscription plans are available (price may vary depending on location): • 12-month subscription with 7-day trial version – US$ 49.99 • 6-month subscription with 7-day trial version – US$ 29.94 • 1-month subscription with 3-day trial version – US$ 8.99 Privacy Policy: https://bestscan.online/Privacy_Policy_iscan.rtf Terms of Use: https://bestscan.online/Terms_of_Use_iscan.rtf

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