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Iron Will: Quit your addiction

  • Lifestyle
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Iron Will: Quit your addiction

  • Lifestyle
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User Reviews for Iron Will: Quit your addiction

Great, just one suggestion

This app is great. I love its simplicity and I like the recent additions. My only suggestion is to be able to have multiple timers going at once for different things, and/or to fully end a timer without relapsing (ex. in the case of wanting to change goals because you successfully kicked a habit). ♥️💖

AnimationDalmatian, Jan 18, 2023
Very helpful , and is perfect for people to better themselves

For awhile I had a bit of a addiction , yet found this app. Giving myself a goal and taking little steps to achieve it. This app encourages it no doubt , and provides inspirational and motivational quotes. If you are trying to recover from a p*rn addiction or stop fapping in general then this app is for you. I believe though that there should be a last level called “ Giga chad” lol.

Another meme admin, Dec 31, 2021
Review and opinion

I love the app and how it tells you your level when you beat a certain amount of days and it’s also good that you can relapse when you fail. And it’s also very good with numbers like you get all the stats you need to know about how far you have come. But my suggestion is as much as you have a tracker that lets you see the progress on how far you’ve come I think there should be some what a countdown to certain goals. For example when you’re approaching a new level like “Master” there should be a count down saying you are 15 days away to becoming a master this will help the individual anticipate attaining the new level or goal

DadeD4D3, Jun 14, 2021
It works

It gives you something you can look at to feel like you’re actually doing something by not fapping! Like a game almost. I like the idea of the wallpapers you unlock I feel like there should be more little gimmicky prices because they can be fun and keep you hooked! Great job.

dahecxg, Oct 13, 2020
Great app but heres feedback

The app is great and allows small wins with certain streaks that provide titles to celebrate your discipline. However; I deleted my app and redownloaded because I kept checking my streak to see what day i was on. So i was like, okay ima delete it and look back in a month. Come to find out, the app reset my information as far as my longest streak, current streak and fail attempts. I mean okay, I have a clean slate now but was this feature intended to be this way? Just curious to why that happened. I presumed it would continue to save my information but now realized there isn't a My Account feature into this app. Which would be cool to add so I can track my total progress throughout the years, looking ahead.

ilost100kona50kentryfee, Oct 06, 2022

Overall an amazing app. Though I do wish their was a notification setting. In which it lets you know when you are about to complete the next milestone, or when you come to an end of the day

John- the sith lord, Feb 02, 2022

It’s worked great so far there have been a couple of “close” calls but I replaced the spot on my home page for google to this app and every time I click on it I am reminded of what I’m trying to accomplish. 10/10 would recommend to a friend in need

Kdmfmekd, Aug 10, 2022
I love it

I don’t usually write reviews but nofap is a strong cause I believe in and this developer did a good job creating a useful tool, I’ve had it for 5 minutes now and I understood everything, it’s free but he has an option to buy him coffee which is very honorable. My respects to the developer

Mac_Loving, Jun 07, 2023
Have an automatic reset schedule for 12:00

I really do love this app and one thing I wish that the creator would add in an update would be something like an automatic time set where I can schedule the app to reset at whatever time on the dot and then just continue on from there because I keep having to beat the 12:00 am every single time I want to reset my timer!🙏🏽😂🔥

MondoTheMenace, Apr 30, 2023
Simple, clean, and very well made

This app is exactly what I was looking for on my journey to quitting nicotine and porn. Goal setting with a widget to keep track has been crucial for me as I tend to be inconsistent in remembering to check and track apps. It’s aesthetically pleasing and very easy to use. I enjoy the challenges it provides; the unlockable themes that can be obtained through reaching abstinence streaks is awesome. 11/10 would recommend!

NotElonMusk, Aug 04, 2022


IronWill was created with the desire to help you track your progress so that you can stay motivated to continue this arduous but joyful and hopeful journey. Wish you more and more self-development and achieve the desired success on this wonderful path. Thank you for trusting and using the application.

To support us: - Rate our app. - Send us feedback and suggestions. Some features of the application: - Timer, can create many different counters - Share your own achievements - Set goals easily - The rewards at the milestones - Dark Mode support - Many themes - Widget with small and medium size (iOS 14+) - Backup & Restore data (not include image) - Diary feature, your data will save on your device - Share motivation with friends - 11 languages supported - Community on Discord with 2300+ members Thanks again, if you have any suggestions, please email me. This app is completely free, no ads, please support me if you can

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