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User Reviews for iProfit

:)) Worth Money :))

Nice App Easy to Use.

ajpat07, Oct 05, 2013
Super Easy

Nice super easy app. Few key strokes and fast answers.

Cathy in CA, Mar 25, 2010
Very Handy!

Discovered this great little app the other day. It's super quick & easy! A sure fire to do two critical business calcs (mark-up & gross margin) on the fly and always get the right answer! Thank you!

Dave-Seattle, Dec 24, 2009
Not working with latest IOS update

Updated my phone to the latest IOS and the my iProfit app is not working. I uninstalled it and reinstalled and still not working.Please advise

DbelleJ, Sep 22, 2020
An excellent tool for retail business

I have been using this app for over six months now and this is one of those app that really makes the whole iPhone experience stand out. I really like the reverse function to see how much margin I am making at the given price of an item. I use the reverse function more because I like to pick a good selling price, then see how much I am making. It's all really a simple calculation that you can do with a calculator, but this makes it very easy to do in one simple step. One suggestion I would lime to make is if there was a function to see each unit cost from a case cost. Again, this is a simple divide function you can do on a calculator, but I'm having to go back and forth between this app and the calculator. At least the multi-task makes it somewhat easier. If they add this function, it would be awesome!!

ehotwill, Oct 21, 2010
ok app

could be great but no way to enter anything other than whole numbers(can enter $1.00 but not $1.05 for example)

Sanrif, Jun 23, 2010
Not working with Newest IOS upgrade

Please fix this...

unhappy mcficklestix, Nov 03, 2020


Gross Margin and Markup Calculator These days every penny counts. Accidentally mistaking Markup for Gross Margin is a sure way to leave money on the table. For fast, accurate and straightforward price calculations iProfit is your tool.

Calculating Markup is intended to add quantifiable profit on top of cost. Applying the correct Gross Margin calculation ensures that there is pre-determined gross profit once a price has been established and the costs have been subtracted. iProfit computes your target price with a few key keystrokes. iProfit will instantly calculate your Sales Price and will display both Markup and Gross Margin. Never again accidentally reverse your calculation and give away critical profit margin. You input two fields and the rest is calculated for you in a split second. Know your price and cost? iProfit will instantly calculate your Gross Margin and Markup. Have a target Markup percentage that you want? Input your Cost and choose Markup percentage. Instantly your Sales Price, Markup and resulting Gross Margin are displayed. Know what Gross Margin result you want? Input your Cost and choose Gross Margin percentage. Instantly your Sales Price, Gross Margin and Markup are displayed. iProfit features: - lightening fast calculations - minimum key strokes - no formulas to remember - not currency specific - uses numeric keypad - high accuracy with multiple decimal places iProfit is designed to help you get to the right selling price fast.

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