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User Reviews for Intelligent Hub

Terrible Productivity App

This program does exactly what it’s designed to do (deploy apps in a large business environment) and does it pretty well. Unfortunately, it does not support Office 365 (at least, that’s what my IT people tell me), so that is a huge knock.My prior review (below) was actually of the developer’s email app Boxer, which is a horrible mess and I’ve updated this accordingly.Original Review for Boxer:This program is a terrible replacement for the standard iOS Mail app. It does two minor things better (showing attachments at the top of emails and extracting dial-in information) and everything else is either neutral or SUBSTANTIALLY worse. If you are an IT professional and plan to deploy this app, be prepared for everyone in your workspace to hate it and hate you for forcing it on them.

57rup, Oct 26, 2022
Doesn’t even work on my phone anymore.

This app was nice while I was able to use it. Now that I have gotten a new phone it doesn’t work anymore. I can’t even get onto the log in screen. It just stays white and will load for hours. Plus support is no help either.

Alyssa💁, Jan 19, 2022

I have the app on my iPhone it kept telling me I needed to update my iPhone to the recent updates my phone did update itself and now has the most recent update on it. HUB apparently did not recognize I have an entirely updated iPhone. I now cannot do the things I used to be able to use my phone for my job HUB has stopped me from doing so. I cannot log in on my phone as well as other things I used to do. I’ve had thi app for a year due to my job never had problems until now. I do not even want to give you a star but I have to so you will get this.

Catlynn Web Weaver, Jul 25, 2023
Unmatched Productivity with Zero Trust

While hub is implementation-dependent, clearly VMware on VMware knows what it’s doing because I can get to ANY app I need on ANY of my enrolled devices and it’s a pleasure to see security verifications that don’t slow me down. It’s a fantastic app and implemented fantastically inside VMware. I’m sure your IT organization can make YOU more productive with VMware Workspace One!

cyberswimmer, Apr 03, 2023
One stop shop

Using Intelligent Hub has really been great for me, as I don’t have to go to 5 different apps to get things done.You can tell they really put a lot of time and effort into Hub. I was hesitant at first, but I’m glad I opted in on my personally owned device!

JDogg261, Feb 23, 2022
Connects me to what I need most.

My most used feature is actually the people explorer. So many people in my organization, it helps to know if I’m talking to a newbie or a Boss!! Hahaha!

Joknowin, Aug 20, 2021
Invasive as Chrome

My review disappeared, so… I was forced to implement this app on my phone, against my better judgment. It is invasive and has disabled the “Never“ setting for Auto Lock. Why does an app need to tell me how to use my phone? And exactly how much of my information is the app really collecting? As soon as I leave this job, I’m scrubbing this app.UPDATE: Okay. I quit, waited until I recieved my final paycheck then deleted the Hub and all related apps. It just tried to reinstall them. I had to go into Device Management and remove it, disabling all permissions. Creepy and invasive. I pray my new job doesn’t use this.

K'Shanti, Aug 18, 2022

I use this app for Starbucks and I hate it. It’s helpful to get my hours yet it is really poorly done. It is always going down. It is hard to navigate, poorly designed, and it’s overall just frustrating. Loading my hours takes forever and I have multiple times where when I changed my availability it didn’t load later. Leaving me scrambling with my manager to figure out my hours for the upcoming weeks. It really has some serious work to be done to it. Also the fact that the “mother app” has to stay on my phone to function the rest of it is pretty unsettling. There is no use to it other then stealing data I’m sure. I just wish Starbucks would change applications because this is not worth the money.

kats248, Oct 15, 2022
A little finicky but still pretty good

It won’t let me pick a star but overall I do enjoy being able to use my personal device over the Samsung issued to me by my employer. I am familiar with my device so it makes it easier for me to use at work! Some of the apps can definitely use improvement like when I perform a function it makes me close out of the app and log back in before doing the next function.

llv074, Jul 29, 2023

I now have a new Walmart phone to do my work with and I tried taking this off of my phone and I can’t get it off my phone and it’s eating my battery. Does anybody have any suggestions on how to get this off my phone?It will not uninstall it will not move to trash

lynnvghyg, Oct 16, 2021


AirWatch Agent is now Intelligent Hub! The Intelligent Hub app is the single destination where employees can have an enhanced user experience with unified onboarding, catalog, and access to services such as People, Notifications, and Home. Capabilities: **Stay Secure, Stay Connected** Intelligent Hub extends mobile device management (MDM) and mobile app management (MAM) capabilities and enables your company to keep your device secure, compliant and connected.

You can also view device details, messages from IT, and verify compliance status and request support from your IT administrator. **App Catalog, People, Notifications, and Home in a Single App** Single catalog experience with optional services such as People, Notifications, and Home. You can now favorite apps and websites that you need quick access to, rate apps, use the search function in the Catalog, get recommended & popular apps, access corporate resources and home page, and much more. **The Entire Company in Your Pocket** Easily search through your corporate directory by first name, last name, or email address and view employee details such as photos, titles, email addresses, phone numbers, office location and reporting structures. You can call, text, or email easily from within the app. **Stay on Top of Company Notifications** Improve productivity wherever you are and get notified with app notifications and custom notifications. Custom notifications can be notification alerts, downtimes, and participation in surveys. Disclaimer: Please note that your experience may vary depending on the capabilities enabled by your IT organization.

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