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Instawork: Find Local Shifts

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User Reviews for Instawork: Find Local Shifts

Straight up thieves

My boyfriend has problems with Insta work from the very beginning. First it was with the uniforms and verification. The app glitched and didn’t show him on of the categories he needed to start a shift. It took two weeks and many workers for someone to finally be of use and help. Once he got his first shift, he did exactly as the app told him and began to work. The shift was fine, but he had to fight to get the tips he was rightfully owed. When he received his first payment from that shift, Instawork took the money he was owed saying that the company reported he didn’t show. My boyfriend had a mountain of evidence that he did work, from pictures of the event, the shift leads name, names of other people from insta work at the event, captain codes (what you need to literally start the event), but was tossed from worker to worker, having to re explain his case repeatedly. Some of the people just left the chat without even responding! Finally, someone submitted a claim but the company denied it saying he didn’t work. How! When he has so much evidence of him being there?? Customer support is the absolute worst. Corporate doesn’t care at all and they are so unprofessional. They just blatantly stole his money. My boyfriend even reached out to the company and they are ignoring his calls!! Instawork had been a complete waste of time and a let down.

abyssofstuff, Jan 11, 2022

I really do enjoy working with Instawork. i’m unsure why so many people wrote bad reviews and the people who have wrote that they have not got paid I always get paid. with any job that you work it’s never perfect but I will say that instawork and their customer care they really really work with us and they do their very best to continue to keep us happy and paid and making good money I’ve had personal issues where I’ve had to miss my shift unexpectedly which would be considered a no-show or I’ve had to cancel last minute and I’ve never had an issue I submit to them a note or whatever that they need and again no issue I would highly highly recommend instawork to anyone as I have already but I will continue to do so. What other job can you pick your hours, what other job can you make endless amounts of money, and what other job offers all of the amazing incentives that instawork offers especially now with the holidays approaching. as I already stated I truly in my heart believe that instawork works there very hardest to make us as much money as possible and to keep us all happy and I think they do a very very very good job at that therefore I would give them nothing under a five star rating and I want to use this opportunity to say thank you instawork for everything that you’ve done and the opportunities, the endless amounts of opportunities that you have given me I love instawork and I will continue to pick up shifts probably for a long time!

ashlynriverouber, Nov 04, 2021
Very Cool!!!

The Instawork app is simply user-friendly in just about all aspects that there really could be in regards to finding satisfaction in a product/service, far beyond what you would ever initially anticipate an app to be, simply configuring itself from what you never knew you were ever missing out on in life before so suddenly making impact on being exactly what your life was in true need of, andddd ESPECIALLYYYY SOO in being an app that’s conveniently providing assistance, pioneering more-easible accessibility to resources within the market that specifically pertains crucial to continuing structural rebuild and continuing growth within our economy! The masters at Instawork have made it so simple for their consumers that in the matter of time it took me to roll out of bed and finish a quick small to medium-size bowl of cereal, not only was I still on usual pace with my regular daily routine but, I next made my way into my morning shower with my personal Instawork profile filled out, all on-boarding documents authorized, and even found myself off to have “completed” a handful of applications “ already. I don’t see how finding work could really get any much more easier and convenient than this, and do feel like this is a company/app that will own that stance well into the foreseeable future!

JHam3292, Nov 13, 2021
Decent platform with software issues and unsupportive of workers

The most frustrating thing about this app is the lack of opportunity and income security. Theres often no shifts available and if you want to get even just 16 hours a week you have to book shifts weeks in advance. There is not a way to find coverage through the platform, you have to message individuals on there. You have can not cancel with the intent of working if no one else takes it and you are penalized for canceling shifts well in advance and those shifts are often booked by others within a day. These penalties result in further difficulty securing hours. There are also connectivity issues that can prevent you from clocking in and out of shifts. I have to re-confirm every shift because 90 minutes before I get a text message that says I am not tracking to the location and will be pulled off the shift in 30 minutes when I have a 40 minute commute. I've also seen someone be pulled off a shift for not confirming while working a shift and we were left understaffed because if it, even though he still arrived because he didn't know it was canceled, they were unable to get him put back on the shift after attempting to get in contact with Instawork Support and he had to go home. There isn't alternative option out there, not that I've seen. I've tried a few apps and this one is better but it has a lot of flaws.

Joe-6266, Feb 27, 2022

I think if Instawork wants to continue growing they need to hurry up and set up an office in the US. The support system is terrible. They don’t even have a phone number… You have to create a chat and send a message if you have a problem or need help. It says they reply in a day but it takes them days and days to reply to one question even if you had multiple issues. They’re the same with the businesses too. The support is useless. Since they take days to respond if you had a pay issue or work issue it won’t get fixed in time for maybe your check or your next gig. They need to set up a customer support number because the whole chat thing is ridiculous especially since they don’t respond and are very useless. I looked up the headquarters and I’m pretty sure it’s just a bunch of randoms in India who barely even know how to solve your problems with the app. It’s very annoying and frustrating I sent them two emails. It’s been 2 weeks since I’ve sent a chat looking for help cause I’m missing a payment and STILL no reply. If you want a real gig app download people ready. They actually have an office you can call with Americans you can talk to, that know what’s going on and can offer real help for your problems. This app is a joke.

jujuontheturkey, Jul 19, 2021
Treat professionals like trash!

I loved Instawork from the start. During Covid they got me thru some real tough times. However, this is quite possibly the worst app when it comes to professional support and money. They have “paid backup” instapay shifts that you show up too and if everyone originally scheduled shows up, you get to leave. So you’re on the clock for 5 minutes, if that. Although it’s an instant pay gig you have to write them over and over and over and legit threaten them legally to get your paid backup pay. It took them over a week to pay me not once not twice and not three times. They don’t work with some companies to ensure we get tips like everyone else in this service industry. All the other apps do! Last but not least my final straw with this joke of a company. Referral bonuses- even if you write in the same day as your referred friend, so you both get the bonus, they won’t acknowledge you for it because your friend didn’t go directly thru your link. The Same day, as a matter of fact, literally an hour or two after my friend finished filling her app out. That’s just rude disrespectful customer service. They want us to be professional when working yet they don’t lead by example. There is also NO phone support to solve issues quickly. Expect up to 72 hours before a response typically

Monchi303, Nov 08, 2021
Great app, but poor punishments

I love this app and it has helped me a ton and I recommend it to EVERYONE. However their punishments are way too harshIf you cancel a shift 23 hours in advance instead of 24 you are automatically disqualified from any metal and it's the dumbest thing ever. I was eligible for gold which would have given me the privilege not only for early access to jobs, but also instant pay that gives me money in my account right when I clock out. However, I cancelled my gig to work 23 hours in advance because I knew for a fact the shift would be covered immediately. They always get booked within 10 minutes of being posted because people love those opportunities, so I knew they wouldn't be mad if I cancelled. Instead I just checked and I don't qualify for not only gold, but not even bronze. That's also one of the worst things about the ranking, if I have worked the whole month flawlessly the new ranking doesn't even kick in until the first of the next month, so I think the punishments are quite excessive and they ruin the experience knowing I have to go the next month not only without instant pay which I was looking forward to, and early access for more jobs. I'd understand if the punishment was 4 hours in advance, but 24 is REDICULOUS knowing the job will find a replacement almost immediately and no one is inconvenienced other than the employees

Robmix26, Jul 31, 2022

Take a close look at all of those golden 5 star reviews! Pay close attention and you will find the pattern. This app is useless and the developers have no idea what they are doing. There is a good chance I am going to hire an attorney because being in California they violate at least 2 labor codes. Once you sign up you don’t see all of the available shifts they promise. I have not been able to get one shift and I am a highly experienced professional and fulfilled all of their requirements including obtaining references! These people are not supposed to demand background investigations until after a job offer. They also are not supposed to collect W2 information. They are so confused about operating as a recruiting agency or an independent contractor. Every day I get 20 to 30 notifications about an available job, I immediately click the notification and the job is already taken. They have obviously over saturated their base and do not have nearly enough work for all the people they “hired”. For the longest time When I did see shifts, they were over 150 miles from my home! They actually thought I would drive that distance for $15 bucks an hour! This app is not what it seems or what it promises. They are a complete mess and they have no clue. Expect to hear from an employment attorney very soon!

sezonetwothree, Feb 19, 2022
A lot of bugs need to be fixed on this app

Ok first of all. I’m reading complaints from people and they are still putting 5 stars. I wish people would rate accordingly so they can fix the things that are wrong with the app. Second of all there are waaaaaaayyyyyyyyy too many people on the platform and not enough jobs. When a gig comes up it’s gone with in seconds and to make it worse the app has difficulty showing the available gig when it pops up. I’m not sure why that is. When I click on earnings or any other tab the information pops up right away. But when I try to see open gigs it can take anywhere from 1-5 minutes to open and by then the gig has been taken. The way they rank people and give certain people priority is really unfair. Also note you are an independent contractor which means they can work you your entire shift without giving you a break or meal break. A lot of the companies take advantage of that they also lie in the add and say free parking and meals provided a lot of that is untrue setting you up for failure. They also have it so other Instawork peers can rate you which I also think is unfair because people can lie to get you off the platform so they can have more work. Almost everything about this app is messed up. They really need to fix it. Hopefully another company comes out with a better version of this app.

Shellycat916, Nov 12, 2018
Problematic Software.

This app will get you some great gigs, don’t get me wrong. But they clearly could use some temp workers of their own to deal with all of the technical problems they have. First of all, if anything goes unexpected with your shift don’t expect to be paid for your work. I wasn’t able to clock out for my first shift and still haven’t been paid even though I’ve filed a complaint-this is over a month ago now. Every person I’ve met from Instawork who’s worked at least a few gigs have had this issue. Pretty problematic when you’re expecting hundreds of dollars but those just never appear. Today though, was the trigger for this review. I booked a shift last night and drove over an hour to get here. Over twenty minutes before my shift, while I was 3 minutes away from the l’ovation, they texted me saying I wouldn’t make it so they removed me. So now I’ve invested my time and money but I get removed with no prior notice and no compensation. Of course their app has no means to to address problems such as these (they have preset catatonies of problems that you can choose from, oh and there’s no phone number to call. So yeah def download if you feel like planning on work and pay just to have it, virtually randomly, erased. I know other workers who’ve had shifts they booked disappear with not even a message at the time of occurrence. Clearly they either need to get some better software, or more human help to address the problems that are created with what they have.

tcbP0894, Oct 15, 2021


Instawork is operating in Austin, Boston, Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, San Francisco, Seattle and more! Work on your own schedule and increase your take-home pay with hourly jobs. Get first access to gigs by creating your profile now.

Looking for flexible jobs and part time work? Instawork’s job app offers positions from catering and hospitality to warehouse associates and delivery drivers. You can easily browse and apply to hourly shifts that fit your schedule. Book your shifts, track time, get hired and paid quickly all through the app. At Instawork, we believe in recognizing hard-working, reliable and high-quality professionals. The Top Pro Program offers rewards for consistent work and high-level performance. Earn rewards for your gigs like cash bonuses, instant payments, 3% extra pay and more! INSTAWORK FEATURES FLEXIBLE GIGS & SHIFT WORK - Get hired & paid quickly on a weekly basis - Have a flexible schedule & easily choose where you work and when - Choose from hospitality, culinary, warehouse & general labor jobs - Learn and expand your skill set with each new gig PAYCHECK & JOB TRACKER - Review your paychecks and earnings - See all available jobs & shift sites in the area - Track your saved jobs, past interviews & job applications JOB & BUSINESS NETWORKING - Connect with new businesses and other professionals - Message people in your network & link up for new gigs - Get recommendations from others in your network - Increase your chances to get hired permanently by working with businesses in the area TOP PRO PROGRAM - Get rewarded for your experience, consistent work & high-level performance - Earn more as you work more: Meet the required number of shifts to benefit - Earn rewards like cash bonuses, instant payments, priority access to shifts & 3% extra pay on select shifts INSTAWORK JOB BANK WAREHOUSE/GENERAL LABOR - Picking / Packing - Material handling - Lumping - Forklift Operation - Sanitation CULINARY & HOSPITALITY - Attendant - Bartender - Busser - Cashier - Concessions - Dishwasher - Event server - Line / prep cook - Runner - Event setup & teardown Instawork is currently in over 25 cities in the United States. Here’s what pros say about Instawork: “Instawork is an amazing opportunity. Make sure you are ready to work and gain skills to be a better employee in the world. Saved My Life.” - Myka Taylor (April 2021) “I absolutely love & appreciate this app & company. They are 100% legit & consistent. They have now become a part of my lively hood.” - Briana Beasley (April 2021) “IIt’s so great to find work with decent pay where you can start immediately and are guaranteed a job with no interview. Makes finding work easier than ever before.” - Ryan Stacey (April 2021) Got any questions or feedback? Reach out to us at [email protected] Connect with Instawork: Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/instawork.jobs/ Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/instawork.jobs/ Twitter - https://twitter.com/instawork Blog - https://blog.instawork.com/ Privacy Policy - https://instawork.com/legal/instawork-privacy-policy Terms and Conditions - https://instawork.com/legal/instawork-terms-of-use

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