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User Reviews for Inspect Browser

Best I’ve found for iPadOS

I’m transitioning more and more to my iPad when I can but there are certain things I have to pull the Mac out for. I don’t have the expectation that this app perform flawlessly all the time, but it works very well for most purposes and makes it so I have one less thing I have to pull the Mac out for in 95% of instances I need a web inspector in my use cases.I consider it $7 well spent and thank the developer for their work.

Aric S., Mar 05, 2021
Must have for Web App Developers

This is everything I had hoped it would be... if you develop using chrome’s inspect element and other tools you will not be disappointed. Tap to inspect element takes you right to the element you are trying to assess figure out what is happening with. It allows you to put in specific responsive sizes - which means even though this is on an ipad - you can scale it to a desktop resolution or a phone - YES!Inline style adjustments!View the console, network... this has it all.You can put your inspector on the side or the bottom - I am just thrilled with this app.. thrilled!VERY HAPPY!SO if you are a web app developer who has been wanting to develop on your ipad on the go - this is a must-have option. Using this alongside a good editor like CODA (which has ssh, web dav, multiple site management etc) and design tools like photoshop for ipad - you can do it and leave your laptop at home.

Brian M G, Jul 11, 2020
This app is exactly what I have been looking for.

I will be giving a more thorough review at a later time but I wanted to immediately provide a comment here to express my views on this app.This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Needless to say, an iPad will not replace a laptop/desktop when it comes to web development but man does this app provide me the extra bit of convenience I need to view a page source, execute functions from within the console, and jam out a bit of css here and there on existing or new elements!There are times when I cannot be whipping out a laptop just to do these little bit of “testing and poking” and I have always been bummed that such an app like this did not exist (or so I thought).To the developer(s):Please implement a way for me to obtain a selector for a chosen element, similar to how in Google Chrome we can right click > copy > copy selector (or JavaScript path). Also, can you provide me a way to view the “Elements and console” in the same panel?Your app is already a 5 star app, I love it. If you could implement the above two things, then this would really be more than I could have hoped on an iPad (without using Jump, Chrome RDT, MS RDT to connect to my desktop).Thank you so much for coming up with this app. I do hope you find this review helpful.

Lottery lover, Jun 28, 2021
Essential tools for web dev on iPad, works

I have only been using this app a short time now, but I can say that it works as promised. Element Inspector? Check. HTML source? Check. JavaScript console? Check (no Debugger, though). Cookie/local storage browser? Check. Network trace? Check. All of these critical features seem to work, and are absolutely essential to portable delving. I can’t find anything else like it out there. Easily worth $7.That said, there are certainly some bugs and some missing features, and it does feel a bit “rough around the edges.” Honestly, I can’t complain, though. It aims to be a critical tool in my new ultra-portable setup moving forward. I truly hope that the developers will continue to make releases for this app into the future. Thanks!

mattrabe, Dec 27, 2020
This app is game-changing

I’ve been doing personal web development via a remote server from my iPad (almost exclusively) for a year now. This app is a game changer for me. Specifically being able to modify and adjust CSS like in a desktop web inspector, as well as easily modifying the DOM. Sounds simple coming from desktop web development world, but I haven’t found another app that does this.I would highly suggest spreading the word so that this app can continue to get attention and polish. The other web-dev apps I used were so-so and lost a lot of attention over time, and this app is already great so I hope the developer runs with it!

michaelnovati, Mar 29, 2018
Necessary for Web dev on an iPad.

I travel frequently for work and sometimes I just don’t want to bring my laptop. My iPad Pro allows me to do some programming without my laptop and a large part of that is due to this app. Now the app is nowhere close to having the functionality of chrome but a large portion of that is due to the limitations of iOS. I am confident they will continue to refine this app and it was worth the $.

Rmckays, Jun 26, 2019
Puts the Pro in iPad Pro

This is an indispensable app for web development using the iPad. There are a handful of developers who care about power users on the iPad, and the developer of Inspect Browser is one of them.I love the developer features and how much is revealed in them. It’s very close to desktop level browser developer tools. I can’t imagine there’s a ton of money in developer focused iPadOS apps, but I hope it’s worth the time and effort of ongoing development. Losing this one would really hurt.I have two improvement requests: 1) I wish the console pane would show errors like resources not loading, etc, which it doesn’t seem to, and 2) I would like to see file sizes in either network or resources or both. Recently I was doing image optimization and I needed to be able to see which size images the browser was pulling down and how many kb those were.

scottaw66, Dec 09, 2021

Based on my first 10 minutes, color me impressed. As a front end developer who spends a great deal of time debugging in Chrome & Firefox web inspectors, I found it intuitive and useful. Was able to successfully run a simple jQuery method in the console and toggle CSS attributes exactly like in a desktop browser.Some less than intuitive behaviors I observed: unexpected pinch-to-zoom action (the whole viewport frame would shrink rather than just the page), couldn’t scroll the page in Inspect mode, and there was some Line 0 script errors w/o details. Any of these could be due to my lack of experience with the app but they seemed like they could be more obvious, if so.Regardless, I consider it worth the cost as a quick and easy way to do some debugging on iOS (I tried it on iPhone Xs, which made everything crowded, but entirely useful in a pinch.)

settsu, Dec 24, 2018
Self signed cert issues

I am developing my website locally with a self signed cert. This is common practice. However the app returns "Error An SSL error has occurred and a secure connection to the server cannot be made." Even after turning off the "Validate SSL Certificates" option. Oddly enough, it did allow the page to load the first time I toggled the option off, then after closing it and reopening in a new tab it will no longer allow the exception. This is a major blocker for me, I simply can't use the app without being able to develop locally over https. Also, the site is working in Safari so I know it's not an issue with my site. I would like to hear back from the developer on this. Please advise.

timb2021, Feb 06, 2020

I sit at work all day debugging on 3 large screen monitors. I chuckled a bit when I first saw this app but seriously, WOW! The mere fact that I can’t inspect a nodes box model, change some css properties, sort/analyze network requests, view/edit local/session storage is pretty ridiculous for a phone app. These guys did a phenomenal job incorporating webkits’ debugging capability’s into a small screen. Although I laugh at the idea of actually using this on my iPhone, I could see it being actually useful for those on an iPad. That being said, actual developers probably don’t own iPads but rather surfaces or chrome books because Apple won’t expose runtimes or compilers on their mobile or tablet devices... hence why you can’t set breakpoints in scripts in this app.Some of the panels & windows can be a little finicky operating but considering the capabilities of this app I’d find it hard to believe anyone could do it better. A nice feature would be a json/js beautifier when viewing in sources tab. Keeping in mind that the compiler is off limits, I would think it’s definitely possible to run scripts through a static syntax highlighter for easy viewing.

TLehman111, Jul 25, 2019


Web development tools for iOS. Inspect is a web inspector for iOS that provides desktop-class developer tools, right in the app. No need for remote debugging, connecting to a desktop, proxies, or remote systems.

Included are: - JavaScript console. - HTML element inspection and editing (with live preview). - CSS inspection and editing (with live preview). - View element details: CSS rules, JavaScript properties, dimension statistics, and more. - Open files and folders from other apps (like Working Copy), or from iCloud to test locally. - Network panel, displaying page headers and XHR requests. - Responsive design tools: View your site with a variety of mobile and desktop sizes and orientations, including support for custom sizes and user agents. - Cookies, local storage, and session storage inspector and editor. - Resource graph. - View raw page source. - Control over browser operation: disable JavaScript, cache, and clear cache and cookies to test various operations and states. - Save a screenshot of your site, including the ability to save the full page.

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