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User Reviews for Image Straightener

Very efficient in what it is meant to do.

This app is a no-frills, no-nonsense straightener. The only reason why it hasn't lasted long in my collection is that I have an obscene amount of editing apps, and many of them do this as well. If you do not however, I'd highly recommend it!

Deeashley, Jun 27, 2013
Does exactly what I need

Best parts: 1. super granularity — tap the left/right buttons to rotate by a 10th of a percent. 2. Speed — saves images hella quick!

drew_beck, Jul 06, 2012
Worthy Addition To Any Homepage

User-friendly interface, smooth operation, universal app. It makes me want to check out more from this developer!

K'Shanti, Nov 23, 2011
Huge disappointment with new update.

My biggest complaint is that this app seems to be stripping my images of their metadata. Not good! Second, please let me make more gridlines. I loved being able to put the line of whatever I'm trying to get straight right on any gridline. Not I can't do that. Also, the app should open in a camera roll screen or make it more apparent of what to do right when the app opens. I always wait a couple of seconds waiting for something to come up saying something like "camera or camera roll".

mattydee217, Nov 29, 2013
Simple but Necessary!

Quite simple app and very helpful to the photo edit. I found there is little app had such function. So I think it is quite useful and worthy being installed!

MOKAHY, Feb 11, 2012
Please bring back incremental values

This is one of my favorite apps that I recommend to all photographers, but the new update removed the incremental values (.1, .2, etc.) that used to show up when you tapped to straighten. That feedback is hugely important to users. Can you bring it back, please?

PPKPPK, Nov 15, 2013
Exactly what I was looking for

Excellent photo straightening app. Multiple very good controls including slider and micro fine tuning - both which apple's native photo editing app desperately need. Adjustable grid size is very helpful.

rockwallCO, Jun 21, 2012
One Trick Pony

Image Straightener only does one thing, but it does it quite well.

Russell W, Dec 03, 2013
The native photos DOES THIS BETTER in iOS5

When you're viewing a photo in the native Photos app, click Edit (top right), then click the crop icon. With 2 fingers you can turn and rotate and straighten the photo. It's the same (but better) thing as this app.

Seneschal, Nov 12, 2011
Does NOT straighten Video files!

Do not buy if you're looking for an app to straighten Video files!

tcphoto666, Jan 23, 2018


A minimalistic app to quickly fix the horizon on your pictures. This app only does one thing, but it does it very well.

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