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iHTTP Browser Pro - 2x Speed

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iHTTP Browser Pro - 2x Speed

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Screen intrusive advertising, abnormal jump interception, so that browsing the web more at ease. Can set as default web browser *Browser with custom player* #Customized player, support in page suspension and full screen, left and right sliding fast forward / backward #The player supports dragging and moving position #Audio file playback supported #Computer version web video can be played #Support kneading gesture to adjust video size #Play video at double speed #Support airplay and picture in picture playback #The player supports screenshots, recording and GIF export *Browser supporting sub windows* #Add secondary window page #The secondary window can be resized with maximum limit #When the keyboard pops up, the position of the auxiliary window is preferred. If it is the main window, you can click to close the auxiliary window #The auxiliary window supports general settings, and the tool menu still responds to the main window *Blocking ad blocking abnormal jump browser* #Shield intrusive advertising #Intercept abnormal jump #Generate the report of shielding and intercepting data within one week #Support the creation, sharing and import of shielding rules *Browser supporting dark mode* #Support setting dark mode #The following iOS13 can also be set #Web content can follow dark mode *Browser with privacy mode* #Enable privacy mode, traceless browsing #Do not save user information, browsing records, cache and cookies #Enter the background to add a cover to fully protect privacy *JavaScript enabled browsers* #Support for custom JavaScript and add extensions #Support extension sharing and import #Extended files are encrypted #Extension code display line number #Extended functions customize keyboard shortcuts for easy editing #The extension supports outputting syntax error information *Browser with developer mode* #You can view the web source file and style, format and highlight for easy reading #Provide vconsole support - vconsole, standard JavaScript console, page elements, network requests, local cache all in one #Debugging with JavaScript extension *RSS enabled browser* #Subscriptions are stored in the web collection for easy access #The web page supports RSS and atom subscription to add events, or directly through URL subscription #More accurate, efficient and extensive resources *Comprehensive browser* #The compressed file supports decompression in the application #Reading mode to the core #View in batch mode #Refresh regularly, the screen is always on #Access to PC version web page can be set #Full screen mode, full screen, no occlusion #Keyword search in web page #Modify font and text alignment in web pages #Generate webpage screenshot, support long screenshot *A browser that listens to users' opinions and keeps improving* #Feedback of useful opinions and problems to improve product quality #Design and improve products from the perspective of users #No push, no advertising, no additional information flow ********************************* Current open scheme startup mode ihttpbrowserpro:// Adding a URL parameter opens the corresponding address *********************************