Icon If only I could go home early

If only I could go home early

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If only I could go home early

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顺平 汪
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User Reviews for If only I could go home early

States that its in english but isnt

Very frustrating

concernedmum2629, Jul 20, 2021

I have been stuck on level 3 (5 mins into the game) for hours, I finally looked up the walkthrough just to realize the game is not registering my clicks properly, making the level unsolvable. I’m unable to progress until this issue gets resolved.

Dukxud, Jan 28, 2018
Maybe I’m just dense

(Update) I’m playing the game on a 12.9 iPad Pro with the latest iOS. I just tried it on my iPhone 6S, same iOS, and it worked. I could pick up everything I needed to and quickly beat the 6th level. I guess it’s not compatible with my iPad. Hopefully there will be an update, because I hate gaming on my phone.—-I enjoyed the first 5 levels. But on the 6th level, nothing I’m doing is working. I can’t pick up the glass from the table. In the kitchen I can interact with the juicer and the fridge, but nothing else. I open the bottom fridge door and can see a lemon that I’m guessing needs to go in the juicer, but I can’t pick it up. When I try, I stoop and scoop at the floor but get nothing. If I try a bit higher, I close the fridge door.All I can seem to do is pet the cat, and much like in real life that’s not getting me anywhere.I’ll work at it again later, but the user interface is starting to get annoying.

Pendemonium, Apr 06, 2018
Glitches with I-pad.

This game did not work well on my I-pad. I had to look up some walkthroughs on several levels because I just couldn’t get it, only to find that I had already tried the solution, I just didn’t move the item or tap in the exact spot. Not really worth the time and money with the poor translation to English. Some graphics were not even legible.

SaraJoyBailey, Jun 15, 2019

Fun game, some levels there’s no explanation on what needs to be done. The calendar level being the one I’m currently stuck on. Other than that it’s entertaining and makes you think!!

Srscc72, Jan 21, 2018

I’m really enjoying this game the levels are increasingly harder and really make you think.

Word mustard, Jan 28, 2018
Do NOT purchase, something is very wrong!

I purchased this game on 07/06/21 & it is not in English even though it states that it is!

🦗⏰🎯, Jul 06, 2021


“If only I could go home early” is a pixel wind adventure puzzle game. It’s about a young man who is a workaholic and does not spend time with his wife. As a result, his wife launched a retaliation against him, playing dead.

The player must unlock the puzzle designed by the wife who is a SOHO novelist in every level. Otherwise, the game is over. The posture of dead body, the painting on the wall, and so on, everything in the house may be the key to unlock the puzzles. The biggest secret of the wife is waiting to be lift the veil.

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