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User Reviews for IDW Digital Comics Experience

Needs work

I have one major complaint: one of my comics, Tangle and Whisper appears corrupted and mostly replaced with Sonic the Hedgehog: All or nothing. Only the last few pages of Tangle and Whisper are there after the All or nothing book ends.

Bronyguy759, Oct 08, 2021
Previous purchases vanished

This app is trash - I used to use the Transformers app & was forced onto this one. NONE of my previous purchases will restore - and I have gotten ZERO support from IDW - or from Apple for that matter. It’s like they don’t even care.

Cackschtool, Jun 19, 2022
Edited: No Change, Waste of an App

I’m very excited to have more IDW comics to read and new books to come out. I only have 2 complaints: I wish we could download books and I wish we could sort the books we have. I came from the TMNT app, where they sorted the books based on series, the hardest part of this app is finding what I’m looking for among all of my purchases. And the fact that I can’t read anything offline is pretty irritating as well. If the app doesn’t change then I will probably be done with IDW, I use the Viz Media app and that has been tremendously more user friendly.Edited:Haven’t had any updates in the past year, no new issues out for long time series in 10 months. Giving up on the app, not worth it.

don Remke, Oct 10, 2022
No support?

I’ve been trying to transfer my son’s purchases to the new app and nothing seems to work. We sent a message to their listed email account and it bounced as undeliverable. So the transfer doesn’t work and you can’t reach them for support!? Very disappointed and that leaves us out of pocket $ for a handful of purchases. Very poor customer experience.

Driver1969, May 26, 2021
Needs organization for purchased comics and a better reader

The reader is absolute garbage. There’s two views, all the way out to full page or halfway zoomed onto the page. Give us a variable zoom, so that the whole thing can fit on the screen and I can actually read it. Also impossible to find what I’m looking for through my purchases. Come on, I know that this app was a desperate last minute thing but holy is it not good. I can’t even turn the page on landscape mode without half the page being up above my screen.

IcEmAN223, Aug 01, 2021
Crummy app

Difficult to transfer my comic books over to this new app. For whatever reason, after restarting the app, restarting my phone, I cannot purchase new apps. The User Interface is difficult to navigate and the app takes a long time to load.

Jjmanofcoolness, Jun 15, 2021
Never mess with the comic book reading experience IDW.

The pages in the books that I read have a hard time loading, I have a difficult time just trying to touch the help button for hopefully a better reading experience, but unfortunately, it’s just instructions on how to navigate through pages and zoom in and out. The pages should all be instantly loaded up and ready to read, but IDW just decided to make it a chore just to read one book. That is just sad and pathetic. If it weren’t for the fact that all the comic books apps like TMNT, Transformers, and Star Trek found their new home, or as I call it their new Alcatraz, I wouldn’t come to this app. The fact is if you can’t make the IDW app good, then you shouldn’t be messing with the comic book reading experience.

Luke Gibbs, Jul 17, 2021

Upgraded to new app despite following all directions LOST ALL PURCHASES! Have tried to get response from support. They send you to a site Survey Monkey who will not let you input unless you hand off all your rights to personal info and tracking by accepting their cookies. THEY WILL NEVER RESPOND. Almost 3 weeks. FRAUD ALERT😡

Moonlight & Magnolias, Aug 28, 2022
Cant log in

I have been trying to log in to the app and the main site. Every time i get a prompt to change password so i follow and it changes nothing. I have emailed for help and have heard nothing back. The faq link is broken. It has been months and I've sent multiple requests for help to idw. So dont expect any help from them if you are haveing problems.

Oef92, Jan 14, 2022
Don’t make the app different unless you can make it better.

[Context: The dedicated MLP Comics app has been discontinued. Users are forced to migrate to this conglomerate app with multiple series from IDW. It appears the makers of the old app did not work on this one] My 50 or so MLP comics are no longer sorted into folders/sub-series.🤦‍♂️ The books are not even chronological or sorted in any obvious way. It’s absurd that a persistent internet connection is required, where in the old app you could download for offline reading. Actual page turning is super janky and doesn’t support landscape orientation on iPad Pro. The UI just looks pretty bad on the large iPad Pro btw. (Why is there even an option to delete your entire account & all history of purchases right there in the sidebar? Some kid is going to hit that accidentally). Furthermore, I did not ask for junk from your other IP’s/series to be added in to my library(Star Trek, Sonic the Hedgehog). I’m only interested in My Little Pony. Thanks. If the page turning mechanics don’t get better, I will re-purchase my full collection directly from the publishers website as EPUB files- and load them into Apple Books. I have already done this for a few. Don’t know why the official app doesn’t offer EPUB. I can also load EPUB’s on to my eReader. I don’t mind the loss of color.

Sbmluver, Jun 19, 2021


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