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User Reviews for ICRSS PRO


I have had this system for about 2 years now. While it’s good for viewing live, I can not get it to let me view recorded footage. Mine works well in the sense, I open the app and press one button to see all of my cameras. I like that aspect. However it’s useless when I can’t view recorded stuff. My alarm installer raced about ICrealtime and I paid a premium for their hardware as they recommended. Only to find out it is the same rebranded stuff everyone else sells for significantly less. Glad I’m selling my house and leaving this crap behind. Then I can get a better system.

Duramax, Jan 29, 2018
Works Great!

This app works great and as promised. I used the free version and the upgrade is worth the enhancements. *** Regarding the comments that the app doesn’t support playback, for others to assess the value of such comments, we need to know that the individual upgraded their OUTGOING Internet access to handle the video feed their cameras produce. Most households have a minimal outgoing Internet that’s insufficient for even one active camera. It would take forever to upload its output so that your mobile device can see it. It’s my guess that this is the real reason why those who are complaining about the app are unhappy. Low Internet uplink speed is not the app’s fault... Secondly, why would you want to access your video recordings from a mobile device? That jeopardizes them. You should do that via a direct computer link in your home: that gives the highest speed access, best control, and nobody can hack in.

EThunderbird, May 19, 2018
Fails when needed most

My local AV guy installed this system touting his high end pricing as high end equipment. To date, the system fails me and even when he is here to assist, he has to call the IC tech help to troubleshoot or reset. Here it is at 1:22 AM and the cameras won’t come on line though all of my house systems and Wi-Fi systems are green and functioning well. IC system continues to disappoint to include the latest version. Trying to find a better more reliable system to support my security network. Sorry, but really tired of the failing reliability.

failed company, Jun 19, 2020
Can’t see font in time picker anymore

In an update a month or so ago you can no longer see the font when selecting a time for video playback. It’s a gray background with gray font. I use dark mode, I’m guessing they didn’t test this with dark mode. No way to submit bugs or feedback in the app that I could find. This makes the app almost useless for me.

jdboise1234, Apr 14, 2021
Still does not work we with iPad Pro

Hopefully the crashes are fixed. Still though you can only see a quarter of a camera screen with an iPad Pro. Each camera is 1/4 it’s as if you zoomed in but are unable to zoom out or pan.

johnnycool, Mar 12, 2021
Absolute Garbage!

I share the disappointment in this system. It’s unreliable at best and infuriating the rest of the time. Like the other reviews, the tech that comes always has to call IC to have them solve it. Every update has rendered a call to the installer because nothing works after the updates! This was. 20k system not worth the contract I signed for installation! I am looking into a new system. You’ve had enough time to get it together, bye bye!

Milesnmilesaway, Oct 14, 2020
The company itself is so bad with their service.....

They have major hold times for their support help. Once you get on if you are missing anything you have to call again. I had to redo my entire camera security system due to their inferior quality of equipment. I even spent over 8k on their recommended equipment. I had also spent $30 on their pro app for iOS device and now I want a refund for it.

Sonny A., Nov 01, 2018

I can view my cameras as well as recorded data from my phone unlike the other user probably didn’t take the time to learn the inns and out of the app. If you’re going to use this be sure you know how to use it!

Sweet as 124, Feb 12, 2018
Use this app all the time

I use this app daily and it works great. Took a bit to learn how to use it, but once I did I love all I can do.

The_Dude : ), May 10, 2020
Avoid this system

We have had this system for many years and would not recommend this for anyone. Horrible interface and even worse app. You can’t scrub your security feeds in a reasonable time. When you do try and jump to a certain point in play back. It keeps jumping back to where it started. The only way to really try and find a certain point or event is to forward videos by 8X. The app only works half the time and super clunky. I have 1Gbit speed internet so I know it’s not connection speed that’s the issue. Avoid this app and entire security system.

Ton3y, Apr 06, 2021


Access and control DVR, NVRs and IP Cameras directly from your iPhone, iPad, and iTouch. Watch and listen to your live surveillance video streams - fast and simple. Features - Compatible with the iPhone, iPad and iTouch devices! - Stream live video directly from your security devices (not through 3rd party servers) - Remain secured with username/password authentication - Full control of PTZ cameras - Take snapshots of live streaming video - Landscape and portrait mode - Support of ICRealtime’s full range of offerings - Support multi-window view - Support live audio - Support bidirectional talk - Support favorites - Support remote playback - Support push alarm - And much, much more!

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