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Joe Graf
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User Reviews for iCatcher! Podcast Player

Good, but buggy

This app does everything I need out of a podcast app and reliably transfers episodes to my watch better than any other app I've tried. Unfortunately, play/pause interactions on the watch are beyond frustrating. When pressing play either the time will advance without audio, audio will play but it'll be rewound to some other point, or nothing happens at all. Pausing with my headphones guaranteea that the app will rewind when I hit play and if I'm unlucky the audio will glitch and repeat a sound indefinitely. The only way to stop it is to open the app on my watch and press play. Headphone button is non functional when this happens.Suddenly today: episodes won't transfer to the watch. Going to settings >apple watch within the ios app acted as a dashboard to monitor my transfers and now that section is missing from settings as well.This app would be my gold standard for a podcast app if it worked smoothly. Great work, but it needs to be ironed out. The play/pause bug in particular is disruptive because I listen. To podcasts at work and I can't pause with my headphones as someone walks up to me or else I'll have to find my place again.Edit: transfers to Apple watch are working again and the apple watch section is available in settings. There wasn't an update but I'm glad it works again.

antnich2, Aug 28, 2020
Still My Favorite

Been around the block looking high and low for the best podcast player/manager. Tried literally over 15 different apps searching for the one that was the most stable, had the most relevant features but also was voiceover compatible (need this feature because of my blindness). iCatcher! is THAT app, you know the one, the one you miss instantly once you start using a competing app. The new app you’re trying out feels like you’re walking in mud. And then you come back to this app and the ease, multiple features and the familiarity make listening to podcasts enjoyable again. The only thing I could ask for would be a voice booster feature to be added but even without it this is by far and away the absolute best podcast player/manager out there today. Just try it, you’ll definitely like it.

big blind jon, Nov 27, 2020
Lots of features. Complicated UI

iCatcher is packed full of features. More features than I’ve found in any other podcast player, which is great. But as a result, the UI and settings are pretty complicated and sometimes difficult to figure out. Some things could easily be improved, such as allowing us to set podcast priorities using simple drag-and-drop, rather than painstakingly going to each podcast’s settings and tapping the up/down arrows a million times. And it requires like 5 steps to re-download and re-play an episode that I previously listened to. That should be a single-tap thing. Other parts of the app are just a bit outdated and reflect how old the app is. For example, iCatcher came out before iOS had emojis, so it has a small set of a few dozen icons that you can select for playlists. A more modern app would let you choose an emoji instead, which is both easier and has many more options to choose from.

BigstickCarpet, Jun 29, 2020
Amazing podcast app

I've been using this app for many years, and it is by far the best podcast app out there. It has tons of features and configuration options. Support of the app is also great and not only for reporting issues, but also feature requests. I recommend this app to anyone who wants a great app for podcasts. UPDATE:this app just keeps getting better and better with each frequent update! 5 stars!! UPDATE UPDATE: Loving the new night time mode. Great app. I recommend it for your podcasts. UPDATE: it’s a bunch of years later, and this is still the BEST podcast app out there. Always getting updates and added features (some feel like Easter eggs. Lol). Amazing app and a must have.UPDATE: just had to use the feature where there is a playable audio file on a webpage, copy the link and then import it. Works like a charm. Very useful feature. Love this app and have had it since almost day one of it being on the App Store!

DeVoiD, Sep 30, 2021
Where have you been all my life?

I finally get fed up with my previous podcast app of choice, which shares the name with a term your weatherman may use to describe a cloudy day. That dev decided to make the watch app standalone, which broke the formerly-reliable sync from iPhones. After a couple weeks of frustration—going on a walk thinking I had my watch loaded up with podcasts—only to find that none of them were there...So after poking around reddit, I saw some recommendations for this app. For only $2.99, it seemed like a no brainer risk (although a free trial with limited functions would have been better). I imported my OPML...and HOLY SETTINGS LIST BATMAN. At first it was overwhelming. So I sent up some playlists, sent some podcasts to my watch (which WORKED) and then went on with my day. But then after a few days, I took the time to dive into the settings....and 20 minutes later, I now have a podcast app that works exactly the way I want. There’s features and settings I didn’t even know I wanted (like badge notifications for active playlist), but now after just a few days, I can’t live without. Especially the playlist management and granular download controlsThis is getting long for an app review, so my TL;DR - if you want a true power user podcast app with granular controls over almost every aspect, AND a reliable Apple Watch sync, this is the app for you. For less than a cup of coffee.I hope the dev has a Mac app up his sleeve too...

ericg83, May 25, 2020
Great playlist features

I went through a ton of podcast apps trying to find one with the playlist features I needed, until I found this one and decided to take a chance on it. Key playlist features (for me):Ability to make static playlists of episodes where the episodes remain on the playlist even after they are played.Ability to create a playlist that filters by keyword, for example to have all episodes of a podcast with a certain word in the title. This one is extremely useful, especially for the actual play podcasts I listen to that can have multiple campaigns running simultaneously in the same feed. The only improvement here I can think of is slightly more advanced filtering, currently you can have multiple keywords to create an OR filter, the option to create an AND filter or exclude episodes from the playlist by keyword would be nice, but what this has is already something that’s made creating the playlists so much easier. You can also select individual episodes to include or exclude for cases your filter doesn’t quite handle right. The only feature I’d like that’s missing is the ability to have the display order be newest first but the play order be oldest first, however the playlist feature have made this much less necessary for me.

Fuzztip, Mar 28, 2019
Best app for serious podcast listener

I came to the app store searching for a replacement for my old podcatcher. They decided to “upgrade” and get rid of many of the tools that allowed listeners to control the settings for individual podcasts...but I loved those tools and enjoyed having that level of control / customization. This catcher caught my eye because it said I could make playlists and many pod catchers don’t allow you to easily do that, so I figured I would give it a try. Turns out this catcher was exactly what I was looking for! It’s true, you can adjust just about everything in this catcher, including somethings you didn’t know were adjustable. It’s fine for a novice or someone who doesn’t listen to a lot of podcasts, it’s easy enough to use and you can leave all the settings at their default so you can simply add podcasts and press play...BUT, if you listen to a lot of podcasts, want to make playlist with episodes from all different shows or are a control freak (jk, but not really) THIS IS FOR YOU!! If you’re here because your old podcatcher no longer does “XYZ” - get this! This catcher does the whole alphabet!

icantthikofanything, May 27, 2020
Made well & kept simple!

I did a lot of research into my new podcast player and gave iCatcher a chance in 2018…. I’m still here! Why? Quite simply the developer still manages it (glitches are fixed quickly!), they do NOTHING with your data and it’s made for the podcast listener who wants it’s simple, sleek and functional! There’s a few features I love like the gestures, how you can customize just about everything (getting as in the weeds as you wish), ability to download and add to a playlist, switching back and forth between streaming/downloading and they support private podcasts! If you’re in the US and you vehicles made by Honda/Toyota- this is for you!! It’s solid, dependable and has stealthily and slick features that enhance the experience. Again you can get as into the details of how this app works as you wish. Give it a try- you won’t be sorry!

Jonesy66789, Apr 07, 2022
Excellent, Usable, Tweakable

I’ve been using iCatcher for a few years now and nothing else compares. If you listen to podcasts at home, while driving, while on construction sites, while wearing gloves, while at a desk, with full attention and peripherally, this is the tool that lets you use deep tweaks and on-the-fly nudges to make playing podcasts an addition to your day rather than a distraction. Leave all the default settings and it's as good as any other player. When the major irritations of podcast apps are too much and you have a few minutes, poke around the settings and tweak them away: Oh! I can have podcasts sorted, sure, but tell it to nudge this one a little higher so it floats to the top. Oh! Delete after listening, but wait an hour first so if I was distracted I can go back. Notifications, or not. Always skip the last thirty seconds of this one, the first ten of that one. In-app descriptions of the rich configuration choices are concise and helpful. Joy. I feel a need to list a complaint, just to make this review believable. Okay: I have had the app crash, maybe once a week. But, testament to its fundamental stability, I just open it again and there's no data lost, it's good too go: fails gracefully when it fails. Five stars, happy to keep using, you ought to use it too.

Krimpman, Mar 29, 2020
Best Podcast App

I love this podcast app. Way better than the apple built one. It has so many features and the developer has made it so stable over the years. He also updates as soon as there is a new os and new screen size. When I got my iPhone X, lots of high profile apps took forever to update for the screen but this app was updated before I even got the phone in. One thing I appreciate is that the app developer so far doesn’t limit what podcasts you can find and subscribe to. I find it kind of ridiculous that Apple can “delist” podcasts from their app. A podcast is just an RSS feed, a URL basically. The podcast app is a specialized web browser for finding and subscribing to RSS feeds. I wonder if Apple is planning to make changes to Safari so that it can’t go to certain websites. I don’t need Apple to tell me what content to listen to. Hopefully Joe agrees with this and keeps his app open and honest. Thank you sir for making such a great product.

shizzaq, Mar 30, 2019


Download, listen, watch and enjoy your favorite podcasts. FEATURES • Subscribe to your favorite podcasts in the app and manage them in the app • Download episodes over WiFi or Cellular (on devices that have cellular). • Support for Password Protected feeds • Background Refresh • Download in the background • Sync subscriptions, episode playback positions and playlists between your devices with iCloud • Universal App (iPhone/iPad) • Search in all views to find that podcast or episode you are looking for • Custom playlists with filtering options by podcast, episodes and more. • Support for continuous playback (toggle it on now playing screen just below time elapsed). • All device orientations supported with configurable option in the settings • You can unsubscribe to podcasts and still have them on your device. Use that for those less than stellar podcasts!

PLAYBACK • Variable playback speed • Playback speed remembered per podcast • Support for podcasts with chapters and chapter images (MP3 and M4A) • Use your headset controls including Bluetooth car controls (when paired) to play/pause, jump forward or back 30 seconds • Sleep timer • Beautifully rendered show notes • Onscreen controls for skipping ahead and skipping back • Gesture Support on the now playing screen (when the podcast logo is showing) to aid in hands free use • Double-tap to play/pause • Swipe up to toggle playback speed • Swipe left/right to rewind/fast-forward • Home of the L gesture for the 2 minute Leo jump. • See Settings and Gestures for more and for customizing rewind/fast-forward gestures • Support for AirPlay, watch or listen to those podcasts on your big screen • Support for external display of videos for devices that support an external display (get the Apple HDMI adapter) • Watch or listen to your favorite podcasts with a familiar layout FIND NEW PODCASTS QUICK • Find your podcasts by title, keyword or by author • Browse the top podcasts by category • Manually add podcasts with a URL • Support for Password Protected feeds • Option to download a single episode • Browse the web in the app to find podcasts to add. Browser will prompt if you tap a link that is podcast feed. • Import Podcast subscriptions for episodes that are already in your device from iTunes • Import your OPML file from iTunes or other iOS podcast app • Import media by using iTunes File Sharing feature • Add your existing audiobooks (non-password protected ones) using iTunes File Sharing feature • Add previously downloaded podcasts from your computer using iTunes file sharing feature (see settings and import media for details). MORE • Completely customizable to meet your podcasts needs. • Swipe across a podcast or episode to access additional options • Podcast settings allow you to set the days the podcast typically comes out or the number of days between. • Specify the number of episodes to download when new ones are available • Share the podcast information via email with your friends CONTACT Email: tap Help tab and tap Email Support Twitter: @Joeisanerd PLEASE NOTE: The app does NOT sync with iTunes. Like other podcast apps it is standalone app meant to subscribe and download on the device. * If a feed doesn't work, then let me know so I can take a look at it Requires iOS 14.2 or higher.

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