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Straight Shot Solutions, Inc.
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User Reviews for iCapture PowerScan

Easy to gather data

I'm using the power scanned version, with my questions that the data gathering is very straightforward. One gripe is that to enter pictures you have to use the camera and cannot use pictures you already have stored in your library. Hopefully the techies will work that bug out.

DLseal, Feb 05, 2016
Very Buggy and Unreliable

We used this app during a recent trade show and it failed more often than it worked. It was often hard to navigate to the appropriate area to scan badges in the moment, and sometimes the button to initiate the camera for scanning would simply not work for no apparent reason. But the all-time worst issue was that many times the app would show an eternal “uploading captures” loading icon that would never finish. This meant that any scans pending upload weren’t available and when we would ultimately delete and re-install the app to resolve the issue (the only “effective” workaround) we would lose any leads that hasn’t been uploaded. In the end, we only got data for approximately one-third of the scans we captured, and that’s not including the visitors whose badges we couldn’t even scan because the scan button wouldn’t work or when the loading icon wouldn’t go away so we could perform scans. I would highly suggest avoiding this app unless significant improvements are made.

formerlysojeff, Sep 20, 2019
Error message that I don’t have an internet connection prevents me from entering validation code

Tried twice and even after deleting app and reinstalling it doesn’t work...sorry but 2 strikes and your out in this league.

MrBoobs1, Mar 05, 2018
Close more deals from trade shows

Plain and simple if you are looking for a tool to accelerate leads you gather at trade shows to the finish line faster - then you need iCapture!Being able to seamlessly integrate leads in real-time into Salesforce and segment our leads has made a huge improvement from renting lead scanners at the show.

nick6777, Oct 31, 2018
Practically worthless

Installed on two different devices. Two of my colleagues also installed on their devices. Can't get either one to scan a business card. had to manually input all info which took hours. Requested my company never use this app and find something else that works properly.

NotDoingThisAgainISaid, Nov 01, 2018
Speeds up follow up

We just used the app at a large show and it works great scanning Badges. We’ve also used the scan biz card functionality at smaller shows. The integration with Marketo greatly simplifies our follow up after the shows. Once the data is in ICapture it passes to Marketo and voila your ready to follow up with marketing or a sales call.

processchick, Oct 10, 2018
App settings do not function correctly

I've tried to hide the menu button and it continues to show up. After someone submits an email I get a pop up saying I can upgrade even though I have.

Stone Cold Pimp, Apr 25, 2017
Very easy to use

App works well on all of our apple phones and android devices. Captures data quickly and syncs with our CRM.

tradeshow guru, Mar 01, 2022
Speeds Up Lead Taking

Taking leave the trade shows and events has never been easier. It’s great to see this data flow directly into our salesforce. Set up is super easy on the backend and follows a fairly simple process. So far I have few complaints and I’ve been using it for almost a year.

ZacAttack1, Oct 16, 2018


Looking to maximize your opportunities from trade shows and events? iCapture is the perfect solution to your lead capture needs. Ideal for trade shows, conferences, events or anywhere you need to be mobile...

an Internet Connection IS NOT REQUIRED! Discover how iCapture can turn your Mobile Device into a magnet for new leads, eliminate manual entry and automatically send those emails directly to your favorite Marketing Automation or CRM system with the touch of a button. PUT AUTOMATION TO WORK FOR YOU ** Scan Badges with Barcodes / QR Codes -- use the camera on your iPhone or iPad to instantly scan barcodes of all types ** Snap Photos of Business Cards -- capture a picture of a business card and you're done. ** Send Auto-Reply Emails -- say “Thank You” or automatically deliver requested documents / information. ** Sync to you Marketing Automation platform -- Marketo, HubSpot, Eloqua, Pardot, Act-On and more ** Sync to your CRM -- Salesforce.com, SugarCRM, Dynamics 365 and more. ** Sync to your Database -- MySQL, SQL Server ** Sync to your Email Provider -- Constant Contact, MailChimp, iContact, AWeber and more. NOTE: An iCapture subscription is required to utilize the functionality in this app.

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