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User Reviews for iAssociate 3

Huge disappointment!

I played iAssociate-1 over and over again until it disappeared. I have been playing iAssociate-2 since it came out, and it has been one of my favorite games. I’ve found that it provokes you to think and develop your word association. iAssociate-3 is a waste of time. It is unnecessarily complicated, and the fact that it gives you all the letters makes it little more than an unscramble game. Please, developers, consider prolonging the life of iAssociate-2 and offer more new levels. Even better would be some packages by topic matter that include several new puzzles on that subject matter. I would definitely pay a few dollars for the return and expansion of iAssociate-2.

acro47, Mar 17, 2022
Fun but buggy

I really have enjoyed playing this game, however I am experiencing a few bugs. While playing a puzzle if I decide to go back to the home screen, tap a notification or otherwise leave the gam, when I come back the game has zoomed in. I am unable to leave a level and can’t see full clues, sometimes the keyboard is cut off as well. I do find that the unlock times are very long, especially the 24 hours, and I only make enough keys at a time to unlock one level.Overall a super fun game to play after waiting a while, I just hope you guys can fix the zooming issues!

CreatedThoughts, Dec 11, 2018
Performance Issue

Not as good as the prior games, but was still enjoying it. I’ve hit the same issue twice now, though, where after a certain number of levels, the level menu stops loading properly. It looks like some sort of stack overflow or I sexy out of range issue. Either way, game is now unplayable. I uninstalled the first time only to discover I had to go back through all the levels again only to have it Bork again now. Is this app even still supported? They haven’t worked on it in 3 years, apparently?Big disappoint when I went to the publisher site and discovered they’re pushing NFTs, too.

Jaxxom87, Mar 23, 2022
Timers Ruin It

I love the actual gameplay, I’ve been playing since iAssociate 1, about 8ish years ago on my old iPhone 3G. But this one was a total bummer. The levels are pretty easy, I play and beat a level in 5 minutes, then have to wait 20m, 50m, 2 HOURS or more to play again. It totally killed the game. I would understand if the levels were hard but they’re not. They’re fun but not fun enough to want to wait or spend money to unlock the next level! At least give us subcategories to play while waiting. They’re trying to force you to spend real money on gems, and ruined the fun. I like the categories and the clues, but go back to it was in 1 or 2. Get rid of the timers!

JenniPoP, Feb 13, 2019
Great Game but Very Buggy

Overall this is a great game. I love the concept of it, and it’s a good challenge. However, there are bugs that need to be taken care of. I am currently inside of a level I have completed, but I have not been rewarded for completing the level. Also, I can’t get out of the level. I am stuck in it and can’t do anything. There is no option to get back to the menu or anything like that. I’d love to be able to continue in the game, but I’m still stuck in a level I’ve already completed.

Jr18487, Dec 19, 2018
No longer accessible with voiceover

When I first got my iPhone 5s in 2013, this was one of my favorite games, or rather, the previous version was. When I got my iPhone 13 a couple months ago, I associate two did not transfer over. I was not happy about that, but then a friend told me that this version existed. I am mediately downloaded it, but as soon as I opened it, I was disappointed to discover that this game is no longer accessible with voiceover screen reader built into all devices. The previous version was extremely accessible, and I spent a lot of time playing it. Now, I can't play this game at all, and that is very disappointing, because I can't fathom why all word games just can't be completely accessible out of the box. A shame that they had to take a perfectly wonderful game and ruined it in this way.

Mitmee_pie, Nov 30, 2021
A sequel of failure

Immediately upon starting the game it is nothing like the previous games. Level unlock timers are an unneeded extra that forces you to wait to play levels and takes a lot if the fun out of the game. In older game you would get excited by completing a level and that would carry you into the challenge of the next level. In this game however even completing words inside the levels now feels clunky and has so many extra hints that the game is not difficult at all compared to iAssociate 1 & 2. I was very excited to see a new iAssociate game on the app store but this falls far below even the original game in terms if its content. Overall the game is a disappointing dumb-down of previous games that has fallen into the pay to win idea going through the app store but has made itself so easy that you don't even to pay to win.

Socky78, Nov 30, 2018
Not as good as previous attempts

iAssociate2 was one of the stand out games back when the iPhone was getting its footing. It was an extremely challenging game at times even! I needed to use the hints from time to time. To this day I can still download that app from my purchased screen in the App Store however I can’t get new levels nor can I restore my old purchased levels. That’s fine, it’s a very old app and I’m glad I can still mess around with it if I want to. This new version, iAssociate 3 is the same concept but made SUPER easy so that anyone can get the answers with little effort. Instead of having the entire range of 26 letters, they’ve chosen here to give you a random pick of a handful of letters that you can choose from. Not all the letters will be used of course, but even then, it’s a terribly simplistic game now. I can rip through these levels so easily and they retire very little thinking, unlike the old version. It’s like playing you’re trying to play chess and they say just use the Checkers rules to play. It’s too easy. I ask the developers to return this game to its former glory and stop dumbing it down.

Tom Stitzer, Sep 06, 2021
Can’t play because board won’t complete

I am currently unable to play this game because, after completing a puzzle, the game did not recognize that it is complete, and will not go to the main menu. This is just stupid. I confirmed that all answers are populated, as well. Can you fix?Update.... since apparently you releasing one isn’t going to happen. I cannot access this game to play. I have posted the issue, along with hundreds of others, with no response. You app developer site doesn’t even list this game, and therefore, I cannot even request assistance from tech support.Update.... please ignore, as I have deleted the game

wutta, Mar 13, 2019
Size Issue

I am enjoying this game as I love anything that deals with word association, or learning the meanings of words. But the game, at least in my iPhone 6s Plus does not load the text type box correctly when trying to input an answer. It cuts off so i can’t read it and it won’t flip longways when I turn my phone sideways. There also doesn’t seem to be an option to get back to the main menu unless I’m not seeing it because of the screen issue. I don’t think I’ll be able to keep playing if I can’t read the clues, so if this is a known bug hopefully it will be fixed so I can up my review.

Zombieninja18, Dec 05, 2018


Fun mind-teasing puzzles Sharpen your vocabulary, stump your friends, and let your mind boggle with nonstop crossword puzzle action in the hottest, brain-tickling word game with a twist! iAssociate 3 is the latest installment in the highly-rated series of word association games. Your goal is simple: Guess the correct words from sets of scrambled letters.

Getting the right word unlocks more words that require figuring out. Some words give you the keys you need to unlock more levels. Is your word knowledge up to snuff? Deduce your answer by racking your brain for synonyms and associating nearby words. Figure out how seemingly random words are connected and keep on filling in the blanks until you complete each level! Feeling stuck? Can’t seem to guess that one word? Get a clue! You have a variety of tools at your disposal. Use them well. FEATURES: - TONS OF CUSTOMIZED THEMES! Various topics, such as memes, superhero names, international companies, popular soft drinks, pop icons, and more to unlock! - OVER 3000 PUZZLES! Enrich your vocabulary! - WARNING: HIGHLY ADDICTIVE! Be prepared to play this game for hours upon hours on end as this game is extremely habit-forming. - TACKLE the Daily Challenge for daily new content and FREE prizes! - A variety of helpful tools to make sure you’re never totally stuck! - FAMILY-FRIENDLY! Everyone can enjoy! - ACCESSIBLE! Difficulty settings tailored from BEGINNERS to EXPERTS

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