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Hyper: AI Companions & VTubers

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Hyper: AI Companions & VTubers

  • Social Networking
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Hyper Online, Inc.
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User Reviews for Hyper: AI Companions & VTubers

A bit buggy, but lots of potential!

From what I understand this app is still in beta and marketed as early access, so there’s tons of room for improvement and I won’t be too harsh. The customization options available to date are all very unique and fun, avatars and clothing are rendered nicely and the facial capture is very nice! However, the app does seem to struggle with glitches and crashes. The avatar/hand rigging often bugs out and body parts disappear at random. Emotes also seem to cause the game to crash and avatars to bug out at times. But once all these issues are addressed and resolved, you have yourself a very solid, vibrant and smooth app for those new to the vtuber scene! Very excited to see what’s in store.

BananananananaBread, Jun 10, 2022
can’t use app because of freezing and crashing

I opened the app for the first time and I was super excited! But it kept randomly freezing and crashing. It was laggy too. I would press one button and it would freeze and then I would have to close and reopen the application and it would repeat over and over again. It’s just this app because all my other apps work fine. I checked and my phone is compatible with the app and I have plenty of storage so idk why. The bug started getting so bad that I can’t even use the app and when I can use it it literally takes 5 minutes to load when I press one button. There’s also no instructions so I have no clue what to do. Plz fix this. I rlly want to use it but this stupid lag is making is impossible.

ghdhchucjdjhahfuc, Oct 31, 2022

I am so sick and tired of this app loading and freezing. I’ve went to Home Screen from the app then went back to the app to have it be refreshed, I’ve signed out of my Hyper account then log back in, I’ve reset my phone, I’ve erased data, I’ve offloaded the app and reinstalled the app, I’ve deleted it and downloaded it again, I’ve deleted my Hyper account and made a new one, I’ve restarted my phone, I’ve cleared out some data, and yet nothing seems to work! No matter how hard I’ve tried the app is still loading and freezing. I even wait for the app to finish loading and yet it is still freezing after a whole 1 hour, A WHOLE 1 HOUR AND YET NOTHING POPS UP!! This is the worst Ai app ever. And at the same time, I feel so bad for this app because this could have been one of the best AI apps out there but no, it isn’t and it is not functioning properly because whoever made this app doesn’t take responsibility on fixing errors and updating this app. Listen to your viewers and what they have to say in their reviews, don’t just ignore their advice. At this point, this app is not worth my time at all. Ya’ll developers better fix this 😡

J0$hy, Jul 23, 2023
Amazing app! I have a few suggestions tho-

This app is amazing! It has face tracking, video/photo maker, and more!, but, it won’t let me stream with the face tracking because I have a iPhone 7, so it’s hard to stream, but I have some suggestions, for videos add sounds! It’ll be better to have sounds, and, there should be full body tracking! So it tracks the full body when streaming outside, I suggest asking a full body filter TikTok maker how!

kaylee_bailey, Aug 06, 2022
Tried out this app!

Okay so I first tried out the app I’ve seen ads on it I wasn’t expecting it to be great so when I first downloaded it I was very surprised. The pros about this are the customization. Yes the customization could be better but it’s off to a great start! Secondly this is one of my most favorited thing about the whole entire app. The mouth tracking is so good and the reason why I think this is because your actually able to chew and do a lot more than what a normal 3D VTuber model would do. The only problem I really see is that with certain expressions, the teeth don’t really make sense. It just doesn’t look right for some reason but I think this can fixed in the future. I think this app is on a great start and can definitely improve!

KioMewMew, Aug 07, 2022
Im annoyed

I downloaded the app and logged in because I thought make a vtuber character would be cool. Someone named deita was in stream and I liked it a lot. I was bored so I went to see who was streaming just to find out I had been logged out. And it would let me back in. I hope I can get in before Saturday but you still might wanna get this fixed

love cat of life!!!!, Jun 30, 2022
Good app😍

I love this app so much and the problem is that we need more people to watch our live chats so yea inspire more people pls and I sall some one saying they needed a Email but you only do that if you want to because i didn’t put an email ony my phone number and I have an account and the good thing about this app is free unlike some other cool apps but this app is still 😎

Nicole:3 11111, May 29, 2022
Pretty amazed

This app blew my mind a few days ago. I had to figured things out though trial and error but the facial capture is very good. The hand capture is very buggy though. I’ve been experimenting with that some too. And I can put my own digital paintings as the background and put it behind the avatar which I really like for a personal touch the video. I haven’t seen many lives yet on here, but the coins are earned through tasks and others give you coins on live which is nice. So far great app.

NoodleTic3, Dec 04, 2022
Good app

It’s a good app I won’t lie about that it’s pretty fun, you can create your own avatar and watch peoples lives and even scroll to random videos if your bored, I’ll be honest it’s not as entertaining as TikTok so far for me but I’ve found it lots of fun still. The best part is it’s also perfect for people who aren’t comfortable with making videos while showing their faces because when you record or make videos it does if of the avatar not the person. Sure it’s not the best in the world but it’s still very entertaining and I like it, I think I’ll be spending a good amount if my time on it

pErS0n 987377, Jul 14, 2022
Not sure what I’m doing wrong....

So Not really sure what is going on with my app or version of the app but nothing I do seems to work, which is why I am giving it a two star. I have brand new IPad Pro does it only work on the iPhones or should it also work for the iPads? It’s super glitchy, the eyes are basically none existent and any time I try to update the wardrobe the whole avatar disappears and only see the current accessory that I tried to load float around. Making me restart the whole app to load the avatar. Lol I’ve updated and still nothing can I get some help? Otherwise the app it self looks super cool and I can’t wait to try it out once it actually works for me.

Psykozyz, Jul 22, 2022


Hyper is the ultimate app for building and sharing AI companions and characters. Create immersive storytelling bots, role-play characters, and motivational agents using Hyper's AI platform. Once you've chosen a personality, give them the perfect look with our avatar builder or bring your own file in the form of a VROID, VRM or Live2D model.

Hyper's avatar platform also supports VTubing. Build an avatar persona in our Avatar Builder and become a VTuber, or discover and meet other VTubers (avatar content creators). Use our studio to live-stream, shoot, and record as a VTuber right from your phone, or mirror to tools like OBS. With our advanced facial and hand motion capture technology, you can bring your virtual identity to life in any way you like - whether it's a cute, silly, or scary avatar. Plus, through OBS you can stream your output directly to your computer to use with Discord calls, Twitch streams, or Zoom meetings! If you already have your own VRoid 3D avatars, .VRM files, or Live2D avatars, those work great with Hyper too. Import the files and use them in our recording studio to create content for TikTok, Twitch, Twitter, or just to share with friends. Hyper is constantly evolving, and we're always improving our avatar technology and support for more devices. If you're looking for a specific feature or have any feedback for us, don't hesitate to reach out at [email protected]. For more information, please check out our Terms of Use at https://hyper.online/terms and our Privacy Policy at https://hyper.online/privacy

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