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Hot Topic—All Fandoms Welcome

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User Reviews for Hot Topic—All Fandoms Welcome

Best company

I’ve been shopping hottopic since my teens and now have a preteen that loves to shop here too! I’ve never had a bad experience with this company over the many years and I just have to give y’all a good review somewhere! Anytime I’ve contacted customer service they have been awesome and accommodating without fail! My packages arrive quickly, correctly and packaged well as not to break. The stores are always clean and the workers friendly - while still allowing you to shop without hassle. Y’all have awesome sales, reward program as well coupons galore with the orders! Top notch merchandise and random weird stuff I didn’t even know I needed 😂 consistently providing use nerds with a wide selection of tees and general merch that’s hard to find anywhere else without paying an arm and a leg! I just love this company 😅 thanks for always being amazing ❤️

birdvsworm, Dec 18, 2021
Very Good App, But…

This app is great, but it is not without sometimes having glitches or issues. Sometimes you’ll have items in your cart and when you delete one of the items, another item in your cart might disappear, too. That, or you’ll be looking at your cart, then go to search for another product or item on the website and when you come back to your cart, something else might be missing. It doesn’t happen all of the time, but it has happened to me many, many times. Another issue is trying to use PayPal to pay for the items in your cart. More often than not, the payment doesn’t go through or it doesn’t recognize anything to do with PayPal. Not always a bad thing as if you are able to purchase something (finally) using PayPal and you decide to return that or those items to a store, cash will NOT be returned to you. You’ll ONLY receive a Hot Topic Gift Card! Again, NO CASH RETURNED! So buyers beware!

chuckthefreek, Nov 14, 2021

I forgot to update this a while ago but after about a week they fixed the bug that I was dealing with and I now have no more problems with the app! The only “problem” that I can think of is that after purchasing any items, I have not receive any points. Honestly though, that doesn’t really bother me.OLD REVIEW:I’ve used this app for a while but it only started having problems with the newest update, which redesigned the look of the app. Now whenever I search things up, it only shows the top four results and the rest is blank Also, my entire wishlist has been deleted! Needs to be fixed right away.

Elizabeth PG, Apr 18, 2021

This app is amazing. It’s so convenient because I can always stay signed in instead of having to keep a tab open on the website. Not only that, but it’s more organized than the website. I was having issues with placing an order through the app. Every time I would click on the payment method and put in the cvv number, I got a pop up that said the payment couldn’t be completed.I always added whatever I wanted in my cart through the app and signed in on the website to pay, but this time around all I did was delete the payment method and reenter all the credit card info and I was able to place the order through the app.

Harleigh17, Apr 15, 2019
Hot Topic App Could Use Some Fixes

They need to improve / fix the navigation of the shopping experience. After clicking a specific item, there’s no way to go back to where you last left off; the back arrow is the only way to go back but that takes you all the way back to the beginning of your search. For example, I’m on page 14, and after clicking back, I have to start from the beginning and set all the filters all over.Also, I don’t even try to apply hot cash codes in the mobile app because the pricing is not reflected correctly after their application. I have to use a web browser to get the updated pricing.It’s pretty annoying, making it an unpleasant shopping experience. I personally use the app only to make quick searches. This only applies to the App, but Hot Topic overall is a pretty awesome store to shop at.

impaulster, Apr 27, 2020
Items Stuck in Processing Limbo

Much like a Hellmouth, black hole or an oubliette the Hot Topic and Box Lunch apps are stuck in a demonic limbo of uncertainty when it comes to the track of your orders. I have expressed my concerns with both never showing my items are shipped to customer service and it is really not a big deal to any or them as they know there is an issue. Sad part is now I have to call the stores or customer service to check on my purchases as if these companies are my child. Just found out my item is at the Hot Topic store AGAIN and never received a call or email. Oh and I know I will get the same response here from customer serve/the app developers to, “contact us so we can resolve this”. I think four years of my input is long enough and you still haven’t fixed the issues. On a positive note, they can take my credit card payment quicker than a New York minute, so your payment transactions are working perfectly.

iPhone Appaholic, Mar 01, 2020
The bugs just keep coming...

When this app first came out, I really loved it, but as time went on, things just kept glitching. The wish list started first; it wouldn’t show my list or would say my list was empty. Then it stopped showing all tracking of packages; says “processing” all the way up until after it’s delivered (or not delivered in some cases). Then today it logged me out (which the app never has done before), and when I tried to log in, it says my log in info is wrong, changed my password, still didn’t work, but when I tried the actual site, my log in worked. But then the site let me down because when I went to check out, it wanted me to reenter my card info (even though it was already saved on my account and was not expired), and in the time that elapsed for me to reenter my card info, the item I was trying purchase sold out. Not happy with HotTopic all around right now.

shortblondboy, Sep 30, 2020
Print On Demand Poor Layout

Any time I’m searching for products I want, I get so frustrated and annoyed at the number of print-on-demand listings. A new listing for the same design in every different color and style. They clog up the search results and there’s no way to filter them out without filtering out other clothing items that AREN’T POD. Either give the option to filter these out, or do what literally any other retailer does; add the color choices to ONE listing, and maybe even style choices. The idea is that they’re custom-made, right? So let the buyer choose their size, color, and style for that design under one listing rather than making a bunch of different listings for every variation. I hate using the app JUST BECAUSE OF THIS. A lot of the things I look for have very few search results, and it’s hard to look for anything new when all I see is POD listings. Please fix this.

Sonic_official, Mar 17, 2020
Great just have a suggestion!

I love the app and the line in general, it has a lot of things at I genuinely like and I buy when I have the money. The only thing is is having a wishlist. I enjoy the ability to save items there for when I have the money to buy, but what if you’re making a list for people to buy you for your birthday, or Christmas? You can’t actually distribute the list among people and causes a huge hassle. I suggest adding the ability to distribute it, and have people who view the list mark something as bought so there’s no duplicate gifts, you know what I mean? It would be a lot easier to use this way so I hope you take it into account :)

UnKnOwN😘😘😘, Jul 19, 2022
You’re better off with the desktop version

The biggest problem I have with this app is it doesn’t show all the products available on the desktop site, including presale and backorder items. I could’ve missed out on a lot of stuff had I not noticed. On the other hand, just like the desktop, a product could appear with availability and not actually have any. You wouldn’t know unless you get the message, “Product [X] is not available,” after trying to add the item into your cart.Also, when you want to go back to a previous page after viewing an item, you’ll always be taken back to the home page to start your filtering and scrolling all over again. So I end up just adding items of interest to my Wishlist and viewing them there.

채다예씨, Feb 13, 2021


Shop your favorite Hot Topic merch wherever you are with the revamped Hot Topic app! It's now easier than ever to browse our huge selection of officially licensed music and pop culture merch for all fandoms. Whether you want new tees or fresh hoodies, the latest fashion trends for guys, girls and plus sizes, band merch to turn up your look, anime styles you can wear head to toe, the coolest Funko drops and collectibles, home décor items, or mini backpacks and jewelry for your 'fit — we've got it.

You can even round up your purchases to the nearest dollar to benefit the Hot Topic Foundation, which increases access to mental health programs and music education. Download our NEW app to enjoy these improved and exclusive features: o Smoother navigation and enhanced search capabilities to easily browse Hot Topic apparel, accessories, collectibles and home décor. o Improved stability for seamless app experience. o Easily add must-have merch to your Wishlist. o Quickly find your nearest Hot Topic store for in-store shopping. o Use HT Reservations to book an in-store shopping reservation and skip the line. o Score the latest promotions, deals and discounts. o Keep track of your HT Guest List points and rewards. o Easily manage your account activity and info, and track your order status. o Quick access to customer service FAQs. We'd love to hear from you! Email your feedback about our app or any questions to [email protected].

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