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User Reviews for HorseWorld: Premium

Add this one horse

I love the game but could you add friesian's to the game I love them they are my fav type of horse could you please add them

1223351, Sep 03, 2018

The game is fantastic! Riding horses is amazing since I don’t get to do it in person! I do have some suggestions though.1) maybe make it to where you can enter the house and change your character up!2) please add competitions or/and quests, the game often gets a little boring doing the same thing over again.3) add more ways to make the horseshoes/coins, it’s really hard to gain new gear/tack for our horses

12ash43, Mar 12, 2019
I love horses I could change into different colors

So now and I also show jumping I wish i’m not give not being mean I love the game and I love horses I was there was more horses and I was actually hoping I was hoping there was going I also wish you could get enough horses to I like English better than western and I was there’s more English types i’m sorry if that sounds I just hope that any updates or come out there be a baby horse I wish there was a Lusitano and a half linger and a palomino Appaloosa blanket my favorite my favorite horse color is a white I really love horses I’m not being mean🦄🐴🐴🦄🦄🦄🐴. 🦄🦄🐴🦄🦄

Boogsmama2007, Mar 03, 2019
Good Game, But I Have Suggestions!

1. Playable characters and be able to make them 2. Able to use the house 3. Multiplayer and have rooms that you can lock and invite people 4. Competitions against other players. 5. Halloween, Christmas, Easter decorations 6. Pets7. Breeding horses 8. Different barns9. Ouests10. Fake people that send you on quests Please add these suggestions in the future! -Cookie FoxLover 300

Cookie Fox Lover 300, Oct 19, 2018
Great! I play it all the time!

This game is really good and I let my cousins (who don't ride or know how to take care of a horse) play this to show what they use to groom, feed, and ride. However, one small thing I have noticed is that once you clean the horses stalls, leave the stable, and come back, it's dirty. (This is my opinion, not everything I say is law) but in my opinion, couldn't it just gradually get dirty as the meter goes down and then when you can clean their stalls, it'll look dirty. Instead of cleaning it, leaving the stable, and then coming back after 2 seconds and it be dirty. Thank you for reading this very long review! Other than that, I LOVE this game!😍😍😍

Horse.girl22 😊, Mar 12, 2019
Please Please Please Add this 🙏🏼

I love the game so far, but can you add a couple of things.1. Make it possible for horses could go out side in pastures like the other game pet world.2. Add real competitions where you have to practice for3. Add more riding gear and if you do add a pasture, can you make it possible for to buy tack gear with horseshoes4. Make it possible to breed horsesThis game is so much fun!!! I just didn’t give it five stars because I wanted to add more things. So please add all these things ASAP 😊 Thank you for making this game

JJ _bro 👻🐱, Sep 30, 2017

I like the game a lot, it’s just that when I go to put saddles and different items on my horses, they switch to a different one than the one I was trying to put on. If that makes any sense. As soon as I click on another thing to put on, it all changes 🙄 it’s kind of annoying, but overall I like it!!

JoJoButtonTops, Jun 01, 2018

Can the hay be look clean when you go into the stalls it would look a lot better that way in my opinion but I love this gameTo “bugs/glitches” you have to buy the saddle first or it will switch to one you own click the button in the lower right corner with the horseshoe on it to buy a new one

Kitty cat cutie 🐯, Sep 29, 2018
Love this game

OMG where can I start I love this game it so fun but if you could do these couple of things that would be awesome 😎. First on the trail rides u can’t trot over the jump and it will count it wrong. I ride horses for a living and jump them (hunter jumper). And could u add a canter I do it a lot. I can’t think of anything else like I said love this game and I hope y’all can do these things. I’m counting on you.

SLBhorselover, Jun 19, 2019
I love this game and update but

I really love this game as an equestrian and animation is amazing. I really think you should work on adding a ton more courses and cross country or eventing, also dressage such as horse hotel. I love the courses but I think there should be actual shows to, like your Horse Show Jumping game. Keep up the amazing work! 😁🦄❤️

Wolfluv33, Oct 26, 2018


A dream come true! Your own horse to care for and ride - anytime you want! In the new 3D animal simulation "HorseWorld 3D: My Riding Horse" from Tivola you care for your new darling so that you can master every course in the riding ring and crack the high scores together!

NURTURE FROM HEAD TO HOOF There are lots of things to pay attention to so that you ensure that your horse is healthy! Grooming is just as important as the correct handling of the hooves. Clear the pen out thoroughly, make sure there's fresh food and don't forget to pet the horse now and then. And while doing this you learn how to care for your horse and you make sure that it has enough energy to get through the day! Perfect for all horse and pony friends. IN THE PURSUIT OF RECORD TIME In "HorseWorld 3D: My Riding Horse" the point of the game happens in the riding ring: You have to prove your ability as a team on various obstacle courses. You learn bit by bit - with the instructions from the riding instructor - how to correctly lead your horse and complete every course as best as possible. Can you find the perfect route in your pursuit of a new record time? IMPRESSIVE 3D GRAPHICS AND INTUITIVE CONTROLS With one finger swipe you move yourself over the equestrian center and switch between the locations. Thanks to the realistic 3D graphics all your wishes are fulfilled and navigation becomes child's play. On the back of your horse you can almost feel his steps and to change the direction you only have to tilt the device correspondingly. And so you go up and over every obstacle with a waving tail.

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