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User Reviews for Holyscapes


I really like this game it’s fun,I really like the quick question’s

😂😉😄🙃🙂🕰, Mar 09, 2022
Bible Word game is very interesting.

Enthused and excited at this moment because I began a few minutes ago. The “New American Standard” word of God is closer to interpreting the scriptures. Pastor/Teachers acknowledged the Bible because of Koine Greek and HebrewInterpretation. Continuing my research. Thanks for reading my review.LLH

Agape's, Mar 06, 2022
Ad over kill

I started out loving the game. However by the time I got the level 20 the game became unenjoyable and unplayable. There is an ad every two seconds. I will not pay to play the game. I’m fine with some ads. I’m fine with ads for to watch for extra things. But if I can’t play the game without a ad constantly playing it’s just not worth me time. And note the ads were not bad until getting to level 20. If they had been the same to start with I would have stopped playing on level 2. So I’m moving on to a different game from a different company.

AmbitiousWolf, Jul 23, 2022
Not so Holy

Good game. Lord of ads like way to many. Wrong but it because besides some basic Bible trivia it’s not Bible focused. Many times the words could have been Bible related such as Sheol, Eden, Sodom and not only were the not words on the crossword but they didn’t even count for extra words. Sometimes basic words are extra on one round and then next round it’s like they don’t exist. Plus the ads are worldly and devil related, like literal games where you play a demon or scantily clad characters, or gambling. Come on now, if we’re gonna say Holyscapes let’s do right by the Holy part.

Blood Bought Child of Jesus, Jul 23, 2022
Like it

I just started playing but really enjoy it.

cardlady123, Mar 14, 2022

Hey!!! this is a really great game! i really like that it’s religious and it makes me feel like i’m doing something God-related outside ofchurch, devotionals and praying! plus it works my brain bc of the spelling and word finding portion!! ilove the verses and trivia as they add a nice touch to the game! the verses are great bc they really lift you up especially when one in particular speaks to you or a season your going thru! anyone can play this game and learn and be engaged!! i love it!!! great game! for sure recommend!! have an awesome day and God bless!

Dog freak, Aug 02, 2022

What a beautiful gift to all of us! I have played a thousand of word games and only have a few games relating to the Word. Thank you so much, the developers, to make this game come true for us. I am looking more to see more biblical questions and scriptures. Are you ready to see AMEN popping up every time when you win the game? You go and try and enjoy it. I am already hooked and it made my day.

Elkner, May 17, 2022

This game is very good 👍❤️

Glo jane, Feb 26, 2022

The words are not related to Christianity. There is too few Christian fill ins and trivia. Sometimes the word combo does not work when selected. Too much advertising. And last but not least they actually advertised that this game ….. wait for it…… PREVENTS… Alzheimer’s!!!!!!!!!!! Can you believe such a claim! It’s just another word search game and it’s not enough about my lord and savior.

janeyloces art, Mar 09, 2022
Holy scapes. May 21, 2022

I really like this app but it’s got a few bugs….. like every time a add has to be watched it turns the music for holy scapes on and I don’t like listening to music or sounds when I play a game so I have them turned off for the app. But have to keep going back in and turn the music off again after watching a loud advertisement. So fix this please. And the adds are hard to get rid of fix that too. Thanks it will be a big help. If it continues I will delete the app.

Joanijimison, May 22, 2022


Are you interested in word game and bible?! Holyscapes is exactly what you are looking for! Holyscapes is a fantastic crossword game customized for Christians.

In this game, you can challenge yourself with over 3,000+ crossword puzzles at the same time you can collect Bible verses to express your faith for God. It is a balanced combination of word game and bible, of entertainment and learning that millions of Christian enjoy! Download Holyscapes now to begin training your brain and become a word master! How to play? -Connect letters to build a valid word -Get a hint for every word you complete -The goal of the game is to find all the hidden words! It sounds very simple, but the difficulty increases with every level, so our word cross game won't let you get bored! Why Holyscapes? -Train your brain and kill time by solving word puzzles! -Challenging yourself: Starts easy and gets trickier as you progress further! -Combination of Word game & Bible: Study Bible in a fun and easy way, get connected to God. -Wonderful scenery:Explore beautiful and gorgeous scapes all over the world! -Play Offline: No internet or wifi needed! -SYNC your game progress: You can login using Facebook to sync your game progress across various devices! Features -Unlock thousands of levels: Limitless word puzzle await! -Family games for adults and kids! -All for fun: Take each level at your own pace with unlimited tries! Holyscapes is an additive word puzzle game that you can learn Bible words and train your brain while having a great time. Download Holyscapes now to start your fantastic journey in this interesting and exciting word game! Keep in touch with Holyscapes Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LightBibleAPP/ Send us Emails: [email protected] Visit our website: https://www.idailybread.org

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