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User Reviews for HistoryFaces

Learning History Doesn't Have to be Painful!

What a fun and educational game. I just downloaded it, and I'm learning so much already. Great game!

1GrecianUrn, Jan 01, 2019
History Faces

This new game by Rob Lincoln is great for all ages and fun for families playing at home or driving in the car. And teachers, this is Perfect for classroom competition too!

global child, May 21, 2019
Fun and educational

I really enjoyed playing the first level of this fast-paced game. It’s fun to learn something interesting and valuable on a phone app!

Graaeviewer, Jan 01, 2019
Education Disguised as Fun

This game is addicting in a good way! Fun to discover things you never learned in history class, but should have. Also, I like the creative combinations and juxtapositions of the historic figures and facts. A game you can feel good about playing because you’re learning, too!

HoppieRN, Jan 08, 2019
Borderline Unethical

The Good: This game is super fun and highly educational. The interface is beautiful. The way the game is designed is great for learning. It presents you with five historical “faces” and you have to guess which facts match which face. There are different rounds, each using the same faces, but a different set of facts. The result is that you are learning to associate a particular face with a location, time period, their notable deeds, and so forth, while also learning to distinguish them from other historical figures, and memorizing what their faces look like. As an educational game, this is one of the best I’ve seen. The game, itself, is well-done enough that I can’t give it one star despite is very terrible, borderline unethical business strategy. The Bad:It’s not free. At least, it is not a free “educational” game. To make this game educational, you’re going to end up spending a minimum of $5. Otherwise it is like a glorified toy. The reason for that is that they refuse to let you replay levels without spending money. Since no one ever learned history by once hearing a random fact and remembering it forever, that completely sabotages the entire point of the app - which is to educate people, not purely entertain them. The Ugly:It tries to trick you into paying coins. When you run out of “coins” and try to tap an answer while playing the game, a screen will pop up saying “Get more coins”. What this screen neglects to tell you is that you don’t HAVE to have coins to keep playing. You’re definitely going to want to make sure you have restrictions and passwords in place to stop your kids running up your credit card bill on this one. The game does a very bad job of explaining what the coins are and why you might want them. It leads you to believe that they’re somehow necessary to continue playing, because it literally interrupts your gameplay with a screen that says “buy more coins”. I actually left the game and came back later to see if my coins had replenished, just because I thought I couldn’t keep playing without spending money. Constructive Criticism: - Earning coins shouldn’t require you to get a streak of ten. - Rather than retract coins for wrong answers you should simply not reward coins when corrections had to be made - Consider making the coins have some other purpose as well that could be fun for kids. (Like buying power up buffs, or prizes from a prize shop) - Make a Lite version and a Paid version. Lite versions could allow people to play and replay the first five levels for free. Paid versions could cost a flat fee of $7.99, with the option to buy coins in game. I don’t think parents would mind paying this for such a great game...it’s when the charges are sneaky that people feel duped and cheated. Thoughts for the future: - It would be great if kids could be challenged to drag and drop the faces along a time line to show, relatively, when each person lived and died. - It would be great if kids could tap each area on a map to show where people were born and died. A few more visuals like that could really add “addictive” appeal to this already delightful gameplay. I did pay to replay levels, and I hope the makers of the game will do more with it in the future. I think this could be a very successful game if it had some marketing behind it, but I doubt that it will be successful with the current payment structure.

Kari21631, Apr 25, 2020
So much fun

What?! Stimulate my brain AND have fun?! I just got this app this morning and had to stop playing because my phone now needs recharging. Hold that thought. I’ll be back at it soon. Best 99 cents I’ve spent in a while.

Maggie Not Enormous, Mar 16, 2019


HISTORYFACES Improve your knowledge of history with 100s of faces from many nations & eras. Replay & master each level even as the historical figures become less familiar. Visit the Gallery to hear rare voices from the past.

Climb 100 levels & achieve the highest rank. HistoryFaces is much more than just a trivia game. Playing increases your historical knowledge. Learn new facts about historical figures you know. Series A includes famous figures like Abraham Lincoln, Cleopatra, and Ronald Reagan. But it also includes Lakshmi Bai—dubbed India’s Joan of Arc—and Alferd Packer, a Colorado prospector accused of cannibalism and convicted of murder. Reinforce your fact base through replays and the specially designed second half. There, the historical figures you’ve met before appear in a different context, creating surprising challenges. Earn 10 coins every time you reach a new rank. Earn 10 coins by completing any level without error in under 2 minutes Move up through 10 ranks of difficulty starting as a Beginner, with figures chosen to allow players to advance through the early levels easily as they become familiar with the game. However, the more levels you complete, the more likely you will meet unfamiliar faces. Expect some challenges. Can you achieve the coveted Series Master rank? For a better look at each face, visit the GALLERY of historical figures you have mastered. Click the arrow below the photo on many faces and hear them or a talented actor voice their actual words. Features include: ● 100 Levels of 6 faces each to identify, increasing in difficulty ● Tools to help you with difficult faces ● 6 rounds per level ● 1800 clues ● 50 coins to start ● Levels 1-50: Meet and learn about the faces ● Levels 51-100: Same Faces and clues regrouped for reinforcement and increased difficulty ● Unlimited replay of levels; Improve your time and score ● Build a Gallery of faces; some with audio ● Use Gallery faces to stump your friends ● Multiple ways to earn coins Rules: ● See one clue and six faces. Tap the correct face that describes the clue. ● Earn 3 coins for every 10 correct answers in a row ● Each wrong answer costs 2 coins ● Each TOOL costs one coin. Don’t just guess! Tools: ● Take Away Tool- Remove one face ● Helpful Hint ● Stop the Clock In App Purchases: Use your prior knowledge and the available tools wisely and you may be able to play the entire game without additional coins. ● 100 Coins = $.99 ● 200 Coins = $1.99 ● 500 Coins = $3.99 ● Unlimited Coins = $9.99 ● Unlimited Replay = $8.99 ● Immediate Access to Full Gallery = $24.99 ● New Pack- SERIES B Game available when SERIES A is completed = $2.99

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