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Himalaya: Stories and Courses

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Himalaya Media Inc.
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User Reviews for Himalaya: Stories and Courses

A Few Suggestions...

I like this app well enough, but there is one feature I would love to see implemented that would make it easier to use. It would be nice to set up a temporary queue that would delete itself when I reach the end or something like that. It’s bothersome to have to pre make a list and then go back and delete it when I’m done listening to it. It would also be nice to add a show after the one I’m listening to just in case I find something I want to listen to right away rather than wait until the end of my playlist to hear it. I listen to my shows while I work and sometimes I don’t have time to move things around in my list. I hope this made sense... but I do love the app and how it treats my favorite podcasters. Keep up the good work!

Agatha H., Jun 20, 2019
New update issues

This app was great & my chosen podcast app (I listen to a LOT): simple, clean, has everything available, ability to make playlists (which means u can follow podcasts without getting spoilers from most recent episodes downloading). However ever since the most recent update a couple weeks ago I’ve been having lots of streaming playback issues, podcast often starting from the beginning after crash, and more importantly— the audio shuts off whenever my iPhone goes to sleep, which renders this unusable, unless u happen to be on your phone doing other things while listening. It works in lock mode but not when the screen goes black to sleep. Really annoying & impossible for battery life when traveling. I could not find settings anywhere to do anything abt this & wasn’t previously an issue that I noticed. Was working flawlessly before.Will update my review back to 5 stars when this gets addressed- hope it does soon & I don’t have to download a new app, for now reverting to the dreaded apple podcast app!

ardegael, Jul 15, 2019
Worst Customer Service Ever...

Worst customer service ever. Not even because they’re rude, but because they are negligent and will literally ignore you and not respond to your emails, which is the ONLY way to reach them. I did a Himalaya+ free trial for a specific podcast, but did not like it enough to keep it past the trial, so I follow the instructions on how to cancel a trial/Himalaya+ membership, but there is no option to cancel like the FAQs said there would be. I get charged since there is literally no way for me to cancel in the app, so I email support with my issue on Jan 8th and ask them to cancel my membership for me. They respond the next day and say they will reach out to their finance and engineering team to look into this problem for me, but that is the last time I hear anything from them. I get charged again on Feb 10th and email support (with screen shots of the charges and email trail) to let them know the issue has not been resolved. I haven’t heard a peep from anyone in support yet, hence why I am writing this review. I would really like for someone to contact me ASAP. This is unacceptable.

Cheyennelck, Feb 12, 2020
Bring back the “feed” tab

The app is broken. For months, the refresh is much slower than it used to be. Playback is often buggy, with periodic cut outs. The most aggravating thing is that the “feed” list doesn’t work. When displaying podcasts by Show, organized by Episode, it only shows about 10 Episodes before requiring a pause to refresh. Sometimes it just a stops there, sometimes it will populate more around 10 more Episodes before requiring a pause to keep scrolling to another batch. The worst part is that it never allows more than around 5 of these “scroll, pause, populate” experiences before it simply stops scrolling further. This means there is no way to scroll into your feed more than a few episodes! This is so frustrating when I want to scroll back even 1-2 days to see if I missed something interesting. Scrolling thru episodes just simply doesn’t work. iPhone 11 ProMax. Latest iOS. Please fix scrolling through episodes to make it faster and mostly allow continuous scrolling back in time without cutting out after a few lines.

drb.tailwind, Aug 11, 2020
Works like a charm

I have an iPhone 8+, no access to Wifi, a limited data plan, and chronic insomnia. Decided to check out Himalaya after hearing the host of True Crime Historian recommend it. The Apple podcast player was driving me nuts-new episodes would drop and I’d eagerly hit play only to get an error message the show was unavailable. I listen to podcasts to help me sleep/relax and create playlists to last hours. Apple would play one or two in the list before giving me the ol’ unavailable error and disrupting my peace with infuriating silence. Himalaya works. It’s always available. And it even offers me suggestions of new podcasts to listen to that I love and never would have found through Apple or anywhere else.

Ghiknvxdfhjkncf, May 23, 2020
A great app, but needs some refining

This app is great and far superior to the Apple podcast app I’ve been using for so long. It’s amazingly easy to get around, easy to find the podcast you’re looking for in you library, and it’s designed really well. I also really love that I get better recommendations from this app than on Apple podcast. I always see the same shows on Apple and nothing new. But this app isn’t without its bugs. The thing that annoys me the most is that it always starts playing what you’re listening to when you open the app which means you’ll be at work, unlock your phone, go to the app to search for a new show and as soon as it opens it starts playing a podcast for all to hear. It’s not too bad when your alone but it always happens to me public. Also when I pick an episode to listen to it will either play another episode that I didn’t choose or will start playing the episode at a random point so you have to start it from the beginning. Also I’ll be half way through a podcast, stop to listen to something else, and then come back to it it won’t remember where I was. It just plays it from the beginning again and I have to find where I was. Other than a few performance bugs I really love this app. I just want the developers to have a new update to fix them. Then they’d easily have a 5 star from me.

JayPeeeee!, Jun 18, 2019
New favorite app

I’m the kind of person who needs to keep my brain busy like pretty much all the time, so I’ve always got headphones in. I like music for when I need to focus on getting work done, but whenever I’m doing chores, or especially on my morning run (or on those rare occasions when I actually have to drive somewhere), I love using that time to learn stuff. This is fantastic for that. I can knock out an episode or five whenever I get the chance, and I get a way bigger productivity hit I ever got from podcasts. It’s like cocaine vs caffeine. Except without the nosebleeds and jail. Seriously though, some of the stuff I’ve listened to on here are complete game changers. I’ll keep giving them my money as long as they keep making me smarter.

jepetersen, Jan 29, 2021
Looks great, doesn’t work

I really want to love this app. The UI is beautiful and seamless. However, it suffers from several problems that make the app almost unusable. For one, the time bar on the lock screen or control center is always wrong. Himalaya can say a podcast is 60 min, but the slider on the lock screen only goes up to 30 min, making it impossible to scrub to a later part of an episode outside of the Himalaya app. More recently, the app sometimes just stops showing any information at all. All the shows in my library and the explore page are still there, but clicking on any podcast just says there’s no episodes. In combination, these issues make the app largely unusable. I really love the appearance of the app, as well as the largest library I’ve seen outside of the Apple Podcasts app, but I can’t recommend it until these bugs are gone.

MGPA, Apr 19, 2019
So close to being so good

Switched over to exclusively using Himalaya over the Apple podcast app because it had become too frustrating to navigate. I like the app overall, but there are a few bugs that are driving me nuts. First, it crashes constantly. Usually while I’m trying to search for a new podcast or browsing discover to find a new podcast. Second, it will randomly start an episode in the middle when I’ve never listened to that episode before. This makes it a little difficult to distinguish if I’ve already started listening to something and moved on, or if it’s just the weird glitch and I should just restart the episode. Besides those two issues though I really like this app and the way it’s setup. It’s easy to find things and to get to new episodes, and I’ve officially switched over all my podcast listening to this platform. Wish it was slightly better, hoping there will be more updates that hammer out these minor flaws in what seems to be a promising app.

rachelmo921, Feb 19, 2019
Great app with one flaw

I’ve been using Himalaya for about 6 months now and it’s been great. It has every podcast I listen to and the interface is sweet. I do have one issue. When the phone is locked and playing a podcast through Himalaya, I can pause with my headphones just fine. However, when attempting to resume the podcast, it plays for about a second then stops playing again. This requires me to hit the play button on my headphones again. Not a huge issue, just a minor annoyance. I’ve had this issue with three different phone now and several different versions of iOS. I also have this issue with wired or wireless headphones. Anyways, hope you can use this info to help solve a bug. Thank you!

Shuckin_Fitfaced, Oct 01, 2020


Himalaya, a brainchild of Ximalaya 喜马拉雅, is an inspirational content app, featuring short audio courses and motivational stories. Get the insights that can improve your life, and work on your personal development. Listen to inspirational stories and work on your self-improvement with Himalaya.

Get access to a whole library of inspirational short audio courses. Enjoy new motivational stories every week, and use your free time to learn from amazing biographical insights. Get motivated every day with a new Himalaya Story, then get ahead by learning from the credentialed experts behind our extensive library of audio courses. Expand your knowledge and work on your self-improvement. Listen to a wide variety of inspirational stories and educational courses. Himalaya Stories feature the biggest turning points from the lives of the most extraordinary people. Each story delivers an exciting journey with music and cinematic soundscapes, all in 10 minutes or less. Himalaya Courses cover a huge array of different topics, giving you the insights and new skills you need to succeed in your career and your personal life. Let our stories motivate you to get the knowledge you need to become the best version of yourself. Our stories are designed to deliver the most useful and important insights to help you achieve your personal and professional goals. And our courses are divided into bite-sized, actionable lessons from experts like Mark Manson, Arianna Huffington, and Tim Ferriss. Himalaya gives you the opportunity for a true self-improvement journey. Our stories will inspire and motivate you, while our courses will give you the skills and knowledge you need to set and achieve your most ambitious goals. Audio makes it easy to listen, and become part of a like-minded community making progress every day. Discover the best courses for self-improvement. Get insights every day to improve the quality of your life. Learn from the world’s greatest minds, and boost your practical knowledge to conquer personal and professional milestones. Get insights from famous people and their stories. Himalaya makes it easy to find what you need: explore our entire library of stories and courses anywhere, anytime. If you’re hungry for knowledge and self-improvement, we’re here for you. ◉ Inspiring Stories – hear about the biggest turning points in the lives of the most extraordinary people. ◉ High-Impact Audio Courses - Let credentialed experts help you achieve your personal and professional goals. ◉ Ultimate flexibility – listen anywhere, anytime with a robust, intuitive app. ◉ Bite-sized content – Your time is valuable. Get inspiration and insights in ten minutes or less. ◉ Learn your way – With over 30 topics spanning the personal, the practical, and the professional, you’ll have the tools you need. ◉ Accessible – Listen to free stories and insights every day, and unlock exclusive content at a no-brainer cost. ◉ Immersive – With supplemental material and community helming a flexible learning experience, learning doesn’t stop when the audio does. Take these stories and courses wherever you go with our robust and intuitive platform. Enjoy the Himalaya community and unlock an exclusive network of like-minded, intellectually curious people just like you. Start your self-improvement journey now. Himalaya is an immersive learning platform that provides an extensive library of courses and motivational stories straight to your ears from the world's greatest minds. Fuel your personal and professional growth (self-improvement) with bite-sized and impactful lessons.

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