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User Reviews for Hideaways -Spot the difference

Great relaxing game!

I love this one! The music itself is awesome, very soothing! The gameplay is spot-on, and it’s a bit difficult, which I appreciate. Keeps me coming back for more! Highly recommended! 👍

bigrand1, Jun 28, 2022
One Suggestion

I like this game a lot. A great unwind, end of day game to play. It’s not your traditional spot-the-difference game with cutout pictures of objects pasted over other objects. There’s creativity and thought behind this. Well done. Here’s my only issue: that there’s no way to change the layout. What I mean is, if there was an option to put the windows side-by-side instead of one above the other. Looking back and forth is more comfortable for some, ok, for me (that’s why I suggested it be an option, not a change). Anyway, keep up the good work!

Boslaw, Jul 12, 2022

Love the app, it’s challenging, just enough to keep going and not give up. But…On the first “ Basketball court” scene there is clearly a difference in the upper left corner. I’ve restarted over and over, and watched more ads that I care to count. I’m not buying hints for something I can clearly see!!

Dannied55, Jul 30, 2022

Outstanding game of hide and seek. They hide the differences, and you seek out ways to avoid the ads. Pay for the ad-killer and it’s a 9 out of 10. Try to play without paying and prepare to be annoyed.

Gamer1st1, Aug 08, 2022
So relaxing

The music and soundscape of this app is beautiful, not to mention that it’s fun. The developers seem to know how to make an app an experience and not just a game. Even the the sound effect for when you find a difference is always in the same key as the song for each level. It’s just so beautifully detailed and I love it.

Hehshsiududjsjsiidue, Aug 09, 2022
MUSIC! And Gamplay

The game play is great and keeps me hooked.But the music really does steal the show. It's caml ethereal vibes really transcend you to another place. I wish they credited the composer, I'd love to delve into their other works ( if developer is reading, don't hesitate to respond with some info)Keep up the good work👍🏻

ikeyshu, Aug 08, 2022

This game is pretty tedious and boring. I love “spot the difference” puzzles, but the CGI “zen” aspect of the art means that the actual puzzles are blatantly obvious in the ways in which they are different. I tore through the game spending roughly 30-45 seconds per puzzle. I could almost click differences like a metronome. Once I realized it wasn’t going to get any different, I quit.I know that some casual people LIKE games that require no mental effort, but that’s just not me. Brain dead activity feels like a waste of a time.

JazGalaxy, Aug 11, 2022

I'm really enjoying the game. The only reason I have it 4 out of 5 stars because the music and sfx can't be turned off even though it shows its crossed out. Please fix? Thanks!

Mayleene, Jun 27, 2022
Coincidence or Slimy Tactic?

I was enjoying the game for the first few levels, so when I got a pop-up asking for a rating of the game, I gave it 5 stars. It’s a good-looking, enjoyable, casual game, so why not. Then immediately after giving my review, I started getting ads between every level. It just seems a little shady that I wasn’t getting ads until immediately after I had submitted a rating. It’s like they know that ads will negatively influence the player’s perception of the game, so they make sure you’ve enjoyed it and rated it well before giving you the real experience of the game, which in this case means having to watch an ad every minute and a half. Just an observation.

RudyRooRoo, Jul 12, 2022
Beautiful, but…

This game is absolutely beautiful. I find myself holding back on completing levels because I enjoy the atmospheric music so much. I honestly wish there was a way I could purchase the soundtrack.That said, there are occasional ads that completely interrupt and ruin the feel, and you have to pay $5 to get rid of those.Regardless, I’m giving only three stars purely because I don’t understand why the app needs to track the data that it does, including my location. That makes zero sense for a puzzle game…

SeaBrass, Jun 27, 2022


Hideaways is an immaculate take on spot-the-differences games. With stunning 3D isometric worlds, handmade atmospheric music, and untimed scavengers for differences that are cleverly hidden, Hideaways literally changes the game of a classic that hasn’t evolved in decades. Immerse yourself in the worlds of Hideaways that are embedded with the highest standards of aesthetic and auditory pleasures.

With great attention to detail and master craftsmanship of design, every corner holds a surprise for eyes to dwell on. Enjoy the worlds of Hideaways that are blanketed in the soothing melodies of our music and build up some brain muscle with our challenging differences. Research has shown improvement in attention and short-term memory for spot-the-differences game players

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