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Hidden Cats: Detective Agency

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Hidden Cats: Detective Agency

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User Reviews for Hidden Cats: Detective Agency

Good but has issues

I really like the concept, but there are some technical problems with the app, at least for my phone. First off, I run out of energy pretty quickly, which is annoying, so I try to watch ads to get more. But sometimes, as soon as the ad ends the app closes by itself and when I reopen it, I haven’t gained the reward for watching the ad. The rest of the time, the app doesn’t crash but I still don’t receive the reward. Also, on the level “China Street” a glitch happened where I could see and catch cats from the second stage of the level so I ended up with “9/5” cats captured. It worked better the second time around, but it still says 9/5. Idk if the second part will glitch because I ran out of energy again.

Aksglaede1390, Aug 04, 2021

I love this app but there has been so many glitches. I can watch ads and not get the coins, lives or hints. The app will randomly crash. Also some levels have cats that aren’t supposed to be there, as they are not on the list. If you click them it counts as a found cat but does not mark off the list. The glitches also cause the cat levels to display over the home area completely. Also are we supposed to be able to purchase for the bedroom? Because I wouldn’t have purchased the area if not. Honestly just fix the crash and video glitches and I would still give it five stars.

celeste33*, Jul 21, 2021
Good but

It’s an incredible game but I finished all available levels and urgent cases in 4 days and need more to play asap. There are also many glitches including: windows that open and close rapidly, the voluntary ads only work once after loading the app and it must be restarted to have another, some levels require restarting to find cats that it won’t let you click on, and others. This is my favorite game I have found so far and new levels would be greatly appreciated.

Crybaby02, Jul 05, 2022
Hard to Play

This game is very cute!! I love the concept and the simple game play. The thing I’m having such difficultly with is the fact that items blend into the background. A lot if the art isvery soft and sketchy and i like the aesthetic, but this makes it so I’m frantically tapping around the screen because I have no idea what is able to be tapped and what’s not. The movable items blend into the background and do not stand out whatsoever. I think this could be fixed by cleaning the lines up and making the colors more saturated so you know what to click on. This would be great for the pieces that move other pieces, since it’s hard to notice if something has changed. And if this makes it so cats are too easy to find, I would suggest making a bunch of things around the stages movable even if there is no cat there (especially since things that look like they should move don’t.) Other than that I think the games is super cute, I love HyperBeard and am always excited to see what they come out with.

DatOneJelly, Dec 04, 2020
Relaxing and not time consuming game

I downloaded this game because of the cute graphics! I’m all in for the art when it comes to mobile games. This game is really for you if you like decorating rooms and offices similar to AdorableHome (but it’ll take a while to gain coins). It’s also for you if you like logging onto a game once or twice a day to solve a small case of finding cats. It’s really similar to Where’s Waldo games, but with cute cats instead. Idk how often it happens, but there will be big cases to solve from time to time, so I look forward for those. Thank you again for a game with cute art! Looking forward to more like Tsuki and AdorableHome. Keep it up!

Em TaTa, Dec 05, 2020
very cute but problem with home level

the hint on finding tiny in the new Home level under amsterdam. it says to find a button in the closet and there isn’t a button in the closet. not sure if this is a glitch on my game only but it is something you should look into. it says that there is a switch in the storage closet and there just isn’t. if y’all could like fix that that would h great. the new urgent amsterdam level is missing most of the cats it says are in the level. i have searched high and low for all the cats in that level and can’t find them.

juuuulzzzzz, Jul 14, 2021

Hi my name is Kinley and I love this game so far but I think one level is super hard I can’t get past it is called Japan village and it is the one where you have to find a drain and go inside of it I think it’s super hard because I can’t find the drain again I found it one time And then I couldn’t find it again and I try to open the even that it was when I found it and I can’t open it and I can’t find the cages when I did so can you please change that level because I’ve got other people are having a hard time just like me.

Mdemps77, Feb 11, 2021
Cute game!

Updated response:: now that I know I’ve reached the final level, and that it wasn’t a glitch in the game, I had to increase my rating! My impression of the game is the same, I think it’s a fun, slow game with lovely graphics. It is somewhat challenging, which I don’t mind. I can’t wait to see what else they have in store!!Lovely game with cute graphics. I am on the India Road side level and the game won’t let me progress after finding all cats. This is the only issue I’ve had. Other than that, it’s a fun game.

N!¢Kname, Feb 07, 2021
Cute but could use some improvements

This game is a very cute little puzzle game. However, there are some things that make the game not as fun. You can only have five energy points at a time and so you run out of them very quickly, especially when some of the levels require more than one energy point to play them. I get that they use ads as a way to get more energy points and so they can make some money that way but if that’s how it works I think you should be able to collect more than five points at a time. Or just not have the energy at all since you can watch ads to boost the amount of money points you get, so that still allows for them to make money from people watching ads in the game. It’s also difficult to figure out which items in the levels are things you can move to look for cats behind, because of this you sometimes end up just frantically tapping everything on the screen which takes away from the whole point of the puzzle really.

poppunkcat, May 27, 2022
I love this game!

I first downloaded this game cause I was bored and was downloading random games, but I ended up loving it! It is so cute and the cats have such funny hiding places. It definitely gets pretty challenging after a while, as in the lost recent level it took me forever to figure out all of the switches to find the cats. I still have finished the urgent levels cause I just can't find all of the cats in time. I cant wait for more to be added to the story and to see more levels added to the game! This is definitely a game I am sticking with.

starfire926, Jun 06, 2021


Will someone out there help find all the hidden cats?! Welcome to the Carrot Detective Studio! Your name is Faye and it is your job to find lost cats.

And there sure are a lot of them! Team up with your kitty companion "Carrot" to solve cases and earn gold. Explore the streets of Asia, the bars of Shanghai (no alcohol on the job!) or even the alleyways of Japan. Cats are hiding in some of the strangest places! Get stuck?! Tap on things in these adorable interactive hidden object scenes to uncover hidden cats or use hints to give you even better clues. But use them wisely! Earn rewards and use gold to upgrade your studio. Buy new furniture to fit your style and attract more customers. Buy new rooms and expand your business! Discover the secrets behind all the missing cats! This game is not intended for children and may have some content that is inappropriate for children under the age of 13.

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