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Hexer — Hex File Viewer

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Hexer — Hex File Viewer

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Hans Schulein
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User Reviews for Hexer — Hex File Viewer

So far so good

This app is really great and I appreciate the customization. I am very eager for the planned features and the biggest one would be editing Hex files

cschonhoff, Sep 20, 2020
Does not work anymore

This app crashes every time I try to open a file.

Guesss Who, Jan 01, 2022
Excellent and versatile file viewer

It says hex, but you can view in binary and ASCII as well. The app is really well thought out with nice features such as:- strong search facility with REGEX-you can select different types of views with just a tap-A real bonus is all the relevant file information that is provided by the app.I would give it five stars except for a minor, but annoying, bug which I have reported to the developer. I'm running the latest version of iOS 14 and the caps lock and num lock features on the keyboard do not work with this app. Instead of staying locked, they switch back to their default positions. So if I turn on caps lock and type "b" I get a "B". But all the following Characters are lowercase, and you can see The caps lock turn off. Same thing with num lock. You get one number and then the keyboard switch is back to alpha. All in all, it is still the best file viewer I have found for iOS and it's right up there with the best file viewers I have used on windows and Linux. It does look like the developer is making regular updates, so that's great. I appreciate that he has a link to send bugs and feature requests.

inthesand, Sep 02, 2021
Great, but waiting for edit functionality

Very polished. Looks good. Works well. In fact an effectively replacement for Files app? Just wish I could actually edit files. Changing extensions names too would be great. 3.5/5 for now

JATX50, Aug 13, 2020
Good app but not perfect

Good app, but missing option to edit files. The only reason I bought the app was to edit my save file from a game and then send it back to my console with the edits.

Louis Dennis, May 10, 2022
No editing feature

I realize that the notes do say that editing will be supported in a future version, but for paying $3.99 for a file that can simply VIEW files… not worth the money. I would rather copy the files off my iPad and view them on my PC

rkhtech, May 20, 2022


Hexer is a desktop level hex viewer packed with features. It was developed from the ground up for iOS and iPadOS. It is natural and intuitive to use for everyone.

It is integrated with the Files app. So you can browse Dropbox, Google Drive, your git repositories, your downloads, your documents in iCloud Drive or your desktop. Or you can just share any file to it. Bytes are highlighted in different colors: Printable characters are cyan, spaces blue, null bytes grey, control characters pink and so on. The colors appear across the binary, hexadecimal, and ascii column — or can just be turned off completely. ▶ Many advanced options • Many popular themes from text editors and terminals • Line numbers (offsets) • Overscroll • Complete control over the formatting of what you copy or share • Column counts in powers of two (8 bytes, 16, 32, ...) or in any number that fits • Interpret bytes as ASCII, ISO Latin 1 or EBCDIC • The UI is navigable by keyboard and there are keyboard shortcuts to toggle almost everything • Further features for you to discover ▶ Search • Search for content in the hexadecimal, ASCII or binary column • Preview results with context and jump to and highlight them in the document • Filter results with Regular Expression and based on case sensitivity • Jump between results with arrow keys ▶ Analysis • Get information about the selection or the entire document • Decode to integers • See byte frequencies • See detected file signatures (magic numbers) • Read metadata like creation date and Unix permissions ▶ The App is made by a real person out of love When you buy the app (no hidden in app purchases) the money goes straight to me to support development. If you have any questions or feature requests you can just write me an email and let me know. I will continue development with many more planned features like editing. ▶ The App is friendly There are no in app purchases, ads, tracking, nor is there any data collected. You buy it once and then use it. Nothing more. Nothing less.

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