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User Reviews for Hebrew Dictionary Premium

Very useful

I only have one complaint about this app. The voice recording is so mechanical it is sometimes is really hard to understand. Other than that the dictionary is very useful and was worth what I paid for it.

ArsGoetia, Aug 18, 2017
Love the paid version.

Very helpful with my other language studies. Thank you.

Chicago Grant, Mar 31, 2021
No sound :/

I purchased this to help with my Hebrew vocabulary and pronunciation because i am a beginner to the language, but the sound on the app isn’t functioning, which is pretty disappointing. I’ll still use it as a dictionary i guess

djones94, May 22, 2019
Easy to use!

I appreciate this app so much. It's very easy to use and to go at your own pace.

Erbelle, Jul 19, 2020
Poorly equipped audio archive

I feel scammed. I bought this SPECIFICALLY for audio pronunciations, and all of the words that I've looked up so far have no audio translation. I want my money back.

Ever Fountain, Sep 24, 2017
Easy to use

I use the program often. I do a lot of cut and paste which saves me a lot of time.

Harry potter4647, Aug 04, 2019
Great dictionary

Finally found one that does what I wanted it to do and does it well.

phil from outer space, Nov 01, 2019
Nice program

This program is well worth its very low Price. Also, it is quite nice that you do not have to be online to use it. In a similar vein, it is very fast to look up words. Much quicker than the online applications! As someone mentioned earlier, it would be helpful to have the gender of nouns listed, and perhaps the plural form as well for nouns that are irregular, such as לילה. Thanks for designing this application!

Rehavyah, Apr 26, 2020
Chaplain oh

Why is no male voices, there is a different between male and female pronouncement of words. I would like to be able to hear male pronunciation at times. Would you try to add the male voice?

Sam Bam The Man, Nov 21, 2019
Some deficiencies noted

The first words I tried to look up were missing. “Oz, Oznim” only brought up “Vz” words. Back to Brown-Driver-Briggs for me!!! I’m sure though that there are many many many other words I will need to research or look up that will be present, hence the 4 stars.

WeatherMaben, Oct 21, 2018


• Bilingual English to Hebrew and Hebrew to English dictionary • Hebrew to English word and phrase translator and translation • Over 350K words and phrase can be used in offline • Offline pronunciation and translate any sentences • Scan text in image by pointing camera to search in dictionary • Designed for student, teacher, tourist and language learners • Having thesaurus, synonyms and antonyms • Translate individual words, phrases, or whole sentences • Tap a word for cross searching • Bookmark and Recent history for instant recall • Word of the day to learn IELTS, TOEFL and SAT words • Multiple games help to improve English and Hebrew vocabulary • Offline Pronunciation helps to learn words properly • Flash card and Word of the Day helps to improve vocabulary • Phrase book, Phrase of the day and Phrase Card helps to speak common phrases • Quote of the Day improves wisdom and motivation עִברִית מילון - מתרגם ללימוד אנגלית • מילון דו לשוני מאנגלית לעִברִית ומעִברִית לאנגלית • תרגום מילים ומתרגם ביטויים מעִברִית לאנגלית • תרגום לא מקוון של למעלה מ-350 מילים וביטויים • היגוי ותרגום של משפט כלשהו באופן לא מקוון • סרוק טקסט בתמונה בהצבעה עליו במצלמה וחפש אותו במילון • מיועד לסטודנט, למורה, לתייר ולתלמיד שפות • מכיל תזאורוס, מילים נרדפות והפכים • תרגם מילים יחידות, ביטויים או משפטים שלמים • הקש על מילה לחיפוש מוצלב • סימניות והיסטוריה אחרונה לאחזור מיידי • 'מילת היום' ללימוד מילים של TOEFL ,IELTS ו-SAT • משחקים מרובים המסייעים לשיפור אוצר המילים באנגלית ובעִברִית • היגוי לא מקוון מסייע ללימוד ראוי של מילים • כרטיס הבזק ו'מילת היום' מסייעים לשיפור אוצר המילים • שיחון, 'ביטוי היום' ו'כרטיס ביטויים' מסייעים להשתמש בביטויים נפוצים בדיבור • 'ציטוט היום' משפר חוכמה והנעה