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Headway: Daily Book Summaries

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Headway: Daily Book Summaries

  • Education
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User Reviews for Headway: Daily Book Summaries

Just One (Important) Critique!

Let me open by saying that in just a few days of downloading and using this app, I am recommitted to my own success! I have recommended it to three of my closest friends and my sister already, too - specifically people I know who value and prioritize their own skills and brands, and whom I believe can build their own businesses with just a little more direction. To make the most of this app, one definitely has to be able to make start commitments and build on that foundation (because that’s the key to realized success in any field). I am so very grateful to the folks at Headway who have made these books and knowledge so accessible to me today!One very important note that I have for you is to PLEASE INVEST in better, more real-sounding, and genuine voices for listening! I prefer to listen while I’m eating or doing other tasks, but the voice used sounds exactly like that guy from Bob’s Burgers who voices the Pick-up Artist character and it makes me cringe. I can overlook this aspect only because I am so eager for the knowledge and information being relayed but some of your consumers may not feel the same. This voice can make one feel like they’re being pandered to at worst, and at best it’s distracting from the content.

Allie💀Gator, Jun 21, 2023
Ahead of its time!

I am truly grateful and blessed to have downloaded this app after seeing it countless times on Instagram. I am someone who strives for greatness and success, but have difficulties trying to get there like many others. I am not a fast reader and out of millions of books I don’t know what Content is more suitable for my lifestyle and goals. I want to build my intelligence, my confidence and overall become the best version of myself. There are even some books I have started in the past, but never finished. After two days of having this app Headway. I was able to go through seven different summaries including the books, I’ve never finished and I understand every single one at a high listening speed. I am applying what I have learned so far and it has changed my life and only two days. I am now making improvements on my own life in the gym for my physical work out and at home when I sleep. I’ve been introduced to so much knowledge I would have never known about otherwise. This app is truly ahead of its time. I feel as if I’m downloading information straight into my brain. My goals and future has become much more within reach. I will take full advantage of this application and I’m so happy I invested in my future!-Chris Scott

AlphaBlac, Apr 15, 2023
Just truly grateful and amazed.

Lol who knew how hard trading can go in your life 🖤🖤 I’m amazed that i found writers that have written books that confirm thoughts about elevation that i never knew to actually be like law in the universe. i thought i was the only one which made me self conscious all the time. Whoever made this app in the way they made it was genius and i’m so grateful. It would probably of took a few more years to be able to read these books because i just didn’t have a way to do it or a way to figure out how to read these much needed books. i’m so grateful to the creators of this app. and that it found its way me. not to sound corny but i’m grateful for the chance to read these books and then it helps you with time management; its just out of this world. may they continue to bless the world with their ideas 🖤🖤🖤

AyeDeezy, Jan 05, 2022
Start making headway

I've been using the Headway app for about a month now, and I'm really impressed with it. It's a great way to learn new things and improve your skills. The app is really easy to use. You can choose from a variety of topics, and each topic has a series of lessons. The lessons are short and easy to understand, and they're broken down into small steps. This makes it easy to learn new things without feeling overwhelmed. I also like that the app tracks your progress. You can see how far you've come and how much you've learned. This is really motivating, and it helps you stay on track. Overall, I'm really happy with the Headway app. It's a great way to learn new things and improve your skills. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about a variety of topics. Here are some specific things I like about the Headway app: The app is easy to use and navigate. The lessons are short and easy to understand. The app tracks your progress, which is motivating. The app offers a variety of topics to choose from. The app is affordable. If you're looking for a way to learn new things and improve your skills, I highly recommend the Headway app.

Bibilarkylark, May 18, 2023
Latest App you Need to Tweak any part of your life!

This has to be the best app I’ve downloaded in a long time. I’m constantly finding ways to absorb new information. I have books on top of books that I get through about 1-2 chapters a week. Although it’s progress. It doesn’t get straight to the concepts I’m looking for. Since I’ve read a ton of books already I have a general idea of what exactly I’m looking for. This app has saved me tons and tons of research and time. Repetition is the key to mastery. The second problem I have is integrating new concepts into my life. Taking notes can lead to lots of time lost. Instead I find all the books I’ve already read and add them to my library so I can study them frequently so it truly becomes part of my life. It’s like going to the gym with your lifting partner for one week then you stopping and expecting to have the same excitement, push, and motivation to make lifting a new habit. Headway is my lifting partner for my mind.

Bigtymplaya9, Feb 10, 2022
Disappointed in myself for Trying the app

The app popped up in a social media add, I had been slacking in my reading recently so I decided to get a free trial. I get how trials work and why they set them up to auto bill after the trial, I accept that. I have never been so mad at myself for not canceling a free trial on time, and I’ve done it a few times with other apps I really didn’t want to pay for. If you are planning to ‘Listen’ to the book summaries, the robotic auto- read narration is so god awful I wished myself deaf. It does a horrible job at communicating the intent. I’m not sure if the summaries were written that poorly or the auto-read technology is that bad, lack of punctuation, pause, tone and human inflection often leave you confused at what you heard that you can’t even pay attention. I even tried listening to one of the books on focus and paying better attention, it didn’t help. The cards and summaries seemed to get the main points of books across I was familiar with, but I think you would have been better off reading a free summary online. The ‘cards’ and repetition features don’t seem like they would be helpful to most people or really add much value to make the App worth even risking a free trial.

CandyDivine, Feb 19, 2020
Misleading marketing

Funny story, I’ve clicked on their instagram ads MULTIPLE times before realizing that those ads are completely false. They have many different ones with information on various measures of personality types and there’s a little rectangle that says “Take Test” at the bottom so you assume there’s going to be a quiz. So I (re)download the app and then… There are no quizzes or even suggested lists for the categories they advertised. It’s just another app that summarizes books. But without the personalized suggestions they promised. Do those appear somewhere after I pay them money?So despite being literally duped many times, the app itself looks pretty nice. It has broad categories for types of books if you want to browse but I think there’s a cap on how much you can read/listen to if you don’t pay the subscription. If I were to use the app, I’d like to see a “mark as read” function for books that I’ve actually already read or maybe a way to request books. For me it was an easy way to see what books are popular but other than that it doesn’t really have any use for me. Especially since it’s not what I thought I was getting based on their own ads.

djun13l, Jun 24, 2022
Covers a lot in a short time

I paid for Headway some time ago but never got around to really check it out. I am a good listener, but when it comes to reading a book, I get distracted, I stop and lose my way in the book until I eventually lose the whole essence of the story. One morning while being alone with my thoughts, I decided to catch up on my literature, so I browsed their library until I found an interesting topic to read. Found out, I could actually just listened. I decided to listen, Wow! The book was so precise, exciting, informative and quick about 15mins. I was truly amazed as to how they summarized the book with all the important points, I received the whole message right away. At the end of the book they even had pointers to remember, so you can further meditate on essence of what you just read or listened. I loved it, I read three books just before I write this review, I think I am about to listen another after writing this review, it is that good. If you have an interest in reading and learning new things or you just like to listen like myself you need to have this app. You will not regret it. Thanks Headway for create this wonderful app.

Harvel876, Apr 24, 2022

I opted into this app from a Facebook ad. I have gone back-and-forth with Customer Service about charging me after the trial when it very clearly says when you sign up that several reminders will be sent when your trial period is about to run out so that you can decide whether you want to keep the app or cancel the membership. I received zero and I mean zero notifications. I also did not see the app in my recently purchased so there was no way for me to go back and delete it or unsubscribe until I was billed. I very respectfully wrote back two emails letting the customer service personnel know what had transpired and they could care less. I think this is very sneaky I am very aware of how trial periods work but I also believe that you can go back and see the history of the application being used or not used and I was not given any notification I think it’s garbage and really bad customer service and a really bad way to do business. I will eat the $40 but I feel like this is just mean and not a good way to attain and keep loyal customers. Tracking them into paying for something they don’t use and yes I said tricking because zero notification was sent even though your sign up process said it would.

KristaDmore1, Jan 20, 2022
nerdy black girls unite!!

This app has changed my life tremendously. Most of my screen-time on my phone is from this app. I have told all my friends about it. I read more than 93% of Headway readers w/ a goal of 38min/day, but i find myself listening to Headway w a headphone in while I’m cooking, doing laundry, cleaning, during flights and on long walks too. I have the motivational “quote of the day” widget on the home page of my phone that is the first thing i see on my phone and really sets my intention for that day! Next, I want to start taking notes on the books i am reading ! I find myself reading a lot of the books twice to pick up anything i missed or ingrain it into my mind with spaced repetition. I also find doing anything else on my phone like watching silly vids so boring compared to learning something new on here! I find myself being an overall better person. You are making our lives a lot better in these overstimulating times :)!! My favorite topics are technology, psychology, and self-improvement. I am an extremely autodidactic person so this to me is the equivalent of somebody getting their masters, except I prefer having a wide-range of knowledge. Thanks again!!

Lololawll, May 14, 2022


Discover bite-sized learning with Headway for fun and easy growth! We summarize key ideas from the world’s nonfiction bestsellers so you can get essential knowledge to crush your goals. More than 18 million people have already joined the Headway community to become the best versions of themselves.

How about hopping along on this self-growth journey? ——————— WHAT YOU GET WITH HEADWAY * 1500+ books summaries with the world’s best ideas Learn the main insights from any nonfiction title in less than 15 minutes. Whether you want to listen or read, we have you covered with concise summaries on any topic. * Highly personalized approach We pick every piece of bite-sized content according to your goals and needs. Enjoy your fun and fully customized journey to the top. * Daily insights Start your day by tapping through a portion of daily insights. It’s the best way to build your routine around fun and easy growth! * Self-growth challenges Boost your life areas and skills with our challenges on Success, Wealth, Healthy Relationships, Modern Parenting, Self-Confidence, Emotional Intelligence, and more. Choose what you want to achieve and follow the challenge to see excellent results in 28 days or less. * Only proven sources of ideas We pick titles from reputable lists like The New York Times Bestsellers and Amazon Bestsellers to deliver the highest quality of ideas. * Quality of summaries Our professional writers & editors polish every key idea in our hand-crafted content to create the best learning experience. * Spaced Repetition feature This recall technique helps turn your favorite insights into flashcards and go through them whenever you want. It’s also an excellent tool for those learning English, as you can turn any unknown word into a flashcard and quickly memorize it. * Widgets Now inspiration is always in your pocket and speaks to you every time you unlock your phone. We choose the best quotes and insights for Headway widgets to keep you motivated every second. ——————— WHAT 18M+ USERS HIGHLIGHT * Inspiring & motivating * Huge library of book summaries * Easy to read & listen * Would recommend ——————— WHAT MEDIA SAY ABOUT US “Headway is a bite-sized learning app for those who strive to grow. Helping users worldwide to become happier and more confident, their subscription-based service is designed to be worked into a busy schedule.”— Daily Mail “Professional writers and editors of the Headway team up with the best voice actors, moderators, and other team members to deliver an experience that is unmatchable in terms of quality.” — Mobile App Daily “Whether you’re taking a 15 minutes break, commuting to and from the workplace, or stuck in traffic, you can use the app to learn productivity or leadership hacks.”— MakeUseOf ——————— HOW DOES IT WORK? After you decide to begin your growth with Headway and download the app, you can start a 7-day free trial. Unless you cancel at least 24 hours before the end of the free trial, you will be automatically charged a price indicated on the payment screen for a chosen subscription period. Don’t worry, though — in any case, you’ll receive a reminder from us that your free trial is about to end. The Headway Premium subscription renews automatically at the end of each period (each week, month, 6 months, year, or otherwise, depending on the selected option) until you cancel. Canceling your subscription means the automatic renewal will be disabled. However, you will still have access to all your subscription features for the remaining time of your then-current period. Note that deleting the app does not cancel your subscriptions. Terms of Use: https://policy.get-headway.com/info/terms-and-conditions-web.html Privacy Policy: https://policy.get-headway.com/info/privacy-policy-web.html ——————— Got an idea about how to make your growth with Headway better? Please email [email protected], and our Support Jedis will pass it on to the rest of the team.

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