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User Reviews for HCMToGo

Huge usability issues

This app has quite a number of usability issues that continue to get worse with each update. The level of customization that is available only adds to the confusion and does not allow the user to layout any features that are used on a daily basis. The need to drill down through multiple menus is ridiculous for features like clocking in and out. It should be available from the home screen by default, or at least able to be located there. And on a similar note, when browsing through the settings and opening the profile info, all of the users personal information is available clear as day without any obstruction to anyone who may be near by. This information includes but is not limited to full name, date of birth, and full social security number. Between the daily usability struggles and a lack of concern over personal information security I would not recommend or continue to use this app.

AA1574, Dec 15, 2022
Love it!

This is my first time ever using or even having the option to use this kind of app for work! It is very easy to use and it’s SO convenient! Every big work organization should have this for their employees! Even down to the small details to see exactly how long you’ve work; down to the amount of days is just so cool to me. If I could give a bigger star rating I 100% would. I have heard of other employees having difficulties with this app. I’m not sure if it’s due to the user or our HR but I personally have had no problems. Not to mention requiring to update your password every so often is great. It’s a hassle to do but they do what they can safety of your information and I love it 😃

BLNIENVS, May 17, 2020
Clunky interface is confusing, crashes between opens, overall very hard to use

A company I work with recently switched to using HCMToGo. My first reaction was that the interface was extremely hard to use compared to the app we switched from and was way more intuitive, way more user friendly, it took me and everyone else I work with WAY longer than it should have to simply find our schedule. Information that should be easy to access is hidden through menus and tabs, maybe that’s all customizable to some point but the default UI would be way better if it was simplified. That’s my biggest gripe, and I hope the developers working on this app consider the non technical average joe and simplify the interface. The app crashes between opens. I understand logging out after use, but the app crashes and after each login I have to manually close the program each time. Minor inconvenience, but this app is riddled with minor inconveniences that add up across our company while we are adjusting to what is right now a very cumbersome app.

BronsonL1992, Feb 03, 2020
Difficult to use and outdated

My job recently switched to using HCMtoGo, and none of us like the app. The schedule is very difficult to find hidden under multiple tabs. The timesheet gives decimal points for your hours, so you have to do math to figure out how many hours and minutes you’ve actually worked. This has caused multiple of my coworkers to go over hours because of how confusingly this app is set up. Please take away all the multiple tabs and make the hours show in minutes and hours. All of my coworkers are great with computers and technology, but this app challenges even the most computer literate person. We have never had any issue using the previous app, TSheets! This app could learn many things from TSheets!

Colton_H, May 02, 2020
Not great , not even good

First off, I despise the unethical practice of companies harassing the user to give an automatic 5 star rating to get rid of the pop up asking for a rating. I have chosen “no thanks” 20 times trying to get that request to go away. I would not give a 5 star rating for this app. I might have given 3 stars but now its 1 star for that reason. The app itself is poorly done and difficult to navigate. The headings given do not describe well what you are looking for. I’ve used this app since January and every time I’m looking for info such as what my PTO accumulation rate is, or how to correct a punch because YOUR server is down, I have to search and search through menu options that do not describe what I’m looking for. So although you embezzled a 5 star rating from me, I’m here to give you 1 star and wish I could give zero stars

Deb85233, Jun 27, 2020
Great service provider

This app is perfect for businesses, to help employees see and keep track of their hours, and also make request for days off, unpaid and PTO. It helps keep things organized which I really like. The only Con I really see is the ‘Clocking in & out’, it can be way better. I go to work and clock in fine, and when I clock out it doesn’t show that it’s for the same shift. It’s as if I’m starting 2 different shifts a day. If that can be fixed and reflect on the timesheet, this app would help a lot of employers save time by not going back and fixing every employees Timesheet.

Jimi Crow, Oct 11, 2022
Awesome App with deep functionality

I am able to do much more with HCMtogo versus other HCM apps. The widgets are customizable and easy to use. Employees can very quickly learn to navigate a broad set of features. Our business is so much more efficient with features like PTO requests, missing and chanes to punches and shift swaps using the app. We are able to spend more time on employee satisfaction versus mundane tasks. The app is very secure with face ID allowing seamless login with GEO fencing to prevent time theft. The technology is way more advanced than any other platform.

Miser Mitch, Feb 02, 2021
Buggy and insane menus

Face ID login never works and I usually end up having to type my user name and password every time. Admittedly our company uses very few of the plentiful features, but it’s wild that every navigation menu item is buried with in at least one collapsable menu item. Usually by the same name. (My Time > Timesheets > Timesheet (other options in that menu include “My Timesheets” why not just one button. Ultimately I appreciate that I can clock in and out on the home page (unlike many other time tracking apps weirdly) But the organization and prioritization of everything else in the app is really frustrating.

Rensca, Aug 21, 2020

not super great. still needs some work; Won’t open again after you use it (you have to hard close the app each time) a white screen just shows, navigation within is not intuitive. issues clocking out if you’ve done an overnight. i know this app is supposed to be helpful but managers end up having to take more time than normal to add in all the missed clocks. and there isn’t a way to go back when entering benefits data if you’ve missed something, you basically have to start over again. keep working, team!

SaYes, Jun 19, 2020
Absolutely Confusing

I absolutely hate this app. Worse thing my job did was switch to it. The app won’t load unless you remember to force close it after each use. Setting up direct deposit is a headache X 10. If you switch banks or have 2 banks good luck trying to get them set up as it’s a nightmare with constant error messages saying only 1 direct deposit account can be set up at a time or some other kind of error. Why you can’t just go to your direct deposit section and click edit and change your account info and call it a day is beyond me. If you can avoid this app, I highly recommend you AVOID it at all cost.

Shane198634, Apr 24, 2022


Company Shortname Required! This app requires a company shortname, which is a unique company identifier which you can get from your company administrator. Tada!

The new HCMtoGo mobile app is here! Before you jump in and download it be sure to take a look at the following. *IMPORTANT MESSAGE FOR NEW HCMtoGO USERS* BEFORE YOU LOGIN - employees and managers: • If your administrator has not setup the new HCMtoGO app for your organization, you will NOT be able to get access. Please check with your manager or company admin to get access to the new app. • When logging in with HCMtoGO you will need to select the region you are using as well as the Company Shortname (The unique Identification number your company administrator needs to provide to you.) • After you enter that information you will be prompted to enter in your Company, Username, and Password. If you get stuck on this your COMPANY ADMIN can help you out. • Companies need to be using approval workflows to process To Do Items. • Supported Timesheet Profiles are Bulk Hours and Start/End (All Days) only. • Administrator should provide their company’s Short Name to users for login. Now that you are ready to join HCMtoGO here are some of the awesome things you can do within the new app to enhance your human resource needs: • Check and/or edit your timesheets for accuracy • Submit and view time off requests • Check vacation/sick balances • Enroll in benefits and view existing benefits • Check your schedule • View pay stubs and manage direct deposits. • Check your schedule and, if enabled, swap shifts with peers Your employer must have the HCMtoGO software configured for mobile use. Contact your system administrator for more details. Key things to know as an administrator: • Users need to have permission to access the new app via their security profile. • Users need to be permissioned to have access via their UI Preferences widget within their security profile. • Companies need to be using approval workflows to process To Do Items. • Supported Timesheet Profiles are Bulk Hours and Start/End (All Days) only. • Administrator should provide their company’s Short Name to users for login. • Basic Authentication with SSO is not currently supported

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