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Happy Hop: Kawaii Jump

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User Reviews for Happy Hop: Kawaii Jump

I love this app

This app is so much fun and is great if you are bored. You get to decorate your own house and get to collect pets. Every pet you collect it comes with is own background, say if you had artic dog, you would be in the snow. And if you collect a chest on the round you get to open it and see what you get, you use those items to decorate your house. You can also collect coins from the round and the chests or even if you just finish a round and once you get a hundred coins you get a new pet!!! There is so much to do and I never get bored of it!! You also get stickers on your text messages and they app will let you take a photo of your records or house instead of screenshoting it. Definitely recommend this app to cure your boredom or just to have fun!!!! Please download and rate 5 starts also did I mention THERE IS NO ADS!!!!! I KNOW!!! Please download this app they need this!!! They worked for this!!!! Now thank you for reading this, please download.😶🤗

😎💖💟❤️💗💘💕😍😘, Aug 17, 2020

I’ve been playing this game for a really long time then stopped completely due to phone issues. BUT now I just got the app again (all progress saved and all) and its grew and changed so much! Changed as in added new features as in the house and chests! It makes the game much more fun than it already was before! (It was fun before too). There’s loads of cute little characters to collect, different chests that have unique prizes in each of them, and a little room/house. Also I know everyone hates ads BUT the ads on the game, well for me at least, are 2 second pop up ads that have the “x” to close it! No long ads thankfully! Which is gr8 too! The only problem or nit picking I have — the house. I think the devs should add a scroll feature that has an arrow either up and down or vertical. That way, you can navigate throughout the rooms. We get so many cute furniture and items from the chests, BUT have so little room to display them :•(. Adding a scroll feature would be better tho! Vertical can be for left and right scrolling throughout the one big room that’s endless maybe? OR make an up and down scroller so we can have the first floor, second, and so on to scroll up and place items. I hope one of these options will be a feature soon! We love the new things you’re doing and hope you expand our house for our cute items! Thanks xx💛

CryBabyKFever, Sep 15, 2018
Great game but...

So I started this game about a week ago and it’s a blast! You can collect all these MIIMOS and use them while jumping on platforms! But there could be a few more stuff to make the game more interesting. First, about three days in the game it gives you a home. There’s all these treasure chests though out the map. Inside them it gives you cute furniture to design your home! But there’s not that much room inside. There’s only one floor with just a little amount of space and it’s kinda cramped. I would very much recommended if you could add a second floor to make more space for furniture. another thing, there’s really not that much to do in the game, what about making tasks for the player to do! It could give you five tasks a day and you could compete with other players to get stars! One more thing, you should add trading into the game! So you can trade MIIMOS and furniture to other players around the world! And also make golden MIIMOS and furniture if you have a certain amount of them! I hope you could add this to the game to make it more fun! Thank you!

Ezekiel Krunch, May 26, 2021
A few performance issues, but amazing work!

Hi! I am so far really loving the game, it’s by far one of the most addicting ( and adorable ) games I have ever come across, and I’m glad my friend recommended this app to me! There is one quite bothersome performance issue that I would like to report, though, and asked my friend about it and it seemed she had a similar problem. Something like this occurs in the “Sailor Cats” app as well, but I will talk about that another time.Basically, when I get a chest, a lot of times when I want to overview a certain item, especially PLUSHIES for some reason, the game seems to always crash or kick me out. It gets rather annoying and it’s not a one-time thing either. To what I said about Sailor Cats. Also a VERY addicting app that I get stuck on a lot! But, sometimes when I am equipping and viewing outfits on my cats, the game kicks me out. The outfit doesn’t even save. Just a bothersome issue I wanted to recommend you fix. Ecstatic for future updates. Great work!

Gufywscnoptfadscvjoidaclpusu, Nov 15, 2018
I loved it!

I know it's weird to have dreams that can become a reality, but I think that just happened to me. This app is so fun. I really enjoy it. It's kawaii, doesn't have too many advertisements, and is amusing to me and others. I really admire the fact that it gives you treasure and candy-like star things that come out of pinatas, you can get at least one new character each day, and the fun you have just tapping your screen (it's like Cookie Clicker, but it's not, but it's better I can't explain ;-;.) The only thing I dislike is the app purchases, it's just me because of me being sad because I really want that orca whale skin but once again costs money. And it's because I'm in a Google Family or whatever you call those things and because of that I have to ask for most things functioned on mobile devices (including app games, in-app purchases.) Otherwise, that's it and the Google Family thing doesn't count because that might just be me and it doesn't matter.

hoi it's maliyse, Oct 14, 2019
LOVE LOVE LOVE this game

I’ve always enjoyed the gashapon style collecting games, but this takes that concept and adds so much more. One thing that makes this game different, is you actually earn your characters and decor, through a highly addictive platforming mini game. I really like that bc you’re not just waiting around for something to happen. I also love the fact that with different characters, their background and trails change color and effect; the room personalization is also adorable. Everything is just so customizable & I love that. I can’t wait to see what this app will offer in the future, & seeing as it’s made by only two people, I’m super impressed! It also doesn’t have a ton of ads, just a few here and there that you can easily skip through, or choose to watch for bonuses. Keep on with updates and adding new skins, decor, etc and you’ll have a long time player from me!

Katyleicht, Sep 21, 2018
Love it!!! Totally fun!! Just one design flaw...

I really like the game, whenever I am searching my phone for a fun, satisfying game to play, I always find my way back to this or their other game, Sailor Cats. The game is cool and I really enjoy playing it. The game is interesting and sometimes addictive in a good way, I love how you get too play the game with the cats and decorate it’s house with cute items. The ONLY thing I could say that they could change is just that I would like for them to make the house a little bit bigger so that I could fit more stuff in like for example, say I wanted to have two chairs to complete my “ living room” and then wanted to put a bed beside that, but I couldn’t because there wasn’t any more room. That is all I can say because everything else is fine. So, all I am saying is that I wish there was more room in the house for the cute cat. But really, it is not that big of a deal. I would totally suggest this game to anyone who likes a sweet, fun, and entertaining app.

mammamialover, Mar 31, 2019
Good but some adjustments

I love this app so much! My sister got it on my phone and she started to play it all the time! I decided to try it out and I LOVE it!!!!! I have 55 out of 95 of the pets. I love opening chests and piñatas. But there is one thing that really gets to me. Recently, I’ve been going to Mimoland a lot. And 99% of the time, they gone me 50 stars and a pet I already have. I have almost all of the pets available from Mimoland , and I’m working on getting all of them. And considering I’m re-opening a lot of the pets I already have, it’s no help. But I do love getting house decorations and new pets. I also love how you can get mystery pets for doing something. Like, 250 hops, getting a new high score, and stuff like that. There are two pets they already have but are super cool. One of them has a challenging world. I have some suggestions to improve the game. First off I think there should be outfits you can get in a chest for your pets. Also I think you should expand the room in the houses. Other than the adjustments and other things, get this app! It is awesome!!!! 🤍❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🤍

MORICE0.0, Aug 13, 2020
Awesome game

This game is awesome but I just don’t like the fact that you have to buy some of the Mimmos I just don’t my Nana won’t let me so that’s why I don’t like it when you answer when you come up when I go up to one that you have to buy I just get so jealous cause I can’t do it like other people can’t but other than that this game is amazing I will literally play this game every day so yeahAre you give this game a five star because it’s so amazing I just can’t stop over how it’s so amazing I really like this game I’ll love the Nemos in it I have I just got this new one I can’t I can’t I can’t read his name so will you please tell me what this means Biour. I don’t know what his name is please tell me what that is me and my sister played all the time because it’s so fun I actually gave her some of my memos on my iPad but I actually gave her some of my Mimmos she loves them like she will beg me and begged me and begged me to play it

nevaeh leeAnn, Sep 07, 2021
Amazing game! But here are some suggestions :>

I have been playing this game for a few days now and it is so fun! You can collect cute characters to play with in game and it is really fun to try and beat your high score on the actual game I also find it very helpful there is an average score because then I have something to compare my score to there are also chests you can open to get furniture to decorate your house which is one of my favorite parts but my main suggestion is that the houses are pretty small and way to cramp. So what would be really fun is if you made it bigger or added a second floor. And I also saw another person mention a task bar which would also be cool and maybe you could add more biomes like a candy biome or a space biome. But that all I could really think of. Thank you for reading. Great game!

pls a, Mar 05, 2022


Happy Hop is an original endless hopper, very easy to play but at the same time very challenging! In Happy Hop you'll have to tap left or right to get to the next platform before it moves, breaks, or even disappears! On the way you'll find rare chests and piñatas filled with tons of cute costumes to dress your character and thousands of objects to decorate your house!

Looks easy, right? Well, careful! Because this little game can be highly addictive :3 Give it a try and beat your friends' high scores! “But, what’s a Miimo?” Miimos are narwhals dressed as other animals ò_o You heard that right! They escaped from their original game Sweet Sins! Help them on this new adventure! --=≡Σ((( つ`•ω•´)つ -------- FEATURES -------- - Super fun and addictive casual jumping arcade - Simple and intuitive one-tap controls (tap left and right to jump between walls & platforms). The whole family can play and enjoy Happy Hop! - More than 80 adorable Mimo animals are waiting for you: Little Goat, Alpacorn, Chicken, Whale and so on! Gotta catch them all! - Doodle your way up on your rainbow while collecting hearts, stars & piñatas! - Miimoland! A secret world where you’ll get your Meemos by opening a cute egg! - Fly through +20 different landscapes - Achievements and leaderboards are integrated with Game Center. Battle your friends score! - Special offers, pets and gifts will be added with holidays updates: St. Patrick, Easter, Halloween, Christmas and other limited time events! - Unique and stunning cute kawaii graphic style ◈ NEW!! ◈ Themed BIG ROOMS with +1000 items to decorate them! ^O^ -------- Regarding In-App Purchases: IAPs in the game are purely cosmetic. No additional purchases are needed to finish the game. *No internet connection needed. -------- #HINT: Unlock Meemo Treasure Dragon and Supporter Deer! They’re super cool *wink*wink* Thanks to all of you who supports us through social media! You are awesome and we truly love you! -------- ◈ This game is made by a 2-person team so we really appreciate your feedback ^-^ We really hope you enjoy our game! We certainly had a blast making it. Even if you didn’t, we’d love to hear from you. Email us at [email protected] Join our community and take part in great contests and giveaways! - Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/Sweetsinsgame - Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/PlatonicGames - Follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/platonicgames_/ - Like us on Facebook: https://facebook.com/PlatonicGames ◈ Download the cutest game in the history of ever. Once you Hop, the fun don't stop! Kawaii desu ne ~~ ミ(o*・ω・)ノ

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