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Hangman Multiplayer Newspaper

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User Reviews for Hangman Multiplayer Newspaper

hangman, not hangbot

Bring the man back. The last time i checked the game was called hangman, not hangbot. Just because some think its going too far doesn't mean it is.

-=(bobo555)=-, Dec 07, 2014
After losing, no answer revealed!!!

What kind of an app is this that doesn't give the answer after you've lost? You just keep playing, losing, and that's it? You don't get to see which letters you could have or should have picked? It's hard to believe it was intentionally designed that way. Additionally, I tried to email the developer, and email pops up with no email address in the TO section, hence the bad review.

Bonito apps, Sep 15, 2015
Oh well

I'd have given this app 5 stars, but you can't invite friends by email address. I don't want to play with just anyone.

Capnjackk, May 12, 2013
Concerned Mom

I am very concerned about the picture on the game. When we first down loaded the game I am pretty sure it was a stick figure. Now a realistic little boy pictured with a noose around his neck. As a Mom I DO NOT need that image in my child's head!Sorry but very concerning! Think I will find another similar game!!

Concern Mom, Sep 10, 2013
Weird I can't play against my friends

Every time I sent a request, it always shows "waiting for players" and my friends have the same problems...

emtheone, Feb 01, 2014

This brings back fun memories of my younger years. :-) We would play it in choir and at school. This app definitely is fun and I don't waste paper. Thanks for sharing it. Gets a 9 1/2 out of 10.

Grape2Juice, Sep 22, 2012
Fun game

Much better with a longer list of words

Hvrghe, Aug 24, 2012

Had to delete this on principle. I loved this game but disapprove of the latest update. I played hangman all my life and have no real homicidal or any suicidal thoughts! I refuse to play hangbot! Bring back the man and i shall re download!! This world needs to stop catering to the weak minded. It gets 3* since the game was great... before today.

KingSpade357, Sep 16, 2013
Great game

Always loved that game. Fun to play. Love the different categories. Not so easy to figure out sometimes which is great. Dont want to win to easily! Get the app.

SunshineSD, Feb 01, 2013
Good game

Needs to be able to have multiplayer on the same device, but other than that it is very entertaining.(Also could you rename the app from "Hangman Pro" to something like "Hangman" :-)

Timbt, Jul 10, 2013


It doesn’t matter whether you’re six years old or sixty, Hangman Vocabulary Building Word Learning Game updates the classic pen and paper game of hangman so that you can compete against your friends across the Internet. Or you can challenge yourself and rapidly improve your spelling and increase your English vocabulary and word learning capability. Key Features: -------------------------------------------- • Single and Multiplayer game play • 21 English categories • Puzzles are randomly generated • Online newspaper sentence word puzzle • Word of the Day • Flash Cards • Bookmark words with dictionary access • Pronunciation of English words • Leaderboards and Achievements • Cool music for inner peace How Hangman Works -------------------------------------------- If you haven’t played Hangman before, you’ll love Hangman Vocabulary Building Game.

It makes playing simple. A series of blank spaces are displayed. Underneath the spaces are letters. You simply press a letter to make it your guess for this turn. If the word includes the letter, it appears in the appropriate blank spot. If the word doesn’t include the letter, your Hangman gets a little closer to dying. Don’t guess wrong too many times! In Newspaper section, user can get latest news everyday and play with the words. Even at the end of game play, user can see the news details. If you get stuck, you can ask for a hint—but be careful—you only get two hints per challenge. (If you win enough words, you’ll get bonus hints.) English Vocabularies Variation --------------------------------------------- • Beginner • Advance • Common • Standard • Newspaper • Animals • Colors • Geography • Food • Positive • Body • Clothes • Sports • SAT • TOEFL • IELTS • GRE • Science • Math • Business • Medical • Music Become The World Champion -------------------------------------------- Hangman Vocabulary Building Game keeps track of your progress both against yourself and against everyone else. It tracks how many games you’ve played—and how many you’ve won. And if you win enough games within a single category, your name will appear on the world-wide games center leaderboard so everyone knows you’re the world Hangman champion.

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