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User Reviews for Hangman Dojo


It's a fun game but sad when there is a swear word or other adult inappropriately themed words. My 11 yet old granddaughter loves to play and is a good learning game but *ucking is unnecessary at best!!!!! Clean up your act please!-----------Thank you for your reply. Also how do you get to any settings? Or are there none? How do you save and begin again? Granddaughter got over 7000 points and paused the game When we reopened later it had vanished! She was heartbroken! Glad you are going to clean it up and make it kid appropriate! We love the game and the challenge and the learning concept! I also upgraded to NO ads and I keep getting them. Please advise!

Ama Nama, Oct 23, 2017
It is awesome

I think learning is fun and it’s even more fun when it is challenging. Every day when I come home school I play the game, it’s so much fun. I shan’t to be a teacher when I grow up and this game gave me more words in my vocabulary. I haven’t been playing the game very long but now I have so many more words I can use, and I can read more books! I showed the game to all 26 of my cousins and to all 23 of my aunts and uncles and they all downloaded the game! But I do wish that at the beginning they would tell you how to play the game. Also no adds they do now good. Please fix the glitching.

BBAM=R, Dec 26, 2018
Great Game Minus Glitches

Enjoyed playing this game except it has had glitches. It brings up letters with no possible words and forces you to end the game. Extremely frustrating. Happened twice. If it happens a third time, I’m weaving the game abs changing my review to less stars.

ExpressoLove24, Jul 31, 2021
“Hangman with friends”????

Not! The title stated you can play with friends but it only works on one phone. That’s not with friends. Misleading! This is simply hangman! I was looking for a kids hangman that my daughter and I could play. She lives in another state and “hangman with friends” leads you to be leave that it is a multiplayer game. But it isn’t! Please change the false advertisement. Simply sharing the word in a txt is not playing with friends.

Lge501, Jan 02, 2019
All star

Omg I love this game and rn I’m just trying to not make my rating not be so long Soo let’s do the opposite on purpose. I’m going to press any random word that appears in the little box thing and yea.... START: . Hey sup I just got home from the hospital and I’m going back to school and then I’ll get back home from work tomorrow morning I’m just tryna is your mom and dad going to school tomorrow .END

Maortgutemala, Dec 14, 2019
It’s okay

Nothing special it passes the time by and it makes you work your brain. I do have to say I was doing this with a few friends, they are reasonably diverse on there vocabulary and they have not know few of the words.

RealCytherea, Feb 03, 2018
Fun but Frustrating

This game is fun but it throws in words like “Sbjct” (and similar abbreviations) so it causes us to lose our high scoring games. It must be designed to not let you get too many points and streak going. Developers should fix this… they aren’t words!!!

Solvan7, Aug 06, 2022

I like having the dictionary provided so you can see that yes....that WAS a real word!! And having a variety of alternate ways to play is also a nice feature

TermieMT, Jun 14, 2018
Hangman Dojo review

I really love the game Hangman Dojo because I learn new words all the time that make me so confused! It’s a fun game that helps you learn words and review words. And me and my friend love to play the texting version of it. And I know I am rambling on and on about this so I’m just going to stop and say... I LOVE HANGMAN DOJO! i ❤️ Hangman Dojo. By, Hangman Dojo lover.

WolfieMid, Sep 17, 2019

Hangman dojo is fun because... 1. You get to play with friends and by yourself. 2. You get 2 different games when you play by yourself. 3. There are 4 awesome stages to play with!

Zoey Brown, Mar 28, 2019


Are you good at spelling? Download this game to find out how strong your vocabulary skill really is. Hangman Dojo brings the classic popular word guessing game to modern mobile devices.

Guess the letters to reveal the hidden word. But be careful with your steps and get there fast before you are hung! Unlike other versions of Hangman, you play Hangman Dojo in an addictive endless mode. Guessing on and on to see how many English words you can spell out in one game - and get the highest score to compete with your friends all over the world. Hangman Dojo is also an educational game you can use in classroom or after school to practice spelling. Read the dictionary and learn new words, so you can do better next time! If you really like this game, share your fun with your friends by guessing the same word with them over iMessage! Following modes are now supported: * Hangman mode: *** Kids: 9k Words *** SAT: 5k Words *** Standard: 38k Words *** Insane: 360k Words * Tower mode: *** 10 x 6 *** 12 x 8 Hangman Dojo includes very small ads to keep it free. To get better gameplay experience, buy "Remove Ads" and contribute to our further development of the game. For any suggestion or feedback, please contact us at [email protected] . If you like this game, leave a review to help us improve continually. Thank you very much!

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