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Stryder Corp.
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User Reviews for Handshake Jobs & Careers

Works well for intended purpose but

There is no way to manage what emails you get sent and you can only unsubscribe from specific things when they get sent to you. When I tried to searching how to block emails it would only tell me how to resubscribe. Yes to apply to jobs this app is fully capable, but it’s manipulative/dark UX and just annoying to not allow the user to change those settings. I have lost all respect for the company I previously had. I expect this from scams and cheap money grab apps not a service used by universities and businesses.

AmbientGibberish, Aug 08, 2022
Unusable app

Not sure why this has so many food reviews, I had a lot of difficulties signing up for an account through the app. I contacted support for help because it would not let me register my email with my school. Support suggested I try signing up on the website but that produced the same results. What did work was signing up with a different college that had the same email domain as mine. I still had to contact support again to change my college to the correct one since that cannot be done by the user.To top it all off, I tried to go back into the app to login to my now made account but there is no option to log in, just create a new account lol. This app has a lot of fixes that need to be made.

Anal 5hipment, Jul 26, 2022
Too wide search results

The app is ok, and the results do match well for search terms unlike some other job apps. My complaint is that the search area is way too wide. I’m north of Baltimore and my results are for DC and northern VA. The website lets you narrow it by distance but the app does not. I hope this changes because otherwise I can see this being a good, useful app. I just don’t have time to look through all these jobs I’d never apply to.

Anthony1480, Apr 07, 2019
One Star

I downloaded this app with the hopes of finding a better career move. However, upon having this app for over a year, I have been unable to use this app as to what it is intended to be used for. When I first downloaded this app, it worked well, gave a lot of insight on the jobs to come. I was happy. Few months into the app, it started slowing up, crashing, etc. so I checked for an update. If there was an update, I would update immediately. Then, few days later same issues, this time on top of the crashing and slowing up, I would click on an interested job and it would freeze on that particular job and only way to unfreeze the app is to close out the entire app. To this day, I’m annoyed with the app and deleted it completely from my phone. Would I re-download it? Maybe 🤷🏾‍♀️ hopefully it will be less crashing and freezing.

bsmccraney, Jun 21, 2021
Handshake is great except

I really love this app and I’ve had it for about two weeks now, however my complaint is I am unable to add documents to the app as somebody who is blind. I use this app with voiceover on an iPhone 13 and I’m seeing a glitch where it’s not allowing me to edit my résumé to apply for on-campus jobs of handshake and if you could fix that and a future update that would be greatly appreciated so I could use this app to my advantage thank you. I can’t even report a problem with the link you sent me via email because it just gives me articles that are not even helpful

Caroline Carbaugh, May 19, 2022
Needs to be a way to block direct messaging from recruiters

This app is basically a way for recruiters to meet their quotas by spamming a bunch of people with jobs that are irrelevant to them. I receive at least two messages a day from out of state recruiters encouraging me to apply to jobs that have nothing to do with my degree. I did enjoy browsing the job postings and sometimes it is a great way to talk with someone directly from a company but I got spammed way more than what it's worth. Also, started getting logged out every single time I closed the app. I get redirected through my school login to get back into the app which is a hassle.

chellllll27, Jul 31, 2022
Terrible app

I received an email for a virtual interview on handshake. When I click the link handshake opens and tells me that I don’t have permission to do “that”. It doesn’t tell me what “that” is and they don’t have a customer support number either. You have to fish around the app until you manage to find where you can send an email to them. I still haven’t heard back from Handshake since I’ve sent an email. Employers please do not use this app for interviews etc. customer support is trash and the links they provide won’t allow everyone to open it.

Cryptoguy1, Feb 19, 2022
Cannot get past "Search for Schools" page

I just updated the app because I was looking at a job, and suddenly kept getting the error message "Something went wrong. Please try again." However, now that I've updated the app, I cannot get past the "Search for Schools" page. I type in the first two letters of my school, then get the same error message: "Something went wrong. Please try again."I tried turning my phone off and then back on again, but that didn't work. I also tried deleting the app and then reinstalling it, but that didn't work, either. This is really frustrating. The app was working fine until five minutes ago. Now it's not working at all. Please fix this ASAP! Thank you.

iS2mHp, Feb 23, 2022
Needs work done

The app needs allot of work still. First off there isn’t a log off button anywhere so if you signed up with the wrong email then good luck on fixing that. There are many things the website has that cannot be accessed through the app such as viewing other students in your school. As for the actual job searching tool it is far too wide. I live in Texas. Denton to be exact yet I’m seeing jobs in other states. The app has potential but I’m honestly surprised that it seems as if it wasn’t tested thoroughly. What I recommend for you all to do is ask various students all the problems we are having with your website. A simple survey email should suffice.

jsaeed22, Oct 22, 2019
Best Job site I’ve used!

Tried Indeed, Trello, LinkedIn jobs, all of them pale in comparison to handshake. The ui alone and innovative way to search for jobs is a selling point that can beat any other site out there. It may not have the amount of jobs like indeed, but you can find good ones very quickly that are the perfect fit for you. My school, IUPUI uses handshake and I was able to find an opportunity as a freshman, I was a freshman!I have only seen jobs pertaining to the technology sector, software engineer to data analyst type stuff. That’s because that’s all I’m interested in right now. However, the DM system where companies can reach out to you, or you can reach out to recruitment managers is an amazing addition to an already great job hunting experience. Try it out!

LegoGuy32109, Oct 21, 2021


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