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Guess the World War II Weapon

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Guess the World War II Weapon

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User Reviews for Guess the World War II Weapon

Pretty good

Pretty good

acsetlock, Nov 13, 2017
Challenging but fun

The game starts out easy then gets into history buff zone which is where I am but you don’t have to finish each pack and it’s all free

chikkluken, May 05, 2019

The German guns and things are in German I can’t read that

PulseGr1zly, Jun 30, 2021
Very hard

There should be somewhere to get help with the game like a website or something I keep using all my hints and stuff because I can’t figure them out but than I run out do delete the game and start over but it jumbles up the levels so you can’t keep track Please help

skull3215, Nov 29, 2020
I’m stuck on this one

It shows around 15% of a plane on the picture and has a very long name, I’ve looked everywhere on the internet and can’t find anything like it.. I’ve already used all of my help tokens and I’m on the 12th weapon from gallery 1.. 🤦‍♂️

twin toys ✔️, Jan 04, 2021


During World War II, weapon development advanced rapidly in all areas, including ship building, military aircraft and vehicles, artillery and small arms. At the beginning of the war, the rate of evolution was gradual, based in large part on lessons learned during the First World War. However, just six years later, the face of warfare was transformed significantly by the arrival of jet aircraft and nuclear weapons.

Test your knowledge on World War II weapons. Includes every important armoured fighting vehicle, military aircraft, firearm and battleship from each nation which took part in the conflict. Challenge yourself to see how many you can recognize! SIMPLE, FUN AND ADDICTIVE Hundreds of questions with different levels of difficulty await you. Do you think you can beat all of them? DETAILED INFORMATION ON EACH WEAPON Service history and technical details provided for each weapon. HELP TOKENS TO THE RESCUE If you get stuck on a level, you have three types of tokens at your disposal to help you reach the next one: reveal a single letter, remove extra letters or skip the level. GET IN TOUCH If you have a question, a suggestion or a comment, you can contact me here: - instagram.com/AlexAngelescuApps - facebook.com/AlexandruAngelescuApps - youtube.com/AlexandruAngelescu - twitter.com/AlxAngApps

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