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User Reviews for Guess the Food

Three reasons

I REALLY,REALLY wanted to give this five stars but I can’t because three things. When you pick where your from (Spain, Canada, Brazil ect.) it has the US (where I live) its USA/worldwide which really frustrates me because I don’t know half the stuff they showed me! I have a Canadian friend who played this with me and she said I lot of them were Canadian foods that I didn’t know! The second reason is It’s kinda boring the lay out is boring and when you get to level 15 if not sooner didn’t play as much because it’s boring. The last reason is It gets way to hard way to fast 💨 I think that it should not go for my first one I did 88% right and my second one 56% and in my family we played this all together and I got the most right (Diffrent game) so I think I should be good at this too. So overall if you really, really want to don’t get it.See what I did there LOL but srl don’t get it

cahrlotte nguyen, Oct 15, 2019
Some items are confusing to me but it’s still Fun!

I’m not familiar with some of the things that I was shown, but I’m so Thankful that I was able to Guess the food/product by the Terribly done “blackout” and my deduction abilities were helpful in getting the answer!Go with your Gut!

Damaged teeth, Jul 21, 2020
I enjoy it!

I seen a lot of reviews where people are saying they just get a blank screen or the screen won’t load at all. I don’t know why because I have no problem with it loading for myself. Also, a few people said that if you don’t know foods, condiments, etc. from other countries, then you shouldn’t get the app. However, I disagree. Even if you’re like myself where you can’t do the other countries because of not having enough knowledge on their products, you still have over 60 levels to do in the USA category alone.Basically, I’m trying to apologize to the makers of this app. I don’t know why there were so many complaints because I enjoy it so much! I’m hoping you have other apps with different categories that I’ll stumble upon so I can play those too!! 👍🏻 😀

Lizzy110292, Feb 16, 2020
It’s the best

I like this game because it helps me to remember what brand is which food, and I also like it because it’s a game you can play when you are bored of playing another game or if you are bored of something else.

Logan13536, Nov 02, 2021
I love it but...

I found this app when I was scrolling through the games and got it. Here is some advice if you buy it and you don’t know what the brand is you can Press the hint button! I love this app and I think you should try out this app! and you can play this app wherever. It is mobile!

Maisie Kizzy Lizzie, Apr 07, 2019
1 thing

This game is the best game ever. I have so many games but this is the best so far. I watch a lot of nerdy nummies and I am a fellow foodie who loves to bake so this is the best game ever for me. I never show my grandma any games that I like but I did and she is playing it every day. If you are reading this to see if you should get it I highly recommend getting it if you are a foodie like me. The only thing I don’t like about it is that the USA/ world wide has so much food that I don’t know. I know I am only 8 but some of them my mom doesn’t even know. That is the only thing negative for me. I love this game.

mattie verna dorminy, Nov 21, 2020
2 things 😉

Ok this game is a really fun game to pass the time. I could do this game for hours. I only wish that there was one more fun element to it. And game or puzzle on top of the food name guessing. I will say if you love to eat food ( which if you don’t I don’t know what to tell you 😂) then totally get this game!! It tests your knowledge and it show that you really don’t know everything. The second thing is that they are picking weirdo foods to test you on that I have no clue on. That’s it! Thanks for making this amazing game!

michal lenz, Feb 02, 2021
Best Game Ever

This app is this best it helps you learn about brands and other items we eat. When I found this app I thought it was going to be boring but when I started playing I couldn’t stop. You guys should really try this app out and if it’s good pass it on to make the world play.😀

oof art, Nov 03, 2019
Boredom’s cure

This game is fun when you are lying around the house or just in the backseat of the car it has everything brand from spam to twix it doesn’t have a problem loading and has fewer ads than most games it has different stages 25 brands to name and or guess in each stage, every time you name a brand correctly it gives you more game credits to buy hints and stuff like that,I have only had this game for a little while but I can assure you that it definitely cured my boredom,I give it a 4/5 it have good quality, I would say it’s not for everyone but if you are thinking about getting it I would approve of that idea have fun!

pamgtrevino, Apr 17, 2022
Great game

Hey guys this is truly a great game it is so fun toplay but sometimes if you you don’t have a high enough score then you can’t move on but this Is a great game not lots of ads and stuff like that and the sketches are so amazing and I screenshot them to try and draw them but this is a great game sometimes there is technical difficult-ties but they get fixed but i love this game and i do recommended you to get it

zhdjhchsjxj, Oct 23, 2021


Guess the Food progress is synced with Facebook, so you can play on all of your different devices and compete with your friends for the highest score! Guess the Food Features: - Multiple choice options for every food brand - More than 7500 brands organized in over 400 levels and 25 countries! - Helpful clues! Hints are awarded to help you figure out the answer! - New Daily Challenge to solve every day for extra hints! - Log in with Facebook to sync your score and compete with your friends! - Ask your Facebook friends for help when stuck! - Scoreboard where you can compare your ranking with friends. - Progress is synced with Facebook, so you can play on all of your different devices. - High-quality graphics. - Timely updates: new packs are added frequently.

All food brands shown or represented in this game are copyright and/or trademark of their respective corporations. The use of low-resolution images in this trivia app for use of identification in an informational context qualifies as fair use under copyright law.

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