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User Reviews for Gudak Cam

Get rid of the 3 day timer

Changed my rating cause of the responsiveness.

annoyed-customer6969, Oct 16, 2019
Oops I crashed it

My favorite app I've ever purchased. Fundamentally conceptually changes the purpose of your phones camera. Embrace spontaneity. Stop over analyzing. Gudak is here for you.Sadly I crashed it - I've got two rolls that won't develop. I may have accidentally close the app while it was developing. Now everytime I open it i can't seem to develop the rolls - a message says run in background, but nothing develops whether I select run in background or not.Is there any way to rescue the rolls?

BLU D3VL, Jul 11, 2020
Lost good footage because of accidental closure

I love the app and the fact that you have specific amount of films to work with. However, the fact that if you accidentally close it and lose all your pictures is ridiculous. I was documenting my fiancé’s cancer treatment journey through Gudak because of time stamp and nostalgic effect, but such good pictures got lost because of this. I wish I hadn’t used Gudak to document those moments. I relied on it and it let me down. I wish I could get those pictures back.

Darthyourvader, May 04, 2021
Crashes when offline

The app fails to load and crashes if there is no internet connection. Please fix this.Update:I’m using iphone 11. installed the latest ios (13.4) update today, crashes anyway, it crashed before the update, with ios (13.3) as well.

Digital Sister, Mar 31, 2020
Always Back to This One

I have previously downloaded this app before, used it for a while, but wanted something with more customization options and something instant. With having tried out numerous apps over the past couple years since, I re-downloaded this app and just love it all the more now. Out of my extensive camera roll, nothing is saved that I used with those other apps, but I still have those Gudak pics from a couple years back still there! It is the closest quality you'll find to a disposal camera, and I love that there is no control to go back and customize the filter, add light leaks, texture, etc. The option now for ISO is great, I can't wait to try that out! I like that there is still the 3-day wait for the roll to develop, so you're really in the moment as the pictures are being taken and you're not instantly going back to the photo to decide whether to retake or not for the "perfect" picture. Great stuff, Gudak Team! Thanks for being consistent.

ennA yraM, Apr 20, 2020
Thank You Gudak!

I really appreciate the latest updates and improvements added to Gudak. I use this app when I leave my cameras at home. It’s a fun way to get a shot you will get from a point & shoot film roll. I wish there was a way to zoom in in the app or double exposure. That’s why updates exist. Continue the good work!

G. McGhee, Mar 25, 2020
I need your help!

hello, Ive had this app for quite a long time now. for the past few months its been offloaded w/o me knowing because of my storage, earlier this week I redownloaded it and even though I have enough storage and I even developed a new batch, my old photos aren’t coming back. Are they gone forever? They’re not even available in my gallery even though I never deleted anything. The app has taken 690mb of storage but I can’t see or find none of the photos.

howra!!!, Dec 10, 2022

It would be nice if a timer was added and a full screen camera.

JustPlainLuckyyyyyyyy, Mar 17, 2020
photos can’t be saved to my gallery

I captured it several times but the photos can’t be saved to my iPhone

Mac Steel Gun, Jan 07, 2020
Review from ur partayyy girl

I downloaded this app and at first it was confusing but after 1 download process I figured it out and now I use this app all the time and absolutely love it! Instead of buying one which can be expensive you get it fir free and can use as much film as you want. I take photos at parties then get amazing feedback. Everyone is using it now.

maggs_rossi346, Oct 15, 2019


The Gudak Cam has been designed to focus on long-term memory, reminiscence. It is recalling the images you took 72 hours later, when 80% of your memory has blurred and faded away, will turn your short-term memory into long-term memory. Our team also has attempted to reproduce the in-the-moment experience of taking photos by eliminating the Instant Review feature found on conventional digital cameras and reducing 95 % of the conventional viewfinder feature, leaving only the bare minimum needed for taking shots. "Gudak-dari Camera", as its name suggests, refers to a time-worn and antique camera.

Living in a digital generation where "Un-do" function is prevalent, we may have lost the thrill of making new and conscious decisions. "Patients is a virtue" has faded its original value and people are getting used to selecting one palatable photo out of a myriad of photos. Amid this so-called "digitalization", we hope you to recall the thrill of making new choices by seizing the "Gudak Moment". Gudak 3.2 Update has added a self-camera feature that allows you to shoot with a front camera as Gudak feels. Experience a new look of Gudak and a variety of emotional photos with front cameras as well as rear cameras. The theme will be updated further in the future. *The Lecoq film is only available in Korea. Also, for those who feel that Gudak photos are dark, you can adjust the brightness of photos through the newly added ISO (based on world standard film sensitivity). A Gudakbook icon has been added to make Gudak photos a real album. Try to experience the feeling of those days through Gudakbook like the excitement I felt when printing the film camera. You can apply for Gudakbook through the print icon on the Printed Envelope Check page. [Explanation of Authority ] Essential access authority - Cameras: Camera access for photography - Save: External Storage Read/Write permissions for photoshooting, storing, and bringing in Selective access * You can use the service without agreeing to access rights. - Location: Location access to tag location information in pictures

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