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Winter Bagley
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User Reviews for GTA Car Tracker

Good but Badly Want One New Feature

PLEASE let us have several accounts for this app. I want to track my sales for both my accounts, but that seems impossible with the current setup of app, since I would have to delete my sell history every time I swap accounts to sell, which kinda defeats the purpose of tracking the sales

-/UnNamed/-, Sep 12, 2021
Works great. Idk how it’s still on the App Store but I hope it stays forever. Good job.


A Sad Fella, Jul 27, 2022
Actually super helpful

Kinda surprised how much this app has helped me! Thanks devs.

AGM_BlazeUp, Jul 25, 2021

so useful i could die

Americonedream, Sep 01, 2021
You NEED this for car dupes

I usually never write reviews but this app warrants one! It’s incredibly useful to keep track of your sales and super easy to use. Thank you developers for making this! 💕💕💕

calij3, Aug 18, 2021

Extremely efficient

fkdkkakd, Jul 28, 2021
Simple and Easy

Very good app now I can sell my cars when it tells me too very simple and easy great work!!!

isaias flores, Aug 12, 2021
Great app, tried to donate on patreon but couldn’t

I would have sent $20 but the authors patreon account isn’t set up to accept donations?Its a little disconcerting that the patreon page linked goes to someone with a different name than the appstore developer name so I guess something is goofed up. If you fix it, lunch is on me.

synthesizerpatel, Jul 26, 2021

Its good other than it chooses when it wants to give me notifications. i have both them on but i only get notifications like 2 hours past my last sell. i guess its not reliable when it comes to that so i got to use my own alarm.

Talxy, Aug 17, 2021

Does exactly what I need. Now I can sell all my cars quickly

Wariofever768, Jul 26, 2022


Have you got a large vehicle collection in GTA? GTA Car Tracker lets you easily keep track of your collection. You can log a history of your sales, and even get notifications when you are able to sell again.

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