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Graphic for iPad

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User Reviews for Graphic for iPad

Disappointed that I have to buy this on each platform

I just purchased this app for my iPad after reading stellar reviews because I was looking for an alternative to Illustrator and Adobe’s subscription service that I cannot afford, as I am just a hobbyist. I was excited to see that this was offered for iPhone and Mac as well, but when I went to download it on my iPhone, I was very disappointed that I would have to pay again. I then looked up the price for my Mac, another $30. I don’t mind the $30 price tag, that’s great for the software, but I would prefer not to be nickel-and-dimed for all iterations, or for that to at least be advertised upfront instead of just saying you can access everything on your Mac and iPhone. I feel a bit duped, but I will probably still pay the $30 to get this on my Mac since, as I said, I can’t afford an Adobe subscription and this seems like a great alternative according to reviews. Just wish advertising was upfront about this.

amc135, Feb 19, 2018
Glad to see it’s back.

So happy it’s finally being updated again! I was really worried when it lost Dropbox compatibility. Now everything’s back up and running. I always start my projects on this app. A computer and Wacom takes a while to get set up, then you’re tied to a desk all day. This app, along with the Apple Pencil, gives me the freedom to work anywhere I want and it’s so easy to start a project. You have all the tools of a professional graphics app.One issue, and I’m sure it will be worked out in a further update, but an old problem seems to have resurfaced. When the app crashes, which is rare and usually just happens when I tap around in the layers menu too fast, and I reopen the app, it gets stuck on a loading screen and I have to exit and renter a few times before my projects load. This is just a minor and rare annoyance, though and I have never lost much progress or any files.

hollydolly85, Jan 09, 2018
Very Useful App

I design jewelry and other produceable art, and use iDraw, almost exclusively to develop those designs. Not only is it an excellent iPad tool, but iDraw has a fully compatible version that runs on my MacBook. So, I'm able to work on my designs at home or on the go! I highly recommend iDraw if you need a high quality vector drawing program.I’m updating this review, because “iDraw” has changed hands a couple of times; it is now named “Graphic”. I still use it on both my iPad and macBook; and I still believe it to be one of the best, most intuitive, and feature-rich vector drawing apps I’ve encountered.However, it has not been updated in over THREE YEARS! Probably due to changes in the OS, the app now crashes often. One crash, which the developers know about, is that opening a drawing, after renaming it, causes an immediate app crash. There are other (seemingly unpredictable) scenarios in which the app crashes … wiping out all work since the latest save.Naturally, these crashes are extremely frustrating; and, without any auto-save feature, I’ve become “paranoid” and interrupt my workflow to save any non-significant changes The current development team has not responded to repeated requests to address these issues.Still, I use this app primarily because I have SO MANY designs implemented using the iDraw/Graphic format.Developers: Please update your app!

K.E. Ayers, Jan 10, 2022
Amazing App!

Ten years ago I quit Adobe and started using Graphic (it has gone by other names) and have not been disappointed EVER! I use the pencil for just about everything I do. If I need to morph they got a tool for swinging the lines around, if I need to use a photo they got a tool to import it, if i need to add color, change color, they got a tool for it. If I need to use pressure I use the paint brush, it works just like the pencil by adjusting the line width. It has two selection tools, one for a line or more, one for everything. The layers work flawlessly. The only thing they don’t have a tool for is the fool drawing with their program, when that happens I write and ask them about the problem and get a quick response. As to the money the last time I bought anything from anyone else it was in the thousands for this kind of versatility. This improved the bottom line for my business and one other thing I never, ever got real size measurements before I used this device and this program. I have a lot of designs for the embroidery machine I use and I never have to resize them now or fix the disproportioned designs the other programs created, never mind the quilting designs I use that absolutely have to be accurate.

lindainspring, Mar 19, 2019
Missing basic features

No lasso selection tool! Very difficult to select items. No dedicated I-pencil support. Palm keep drawing lines when resting on screen using pencil. Microsoft Paint had a lasso tool in Windows 3.1.1 in 1995. I hope that this program adds a tool that can identify the borders of an item and allow me to copy it, crop it, or delete it would be available by now. I thought this was standard 20 years ago.For example if I had a small black star drawn inside a large blue circle I would expect a lasso around the blue circle to copy to the edge of the blue circle and encompass all of the interior including the black star but if I were to use the lasso inside of the blue circle but outside of the black star, the lasso would select the edge of the black star only and no portion of the blue circle would be selected. Even better if your edge detection could grab onto items with sight variances in shade. Such as a wheel in a photo of a car, or a picture frame in a photo of a wall of picture frames.

M. DG, Mar 23, 2018
Simply the best app for everything

I’m a huge supporter of this app. Its great for fast super productive jobs. Or long stretched client nagging jobs. You can modify your work for any client. I’m an actual paid art director/graphic designer for a company and need to produce 2 to 8 promo ads, posters, web spots and in-store monitor slides a week and this does it all. Once you pick up its capabilities you will fly on this. It has replaced my desktop Mac photoshop suite workspace completely. Works with Apple Pencil too. A bit slippery for that at times but still amazing. It’s the one I use the most for everything and as a basis for all my work. I really hope this app never disappears or I’ll be totally depressed and have to rethink my whole jam. Dudes seriously never stop supplying this app. It’s literally my income. And thank you creators. 🙏

no is taken, Mar 11, 2019
5 small steps from perfect

I have purchased dozens of design and art apps over the last few years, looking for the best balance of features and simple design. Affinity has the most feature rich apps on the iPad hands down, but the interface is overwhelming for non-professionals. For raster art I usually go with Procreate or Infinite Designer, but Vector apps have been a struggle. If Infinite Design ever comes out on the iPad, that could be a winner, but in the meantime Concepts is the closest I had found to offering Affinity style features in a easy to use interface. But it lacks too many features I needed. (ie, iCloud sync, gradient colors, text around curves, drop shadows, etc)Graphic offers all of the above plus way more features than most of the simple vector apps out there, and it still keeps the interface far more simple to learn than Affinity. It’s the best balance I have found yet. I just have 5 wishes:1) A lasso tool for faster selection of multiple objects at once2) A symmetry tool for creating precise mandalas, etc3) A bigger brush library like Affinity Designer has, with options for things like airbrushes, water colors, charcoal and colored pencil textures, etc4) A record option for time lapse videos of my creations5) Ability to share (import/export) custom brushes and shape libraries from other users online. But other than that, it’s the best I’ve found so far.

ORHobbes, Apr 10, 2020
I just love this app

Before retiring, I worked at a newspaper for 45 years, most of the time as a graphic artist. When the computer age came into the business, I used many, many different software programs to do my work. All high-end, state-of-the-art.GRAPHIC, IMO, is the best app for graphic design, closest to what I used at work and most intuitive of all the apps I’ve tried on my iPad mini. I am able to use most of its features without using the tutorials, but I certainly go through those to get the most out of it.It’s just perfect for the kind of illustrations and art I do for my astronomy/telescope hobbies.Thanks very much!!!(I have to add, what makes it even better is that it’s not a subscription. I detest subscriptions and as soon as I see an app is one, I move on. Recently, I was desperate for a design app and had to sign up for a subscription. They offered, one month, six months and a year. Im absolutely sure I chose one month because that was all I needed. The bill was for six months! It will be cancelled and never used again)

Telescope555, Apr 01, 2021
Of course. Its the best.

And time and time again i think its an app issue and turns out its a user issue.My old review isnt showing, so here is a new one.Its great. It may take you a moment to get used to it if moving from Illustrator but everything is there.My issues all turned out to be my stupidity.1. I couldnt get pinch and zoom to zoom to one side of the canvas closeup....if you have this problem, confirm if your ACTUAL CANVAS BOTTOM LAYER is smaller than the image you have on top of it. Some how i resized my canvas to a smaller size than the background image i put in to draw over...glad i figure that out. Hope this helps others.2. I was having a renaming issue....it was me...dont use / in the filename or it gives you a wonky error message of it already being named that...again..my oops.I cant really think of anything else. It just really works, and you have to realize everything you need is there....it just might take a minute of digging to locate what you need. Keep using it and like every program you will get fast. Im glad this app is available. Thank you!

Werdrath, Apr 14, 2018

I adore this app. I use it for everything, from designing for work or just messing around when I get bored. As a graphic designer I love having the capabilities of using across all of my devices. From being able to switch back and forth between my computer and my iPad for the actual designing purposes to making last minute on the fly touch ups on my phone. This app gives me the capabilities to do everything that I need to and more. It is my go to for logos, T-shirt’s, as well as making ads. The only thing that could make it better s if I had the capabilities to separate my work into folders. I do a lot of different things for multiple people and being able to separate things into folders right there in the app would make my life so much easier. Would defiantly recommend this app even with the lack of proper organization.

World = Ignis, Nov 13, 2018


Graphic is a full-featured graphic design and illustration application for iPad. True desktop-class editing and illustration tools on the go. "...the iOS’ answer to Adobe Illustrator" - Padgadget "Finally, Professional Vector Editing Comes to the iPad; 9/10" - AppStorm.net "Numerous options; easy to use" - Macworld Graphic has all of the tools you need to create everything from detailed technical illustrations to beautiful works of art. Create complex designs quickly and easily, even on the go.

Easily share designs with the Mac and iPhone versions of Graphic using iCloud or Dropbox. Latest features: - Photoshop PSD import/export - PDF and SVG import/export - Layer FX - shadows, glows, multiple strokes and fills, etc. - Multi-color linear, radial, and angle gradients - Shape libraries - Dimension labels with precision settings - Boolean path combinations - Canvas scale, Rulers, and units (mm, cm, inches) - Pen tool multi-point selection and editing - Smart alignment guides and point snapping - Magnifier Loupe - Dropbox Integration - Autosave Layers, Text, Images, Object Groups, Multi-color Gradients, RGB / HSB / Hex color pickers, Brushes, Bezier Pen Tool, customizable Canvas Styles, Grid and Smart Guide Snapping, Image Masking, vector-based PDF and SVG file import/export, and much more! FEATURES - Brush and Pencil tools for fluid drawing and sketching - Essential set of shape tools - Multiple Layers allowing you to create complex designs - Powerful Pen tool for creating custom shapes - Color picker wheel / RGB and HSB sliders / Hex colors - Magnifier Loupe - Eraser Tool - Unlimited Layers - Linear, radial, and angle multi-color gradients - Multi-style text support, TrueType (.ttf) font import - Text gradients and text path clipping - Convert Text to Paths, Place Text on Path - Apply shadows and effects to shapes, text, and images - Rotate, scale, and shear transform tools - Snap to Grid, Smart Alignment Guides, and Point Snapping - Line dash and arrow styles - Image fill masking and cropping - Canvas Styles EXPORT / SHARE - Export drawings as vector-based PDF and SVG files - Export layered Photoshop PSD files - Export transparent PNG or JPEG images - Save and Import from Dropbox - Sync designs using iCloud - Save designs to your Photos Library - Send designs via email - Send designs directly to other iPad application - Copy and paste to and from other iPad applications - AirPrint document printing

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